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Budget Bettor is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Luke Charles. He claims that his service can provide a not inconsiderable profit from simple bets.

Introduction to Budget Bettor

Budget Bettor is somewhat unique in so much as the first thing that jumps out at me isn’t the email that informed me of the service, nor is it a particularly flashy headline or website. Instead, it is the fact that Luke Charles is hosting everything on Wix.

This is an unusual move unless one were a genuine tipster who perhaps isn’t all that involved in the web design side of things.

budget-bettor-reviewSo rather interestingly, the fact that Budget Bettor isn’t as good as other tipster services that are on the market, makes me believe that it may turn out to be more genuine than other tipsters on the market. Combine this with results that are apparently quite decent and you have a service that I am quite excited to look at.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at Budget Bettor and see whether Luke Charles really is the real deal.

What Does Budget Bettor Offer?

As far as tipster services go, there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility to Budget Bettor.

Luke Charles is adamant about what you should receive, how you should bet etc. and this initially strikes me as a good thing. What this means for you is that each day, you will receive just 3 bets.

These are sent out via email on the morning of the race, leaving Budget Bettor subscribers plenty of time to place bets. Luke Charles also advises how to bet, what to stake and what odds are available.

Moving on to the bets themselves, as touched upon, there is a very rigid structure to Budget Bettor.

Each day you will receive a pick of the day bet, a next best bet and a value bet. Now Luke Charles suggests that backing all three bets isn’t mandatory, however I believe that if you want to get the most out of a service, you should ideally look to take all the betting advice provided. If a tipster believes their selections enough to tip them, then they should be worthy of being backed.

Now I also mentioned that there is a very strict staking plan in place as well. Essentially, Luke Charles recommends betting differing amounts based on how likely he believes it is that a bet will come in.

This means that you will never bet more than 4 points on a given day. This is broken down so that the Budget Bettor pick of the day should be backed to two points. Meanwhile, the next best and the value bet are advised to be backed to 1 point each. This is quite an important part of how Budget Bettor works.

Finally, I would very much like to talk about the strike rate. A service that follows such clear rules as Budget Bettor does should have something to say here, and to some degree it does. Unfortunately, only really makes any reference to a 5 month period between January and May of this year.

Here, the strike rate supposedly stands at 40.89%. It is worth reminding ourselves however that there is no proofing provided, nor are there any more recent results. This is a massive disappointment for me and actually sets some alarm bells ringing.

How Does Budget Bettor Work?

In terms of how Budget Bettor actually works, Luke Charles provides some rather basic information. He says that the core idea behind the service came about following a period of losing extensively in the bookies. There was a punter who always seemed to be making money so Luke Charles approached him.

He was told that making money through horse acing is simple. All that you have to do is categorise favourites into risk levels. From here, Luke Charles says that he began to track his results and tweaked a system into what ultimately became Budget Bettor.

In a much broader sense, it is quite clear to me what Budget Bettor actually entails. The clear idea is that you have wins coming in frequently on your pick of the day bets and next best bets, whilst value bets are what ultimately bumps up the profit. And yet… Luke Charles claims that the winning odds for both the pick of the day and the next bets aren’t massively different from value bets.

This is of course based off the very small sample of data that is provided. This is rather contradictory with the idea that is supposedly behind Budget Bettor and rather sets alarm bells ringing.

What is the Initial Investment?

For those who are interested in signing up to Budget Bettor, there is only one option. This is a one time payment of £29 plus VAT and it will provide you with Luke Charles’s betting advice for a full year (supposedly).

It is worth noting that should you consider giving Budget Bettor a go, the service is sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. To credit Luke Charles to some degree, this is mentioned in a “P.S” at the bottom of the sales page.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a lot of claims made in terms of the income potential of Budget Bettor. The headlining number is £1,831 per month. This in and of itself seems reasonable, however I think that it is important to note that there is no context provided for this number as the stakes aren’t detailed anywhere.

The author tries to show his success with some money in his bank account:


It is probably an amount of money most people would have these days, so I am not sure why he is showing that to be honest.

Elsewhere in the sales material, we see claims of making 254.06 points in the same 5 month window referenced earlier. Furthermore, Luke Charles shows some “screenshots” of his bank balance. This shows around £14,000 in one account and £35,000 in another. I find this to be somewhat questionable.

Conclusion on Budget Bettor

I don’t see a lot about Budget Bettor that really warrants being discussed as a positive. Perhaps, I could say that the service is cheap, if I were feeling generous. But cheap is a very different beast to value for money. You see, if something is cheap and doesn’t work, I don’t see it as you having gotten a bargain. You have simply paid money for something that doesn’t work and that is a clear loss in my book.

Of course, if you look at the promotional material that Luke Charles has put together for Budget Bettor, you would be easily forgiven for thinking that you simply won’t encounter any types of loss. The profits are apparently all but guaranteed, and with a 60 day money back guarantee… Well, you have nothing to lose right?

In theory yes, but whilst I could talk a lot about the reasons that I wouldn’t be inclined to buy into Budget Bettor (most of which are to do with a lack of evidence), there is one thing that stands out more than any other, and rather ironically, it is actually very well hidden. When researching Budget Bettor, I was quite surprised to see a Clickbank vendor attached to the project.

I was surprised because by and large, there is usually much more effort put into their products and services than there is here. But there they were.

Now, I should qualify this by saying that this vendor has put out a lot of different betting products over the years. All of them have taken a slightly different angle but the end result is almost invariably the same. Their tipster services are almost invariably closed down quietly. Usually not too long after the 60 day money back guarantee has elapsed.

With this in mind, and given the fact that Budget Bettor is simply the latest in a very long line of services, I would very strongly recommend avoiding Budget Bettor.

It is clear to me that it exists only in order to make a profit for the marketer who is selling it and I would be surprised if there has been much thought given to potential clientele.


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Thanks Curtis
I have tried a couple of these deals before and as you pointed out they disappear after a couple of months

Parameswaran Subramanian

These people are real cheaters. Never get cheated. I payed them 29£ a week back and for the past 3 days no tips delivered nor any reply from them. They are real fraud people cheating innocent people with different tipping services. No website nor any contact details. Here they say 29£ for full year and from me they charged 29£ for 3 months services. Real fraud and cheating people. Recommend all to be away from Budget Bettor tipsters.

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From: Simon Roberts