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The sales material for Builderall presents this newest internet marketing platform as a complete package that will allow you to construct a completely automated online business. It has been created by Erick Salgado.

What does the product offer?

Given that the main headline for Builderall refers to it as “The Most Complete & Easy to Use Digital Marketing Platform on The Planet”, I can’t help but feel that an easier place to start would be by looking at what Builderall doesn’t (supposedly) offer. Unfortunately, I have looked at more than enough internet marketing products which make a very similar claim before now. Not surprisingly, given that I am not currently in Barbados enjoying the sun and cocktails, they don’t work as advertised. Is there anything that makes Builderall different though?

Erick Salgado certainly talks a big game in terms of what is on offer. Amongst the many features that are listed, Builderall is supposedly able to allow you to build websites, comes with an in built auto responder and comes with a huge number of “quality marketing tools”. Whilst this all sounds well and good, the problems with this kind of product are rarely what they do, but how well they do it. Unfortunately, Builderall doesn’t seem to do anything new in this regard.

The first place that I want to start is with the site builder. This is described as drag and drop and can supposedly create professional quality websites with a number of different designs. These include things like virtual stores, sales pages or lead capture pages. I have to credit Erick Salgado on the website builder. It isn’t terrible. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that it is pretty good. Unfortunately, it is pretty much in line with what you would expect from a decent WordPress theme, many of which are free.

The next thing to look at is the email marketing aspect of Builderall. Most internet marketers are well aware of how important email marketing can be, especially if you want to build the number of leads and capture repeat custom. As with the site builder, the email marketing platform that Erick Salgado has created isn’t bad. It is certainly not as detailed as a professional service such as Aweber, but it is competent.

The next feature of Builderall that I want to explore is the “responsive site/blog builder”. This lets you create a blog on your website and allows you to quickly and easily upload content. This is one area that I feel that Builderall shows its weakness. Being familiar with WordPress, I found that Builderall was rather cumbersome to use and that is a problem for those who want to quickly and easily create and manage content.

As seems to be the case with almost every product related to internet marketing these days, Erick Salgado has included a creator for animated videos with Builderall. As is also the case with almost every product related to internet marketing these days, the quality of content is frankly rather crap. To be fair to Builderall, it is only really as bad as its competitors and so I can’t deduct too many points here. I just wouldn’t buy into the service on the back of this feature.

One of the things that are slightly more useful are “floating videos”. This allows you to create a video and have it appear as an element of your website. These can be subtly integrated or operate as more of a pop up. They are also one of the more interesting aspects of Builderall although they are far from something entirely new.

Outside of a list of tools which I would personally lump together as either part of an analytics suite (including things like click heat maps, SEO tools) or basic marketing tools (such as lead capture and Facebook integration), there are only three other things of note. The first of these is a presentation builder which allows you to create an interactive presentation into your site. The other allows you to develop things like ebook covers, info product mock ups and the like.

The final thing that Builderall offers which seems interesting initially is an app creator for both Android and iOS. This is something unique in theory. Unfortunately, what you are creating is a less than stellar. Whilst you can technically create a basic app, like I have said before now about products like Builderall, the execution is rather sloppy with hugely limited options. As such, I don’t think that this really adds a lot to Builderall.

As well as all of this, there is a rather substantial amount of training included. The majority of this is video based and covers how to use all of the tools that come with Builderall. There is also a lot of training on the core principles of internet marketing.

How does the product work?

At the centre of Builderall is the experience of Erick Salgado. He supposedly built a number of different products and services in his native Brazil before ultimately making the move to the US. Builderall is based the same methods that Erick Salgado used in his time creating and launching these products. This is his first product for the US market and whilst there are some fundamentally reasonable underpinnings, I feel that this shows.

As is typically the case with products like Builderall, everything really works by bringing together all of the different tools in order to create an internet marketing business. In theory, using Builderall will allow you do everything that you need in order to get started. The tools will allow you to set your business up whilst the training will provide you with the relevant insight to actually run said business. The alert amongst you will note the use of “in theory”.

What is the initial investment?

Builderall is very much on the expensive side. On top of this, Erick Salgado is only offering the service on a monthly subscription fee. Should you choose to sign up to Builderall, you can expect to pay $47.90 upfront for the first month. This then becomes a rebilling cycle at the same price. This means that to use Builderall over the course of a year, you would pay out almost $600.

Fortunately, there is a money back guarantee in place for Builderall. Unfortunately, because the service is sold through JVZoo, it only lasts for 30 days and you will have to deal with the vendor directly in order to claim this.

What is the rate of return?

Rather interestingly, there is no claimed income for Builderall. Given that Erick Salgado is suggesting that you can build your own business through their platform, I don’t think that some case studies would be unwarranted. Realistically, I wouldn’t expect too much in the way of making money through Builderall for a number of reasons, all of which I will explore below.


More than anything else, there is a massive problem with Builderall which can be boiled down to one word. WordPress. Almost everything that Builderall does is something that you can already do through WordPress for a hell of a lot less money. Furthermore, what you spend on Builderall could very easily be used to pay towards WordPress plugins that allow you to customise your content to the same extent.

We have ascertained that WordPress is cheaper than Builderall. The sheer volume of plugins that are available also mean that not just can a WordPress site do everything that Erick Salgado’s product can, it can arguably do more. With a nigh infinite number of different themes, plugins and products, all of which are supposed to make life easier for an internet marketer, it is clear to me that WordPress isn’t just as good as Builderall, it is superior.

I could continue to talk about all of the different ways in which WordPress is at least as good as Builderall, however I don’t feel that it is necessary to belabour this point unnecessarily. What I do feel needs to be pointed out is that Builderall does tie your site and a large amount of content down. If you use Builderall and don’t pay one month, or you decide that you’d rather try to genuinely build your own business rather than simply relying on Erick Salgado’s programme, then you are back to square one.

All of this means that whilst using WordPress, you are master of your own destiny as it were. With Builderall, you are tied down to what Erick Salgado thinks you want and need and this will ultimately prove restrictive at some point. Combine this with the fact that you are paying quite a lot of money for this “privilege” and it becomes clear to me why Builderall simply isn’t worth it.

As Erick Salgado points out in the sales material for Builderall, learning to use WordPress can be a touch difficult at times. I see learning to use WordPress as a long term investment however. It is a skill that you can use for life and I know that I have personally used a number of times when I’ve needed to start a new project online. Compare this to Builderall which forces you to be reliant on its tool and services and there is a very clear gulf in quality.

This, when combined with the additional costs that come with Builderall make it a very clear no go as far as I am concerned. There are plenty of similar products on the market and whilst Builderall is probably one of the better examples, it is still a long way from what I would consider to be industry standard. With all of this in mind, I cannot recommend enough giving Erick Salgado’s platform a miss in favour of the better quality and more versatile WordPress platform.



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They have a free 30 day trial now as well. So you can try get some clients with the affiliate program to cover your monthly membership. I’m trying it this month and can cancel if I make any.

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