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Cash Extractor Review

Cash Extractor is a piece of software developed by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz that claims to automatically generate websites that are automated for affiliate marketing.

What does the product offer?

Cash Extractor claims to offer 30 page websites, each filled with 30 pages of articles on a chosen niche all at the push of a button. The websites are allegedly already optimised for search engines. Cash Extractor also claims to show you where and how to host these websites for free. There is also a bonus provided in the form of “The Top 100 Best Selling, Highest Paying Affiliate Programs” that is supposed to allow users to start generating maximum revenue straight away.

How does the product work?

Details are sketchy on how the Cash Extractor carries out the bulk of the work which is the website generation. Most of the revenue generating aspects of the system (affiliate marketing and ad revenue) are pretty well known nowadays but the claim that the website can create unique articles is new territory. One would have anticipated some insight into how this works from the creators but alas, none is provided.

What is the initial investment?

The product is supposed to retail for $47 but savvy buyers can wait and the sales page offers you a small link inviting you to click if you are not interested. You will then be taken to a different page where you can get the product for a $20 discount bringing the cost down to $27.

What is the rate of return?

Cash Extractor claim that you can earn up to $100+ per sale using the affiliate schemes and that this is scalable by using more websites to drive up your revenue figures.


If Cash Extractor really does create the quoted number of articles and they are in fact legible, then there is some potential to this product. One issue worth considering is that the set up seems to be about creating lots of different websites rather than generating consistent content. This means that those looking for something long term and sustainable with a loyal customer base may not find what they are looking for here.



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