Bundesliga Bets Review Dan Blackwell

Bundesliga Bets is a new to market sports betting tipster service which has been launched by Dan Blackwell. He claims to be able to quite significantly increase your betting bank in a very short space of time.

Introduction to Bundesliga Bets

I always knew that as more football and sports became available after the pandemic, there would be more tipster services coming out of the woodwork. I have seen a lot of different services, ideas, and claims made in this period ranging from intriguing and carrying genuine potential to straight up crap. And not surprisingly, there have been a large number that are somewhere in between.

That includes the subject of today’s review, Bundesliga Bets. As I will explore over the course of this article, in and of itself, I don’t think that what Dan Blackwell is offering is a particularly ground breaking service. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anything that has really wowed me, as it were. But what categorically has stood out is the fact that this is very ambitious. As in, five times your betting bank in just nine games ambitious.

Honestly, it is the viability of these claims that really makes Bundesliga Bets an interesting service. Because I have spent enough time in this game to know that some of the better performing betting services have been the ones that you simply don’t expect. So, let’s dive into this and see if Dan Blackwell really can deliver these seemingly fantastic results.

What Does Bundesliga Bets Offer?

I said in the introduction to this review that Bundesliga Bets isn’t a particularly ground breaking service. Now this doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Whilst some of the most outlandish tipster services I have looked at have been the most profitable, they have undoubtedly required the most work.  

This rather generic approach that Dan Blackwell takes works to my benefit by giving me a clear place to start. And that is how the service ultimately controls for you. These logistical elements are very important to me here. The fact of the matter is that Bundesliga Bets is running on a deadline. And a pretty tight one at that.

First things first, let’s talk about the way that Dan Blackwell manages Bundesliga Bets. There is absolutely nothing here that really makes the service unique. As you would expect, selections are simply sent out via email with you seemingly just placing the bets with a bookmaker of your choice. I say this because there is a concerning lack of information provided about the service.

It would appear to me that you are pretty much being left to your own devices in terms of getting the best odds etc. There is certainly very little in the way of information provide by Dan Blackwell. As such, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of an odds comparison website.

Getting the best odds possible is always a pretty smart move. It should go without saying that the better odds you are able to get, the larger your overall profit potential is going to be. But in the case of Bundesliga Bets, I think that this is especially important.

The fact of the matter is that the nature of the bets advised mean that you will see quite minimal returns. Based off the limited evidence that Dan Blackwell provides and what I have seen, you will rarely win at odds that are substantially higher than evens. This means that you need to have a very high strike rate for this to be sustainable (a point I will be picking up later).

Now, I’ll hold my hands up and say this. Bundesliga Bets is a football betting service, and we all know that there is very rarely value to be had in football. Especially when you are sticking to the safer markets that Dan Blackwell favours. This namely involves backing a team to win or draw, and some goals markets as well.

This isn’t an inherently bad thing, I’ll admit. The fact is that the Bundesliga returning is all very new and as such, a lot of previous statistics etc. just don’t matter. For example, what do the results of the last 5 games mean when it’s been 2 months since the last of those games were played?

Whilst I’m talking a bit about the bets, I want to talk about the volume of bets from Bundesliga Bets. Because rather surprisingly, this isn’t a particularly high volume service. Week one saw just 7 bets advised. What I have seen so far suggests that around this kind of number will be the norm for the future as well.

These numbers average out at just one bet per day. Which I know is some incredibly obvious math. But it is also very easy with football tipsters to see 7 bets land all at once and instantly feel like that’s too much. In fact, I have known people before who will refuse to bet this way because they’re putting down £70, but will happily back 3 horses a day at £10 each.

The claimed income is an interesting thing, and I’ll be dissecting that a little later on, but key to it is the staking plan. Effectively, it is a compounding plan. Dan Blackwell recommends that you have a starting bank of £100. This is broken down into a 20 point betting bank. Every time you make £50, you increase your stakes by £2.50.

And finally, I want to touch on the strike rate. This isn’t something that is explicitly mentioned, but Dan Blackwell does seem to imply that you will see a consistently high number. This is only based off a single week of results though. These showed a strike rate of around 70% which is incredibly high for a service like this.  

How Does Bundesliga Bets Work?

One of the things that isn’t really discussed when it comes to Bundesliga Bets is what exactly the selection process entails. As in, there is quite literally nothing at all. This is massively concerning to me if I’m blunt. The fact is that given everything that has gone on recently, you definitely want to be taking the advice of somebody who knows what they are doing.

