28 Feb: Guarantee Football Review

Guarantee Football is a football tipster product that claims to offer guaranteed wins. What does the product offer? Guarantee Football offers footballing tips via email with tips coming from a team of contributors. The creators claim that there is very little risk with involved. In fact the creators of Guarantee Football claim that they have had a 98.74% win rate since 2009 with their system.

28 Feb: In Runner Review

In Runner is a piece of software created by Stakesoft that monitors values on Betfair and automatically places bets when certain parameters are reached. What does the product offer? In Runner software allows users to track prices of horses and bets in play if your pre-set conditions are met. The conditions themselves are fully customisable and allow users to back to win or back to lay. All of the trading is carried out automatically by In Runner whilst…

26 Feb: Value Seeker Review

Value Seeker is a horse racing tipster service offered by Anthony Gibson. What does the product offer? Value Seeker is the brainchild of Anthony Gibson who according to the sales page has always been a horse racing fanatic. This has allegedly resulted in him becoming a serial writer of betting systems. Following a stint experimenting with Forex trading Anthony Gibson is now back in horse racing with the Value Seeker system.

26 Feb: Fluid Bet Review

Fluid Bet is a webinar hosted by Grey Samuels that covers betting systems and tips. What does the product offer? According to Grey Samuels, Fluid Bet will grant users access to a betting system that will generate them masses of income with little time or effort. Fluid Bet is allegedly able to do this through software that is able to predict outcomes with a 92% strike rate on bets.

26 Feb: Free Racing Tips Review

Free Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service that provides both free and paid tips. What does the product offer? Free Racing Tips provide offer two free tips daily as well as in depth analysis of the major races. This analysis also comes with a rundown of contenders for winning. As well as the tipping service Free Racing Tips frequently hold competitions with previous prizes including tickets to events, betting tokens and other sundries. There is also…

26 Feb: Three Key Football Review

 Three Key Football is a football based betting system developed by Steve Davidson. What does the product offer? Three Key Football is an eBook that provides users with insight into football betting. Creator Steve Davidson provides information on how to choose the best bets possible as well as how to get the most out of these bets using a special staking system. He also gives details of 2 free websites that will help you in your selection process.

24 Feb: Rebel Betting Review

Rebel Betting is a piece of arbitrage betting software developed by Simon Renström that is designed to highlight arbitrage opportunities. What does the product offer? Rebel Betting’s software is claimed to identify and allow users to place bets on arbitrage situations with as simple and easy to use interface. Simon Renström says that usability is key to Rebel Betting and that this is reflected in allegedly easy to use yet powerful features. Rebel Betting also comes with fully…

24 Feb: Footy Better Review

Footy Better is a website that provides advice and insight into various football betting systems. What does the product offer? Footy Better offers a number of articles related to football betting. These cover such topics as “Football Trading Methods – 2 Beginner Methods” and “When to Bet on Football Managers for Profit”. All the articles on Footy Better are free to access. Footy Better also links to various online bookmakers highlighting the offers that they currently have available…

22 Feb: Double Chance Football Betting Review

Double Chance Football Betting is a football based tipster service brought to you by Betfan. What does the product offer? According to the creators of Double Chance Football Betting they are able to provide advice on how to operate like a bookie and use this to your advantage. Tips are sent out in advance of the game and are also uploaded to a special members area for access there. In terms of numbers you can expect 10 to…

21 Feb: Zero to Hero Review

Zero to Hero is a football tipster service provided by Stark Investors that is based around betting on teams not scoring. What does the product offer? Zero to Hero is a subscription based tipster service that Stark Investors say is able to generate large amounts of income by exploiting the odds given on no goals scored bets. Stark Investors say that as more and more people take up goal based betting (i.e. both teams to score, one team…