Affiliate Marketing

12 Dec: CurationSoft Review

CurationSoft is a piece of content curation software created by Peter Lenkefi and Jack Humphrey that streamlines the process of finding and linking content. What does the product offer? CurationSoft allows users to search 18 of the major content producing as well as retail websites such as Blogger, WordPress, YouTube and even Amazon and eBay. It actually works with a whole host of others including the major social networking sites. The process is hugely streamlined bringing up all…

10 Dec: Commission Blockbuster Review

Commission Blockbuster is a piece of software developed by Jack Anderson that claims to generate up to $1000 per hour in just “5 clicks” by utilising “The Network”. What does the product offer? The product is provided in the form of a piece of software that claims to need 5 clicks and then automatically generates revenue. The software is supposedly ideal for beginners and has allegedly been “tested on 63 people from all walks of life”.