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CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income is a product from Patrick Chan whereby he helps you to set up a business marketing his products on an affiliate basis.

What does the product offer?

At its core CB Passive Income is no different than any other affiliate marketing program with the exception that you are getting help from the creator of the product. CB Passive Income seems push the Patrick Chan name hard and projects this as another selling point for customers. This all means that you are getting paid on a commission basis by Patrick Chan himself.

How does the product work?

CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing program from Patrick Chan in which you exclusively market his products in return for commission. Because you are using CB Passive Income to market his products Patrick Chan gives users quite a lot of assistance including a website and hosting, emails and reports to entice people to subscribe to your list building and guidance on how to make all this work for you.

What is the initial investment?

CB Passive Income is available for a one off fee of $47. This is also backed up by a 60 day money back guarantee courtesy of ClickBank should there be any problems.

What is the rate of return?

On the sales page for CB Passive Income, Patrick Chan states that commissions can be anywhere between 50% and 70%. He also personally claims to have made over $20,000 10 years ago.


I am not sold on the prospects of CB Passive Income. This seems to me to be an effort by Patrick Chan to expand his empire in a relatively cheap and simple way. Whilst affiliate marketing can definitely be a good thing and people have undoubtedly made money from it, CB Passive Income seems far too restrictive and in an already competitive market that isn’t good enough. If you are absolutely clueless when it comes to online marketing then CB Passive Income might be of some benefit but for anybody who has any experience at all you might ultimately find it more rewarding to start up on your own terms.



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From: Simon Roberts