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BTTS Profits Review George Anthony

BTTS Profits is a football betting tipster service which is operated by George Anthony. He claims to have produced some very reasonable profits through sports betting by betting on niche markets.

Introduction to BTTS Profits 

Football betting can be a bit of a minefield. Especially when it comes to identifying bets that actually have any value or decent profit to be had. This usually means delving into some of the more niche markets or relying on bookmakers offers (which are often there because they sound better than they actually are).

BTTS Profits decides to move into this former area by backing games where both teams look likely to score. This is a shrewd move as there is undoubtedly potential to get better odds than simply backing a team to win. The question is whether or not George Anthony can deliver on potential or not.  

What Does BTTS Profits Offer?

George Anthony is very down the line about what you can expect from BTTS Profits, and the short answer is that there isn’t a lot that you won’t have seen before.

BTTS-Profits-Review-George-AnthonyThat is no bad thing though. I have seen a lot of tipsters who try to over complicate things, only to lose out as a result. So, what this means you can expect here are football tips on a near daily basis (George Anthony makes reference to selections being sent out “virtually every single day”), although from what I have seen so far there is yet to be a missed day. These are sent directly to your email leaving you to simply place the bets BTTS Profits advises.

On the subject of those bets, it won’t come as a surprise given the name of the service that George Anthony exclusively bets on both teams to score markets. This is an area where there are potentially decent odds to be had, however looking at the little evidence that is provided for BTTS Profits, there aren’t any at evens or above.

One thing that does concern me slightly with BTTS Profits is the volume of bets that you may be placing.

George Anthony freely says that some days may have 1 bet, however busier periods may include 10 bets on a given day. That is a not insignificant number in my opinion and can quickly add up if you hit a losing streak (I will talk about this in a little more detail below).

This segues rather neatly into the question of a staking plan. Or more specifically, the fact that there is something of a lack of one with BTTS Profits. George Anthony talks about how he personally stakes £25 on each bet which essentially means 1 point per bet.  In the sales material for the service, you are told that you can start with small £10 stakes.

Elsewhere, George Anthony makes reference to a starting bank of £100. This means that effectively, BTTS Profits has a betting bank of just 10 points which given that there may be as many as 10 bets on a given day makes for a risky proposition.

It isn’t even like you can look at a strike rate for BTTS Profits and go, yes, I’m comfortable with the risk there. This is because despite the fact that George Anthony has supposedly been building the system that BTTS Profits is based on for two years, we are provided with no proofing.

There is a very small sample of data (less than a week) which shows a theoretical strike rate of 85% however this isn’t claimed to be representative of what to expect, nor do I believe that it is. What this does mean though is that BTTS Profits requires a rather significant willingness to jump in with both feet.

How Does BTTS Profits Work?

There is a clear narrative to the sales material for BTTS Profits is that George Anthony has something of a narrative that he is keen to push. He talks about how he tried a betting system once which he claims ate through a £3,000 betting bank in “about 2 and a half week”.

After that, there is the now very familiar story of somebody pulling up their socks and simply deciding to develop their own betting system instead of following somebody else’s advice.

This is important to keep in mind as the fact that George Anthony does say that they have spent time working on their own approach to betting. Unfortunately, we aren’t given any insight into what this selection process for BTTS Profits entails.

That is very disappointing as I believe that consumers should be in a position to get an understanding of what you are getting into.  It isn’t even like George Anthony provides any proofing for BTTS Profits meaning that you are effectively coming in entirely blind.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a number of different options available if you want to subscribe to BTTS Profits. These are a monthly option, a quarterly option and an annual option. It should be noted that these costs are not subscription based meaning that you are only paying for each of these on a bit of an “as and when” basis.

The costs of these different options are £19 to subscribe to BTTS Profits for a month, £29 for 3 months and £69 for the whole year. Interestingly, George Anthony claims that all of these options are only available to the first 50 people.

It is worth noting that the sale of all of the options that are offered are sold through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee should you find that BTTS Profits doesn’t work for you.  

What is the Rate of Return?

George Anthony  claims that in the last 5 months he has made £4,685.89 to £25 stakes. That is a reasonable enough sounding number in some respects. It works out at a points profit of some 187.5 points which would mean 375 points for the year.

Are these numbers feasible? Yes, I think that they absolutely are.

What should be noted however is that George Anthony also claims to have made £10,789 in the last two years. That would mean that BTTS Profits is very much in line to almost make this in 12 months. I am not sold on these numbers however, especially in the fact of a distinctive lack of evidence from George Anthony that BTTS Profits is actually capable of any kind of consistency of results.

Conclusion on BTTS Profits 

Finding value in football betting is quite a difficult thing to do and honestly, I don’t feel like many services really manage this. BTTS Profits falls into that category as well. The fact of the matter is that whilst George Anthony does a fine job of presenting the both teams to score as an opportunity to get value, the results I have seen suggest that this isn’t really the case.

By and large, you are still betting at less than evens and they just aren’t great odds. There does however seem to be a demonstrable ability to generate some profits as George Anthony demonstrates.

One of the things that I have to consider when looking at a service like BTTS Profits is how genuine a service is likely to be. This seems like an odd thing sometimes I have to admit, but I know that there are a large number of tipster services out there that make a lot of claims but they appear to exist mostly to make money for a vendor who markets products rather than any genuine tipster.

I am not entirely sure where on the scale George Anthony sits, but I have to acknowledge that there is very little in the way of evidence that demonstrates that it is genuine. George Anthony is quite adamant that he has been doing this for at least two years, during which he has seemingly kept no records.

The truth of the matter is that the only evidence that exists that BTTS Profits is a genuine product is a very small and selective screenshot of a betting account. This to me is a long way from reflective of a bigger picture.

The bottom line as far as I am concerned is that BTTS Profits carries quite a lot of risk. Not inherently because of the bets that you are placing, but because I believe there are questions to be asked about BTTS Profits. Honestly, I don’t even think that it is that cheap, nor the profit potential that significant that it is worth taking on the risk of a genuine service.

With all of this in mind, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that I don’t really fancy BTTS Profits. It is very important to gauge how realistic it is to make money through a service and in the case of BTTS Profits, I just don’t really see it.


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Hi Curtis
I have been following your fantastic in depth reviews for some time now and find the analysis really good.
I note that you recommend using few if any of these tipsters
Would you be able to provide a list of 5 or 6 you would recommend in any sports

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Liam,

As tipsters and their results change all the time, we are reluctant to recommend anybody to be honest, because you find they only really advertise fatre a decent run, which they all have, but most fall way short in the long run,



Hi Curtis,

How do you get hold of George? After receiving a few freebies off him – all winners by the way – I decided to sign up for a month.
Got a welcoming email off him this morning followed by another one with todays tips.Well,at least thats what I thought it was.There was 4 matches included…. for the 9th of March!
I have sent him 2 emails.The first asking why he`d sent these matches and the 2nd asking for a reply to my emails and if I didn`t get a reply I would cancel and ask for a refund.As of now (10-15 pm) I`ve received nothing.
This doesn`t bode well for this service as customer service doesn`t seem to be part of his vocabulary.

Asked for a refund because I`ve got nothing off him today.

This is a joke of a service.Don`t understand why he`s doing it if he can`t run it properly.

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From: Simon Roberts