Dan Blackwell does absolutely nothing to suggest that he is that person and in actuality, seems to go out of his way to not address this. Instead, the whole service seems to at best hinge on the idea that the staking plan is a bit clever. I say this because a huge majority of the sales material talks about this more than anything else.

What I will say is that the picks that I have seen so far seem to be simply common sense selections. Something that makes it even more worrying for me. What I mean by this is that the selections from Bundesliga Bets so far tend to favour much stronger teams. Where there is no obvious winner, a draw is advised. They’re all picks that anybody with a basic knowledge of football would probably make.

This isn’t necessarily the end of the world in and of itself. But there has been just one week of results. If there were months of proofing showing that Dan Blackwell can use these consistently, I might see it in a different light. But really, what you are looking at here is a tipster who has had one reasonable week. And even that hasn’t been because of anything exceptional.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option available if you want to sign up to Bundesliga Bets. This is a one time payment of £18 (which includes VAT) for which you get access to Dan Blackwell’s selections for the rest of the season. This is a bit over 2 months at the time of writing.

Payment for Bundesliga Bets is handled through Clickbank and as you would expect, this means a money back guarantee. In this case, it is just a 30 day one. Unfortunately, (and rather note-worthily) Dan Blackwell doesn’t actually mention this anywhere in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income claims for Bundesliga Bets are very straight forward. We are told that the aim of the service is to turn £100 into £500 before the end of the season. In the first week, there was a profit of £20.58. Using £5 stakes that means some 4 points of profit at this point. Dan Blackwell says that this would put you in line to make a profit of £515 if this is consistently achieved over 9 weeks.  

Conclusion for Bundesliga Bets

We’ve all missed the footy. I say we’ve all missed it. Maybe a lot of you haven’t, but I know that I have. And the Bundesliga returning is a very welcome thing. It is definitely the biggest league that is currently playing and resultant-ly, the most entertaining. With that comes the urge to have a bit of a bet.

Something like Bundesliga Bets looks like it should be well positioned to help you with that. I won’t mince my words here. One of the biggest positives is the pricing. You’re effectively paying about £2 per week in order to receive the selections and that isn’t a lot of money at all. And because it is still a low outlay, it doesn’t have that feeling of paying £2 per week but signing up for the year.

All of this really does make Bundesliga Bets look like the perfect option to help you get back into betting on football. On top of that, there is some profit to be made. Sure, it’s very modest at just £20, but you aren’t being asked to invest a lot either with that £100 betting bank required. Again, all of this makes Bundesliga Bets look very attractive.

The problem that I have with this is that this is entirely the point. Now, I am going to have to get a bit in depth in terms of why I don’t really like or recommend Bundesliga Bets because I acknowledge that on the surface of it, it looks like a good option.

A lot of the things that concern me so greatly about this aren’t things that “Joe Public” will have necessarily picked up on. Sure, I could pick apart something obvious like the fact that it only won £20 or the aggressive staking plan, but because of the context of Bundesliga Bets, these are pretty negligible points.

What really gets to me are things that I often refer to as being “back end”. First things first, I always consider it a red flag when the money back guarantee that Clickbank offer isn’t mentioned. Which of course, it isn’t here.

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one reason why you wouldn’t want to talk about this, and that is because you know you are putting out something that people will want a refund on. Plenty of genuine and very good tipsters are happy to offer his piece of mind to customers, many offering a 60 day period rather than just 30.

All of this is very sketchy and it brings me to my second back end problem. Those of you who follow this blog with any regularity will know that I sometimes find myself talking about the vendors selling a product.

This is the person who is ultimately behind a tipster service, rather than the pen name that they choose to put to a story. In the case of Bundesliga Bets, “Dan Blackwell” is actually a vendor who is very well known to me. And they are well known for pulling off things like… Well, pretty much exactly like this.

A cheap tipster service is launched with a view to getting people on board. There tends to be minimal effort put into the actual service (although the sales page will almost always look great). Once the refund period has passed, you will typically find that the services go dark, and are quietly just shut down .

Does that mean that Bundesliga Bets will be the same? No. I will admit that this could be different. But I don’t think that it will be. And that is exactly why I can’t recommend it at all. Sure, it might only be £18. That isn’t a lot of money. But like I always say, if you don’t spend a lot of money on a crap product, you have still bought a crap product.

With a bit of time and patience, you will find that genuine tipster services will start to pick up again now. Honestly, I’d much rather wait for that and pay a bit more than simply accept whatever is being spewed out at me cos I’ve got nothing better to spend my money on.  


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