Cashbox Blueprint Review

Cashbox Blueprint is an online marketing guide that creator Alex Jefferys claims will show you how to set up your own online business.

What does the product offer?

Cashbox Blueprint is a training guide authored by Alex Jefferys. He claims that by following the methods he outlines you will be able to start a successful online business. Cashbox Blueprint is claimed to be simple to follow and that by sticking to a simple 4 step formula, you can replicate Alex Jefferys success. As well as this there are bonus guides in the form of Secret Affiliate Sniper and also Super Niche Cash System. There is also access to a live Q+A session with Alex Jefferys.

How does the product work?

Alex Jefferys purports to be very successful as an online marketer and that by following his same methods (in the form of Cashbox Blueprint) you can be too. These methods appear to be based on a combination of trial and error as well as well as taking little bits from a number of alleged mentors.

What is the initial investment?

Cashbox Blueprint is actually very reasonably priced costing just $9.95. This also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee provided by Alex Jefferys.

What is the rate of return?

Alex Jefferys says that he has been able to make $2724 each and every month by using the same techniques that he shares in Cashbox Blueprint. Unfortunately there isn’t what I would call substantial evidence of this.


Cashbox Blueprint seems to represent a very reasonable investment. There would appear to be a lot on offer but when you start looking closely, almost all the information supplied on the sales page is all about Alex Jefferys “success” and this is something that I find irksome. Given the fact that this is a training course I would expect a lot more information on what you can expect to learn.

The fact is Cashbox Blueprint isn’t for me at all, but there may be some who consider this worth a look because of the cost and with the money back guarantee I don’t see there being too much to lose.



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From: Simon Roberts