CD Systems – Daily Bargain Review

CD Systems – Daily Bargain is an apparently long standing horse racing tipster service that is being provided via the Tipstrr platform. It appears to have some very consistent results and takes an interesting approach to betting.

Introduction to CD Systems – Daily Bargain

There is some level of debate that exists around what exactly betting “should be” and what is important. Now there are of course some very short answers to this. Profitable and making money immediately springing to mind. But how should a tipster do this? Is an inconsistent service acceptable if it makes thousands of points of profit? Is a tipster that wins 3 out 5 bets like clockwork, but only produces a profit of 1 point from those 5 bets a better option?

Obviously, personal preference plays a big part I all of this. But I posit that if you can have something consistent, exciting, and profitable, then you have service that can hold most people’s attention. Which leads me to CD Systems – Daily Bargain. A tipster service that rather interestingly, manages to deliver on all 3 of those fronts to some degree. A service that ticks all those boxes must be a winner then, right?

Well, as is so often the case with this kind of thing. It just isn’t quite that simple. You see, whilst there is a very clear generally upward trend from CD Systems – Daily Bargain in terms of the profits, there have been some ups and downs. And on top of this, it isn’t necessarily the cheapest beast. So, with some reservations about the bigger picture, let’s jump straight into CD Systems – Daily Bargain and see just how good it is.  

What Does CD Systems – Daily Bargain Offer?

When it comes to what is on offer, from pretty much any tipster service, it can be broken down into three main categories. There is the logistical elements, there are the bets themselves, and there are the numbers (think strike rates, staking plans, betting banks etc.). Normally, I start with the most interesting element, but today, I am going to eschew this approach.

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot to CD Systems – Daily Bargain that is inextricably linked and ultimately, it all provides context for everything else.  And it is because of that reason that I want to start by talking about the logistics a little bit before anything else.

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Tipstrr, it is a massive tipster platform that allows anybody to register as a tipster and sell their tips. This inevitably means that there are some things that the CD Systems guys don’t really have a say in.

Specifically, whilst selections are sent out via email, Tipstrr do encourage you to log into your member’s area to view tips. To be fair, if you are in a position to do this, it is generally the best way to view CD Systems – Daily Bargain selections.

Outside of that, everything else is down to CD Systems and I believe that this is where you see the first, more interesting parts, of CD Systems – Daily Bargain. For example, almost all of the tips that hey advise are sent out somewhere between 12 and 48 hours before the off. This gives you plenty of time to get those best odds.

And further helping with this “best possible odds” is the fact that bets are typically advised between 4pm and 8pm (according to Tipstrr’s statistics screen). This means that even if you work those typical 9-5 hours, you have time to get bets placed.

On the subject of those bets, all bets that you will be betting on are simple back to win bets. This really isn’t a bad thing though, especially when you look at the wider context for CD Systems – Daily Bargain. You see, there are some very big odds involved. And typically speaking, horse racing tipsters who favour longer odds start making silly types of bets to see results. But not here.

How big are those odds I hear you ask? Well, the average odds work out at 10.27, which is a very big number. But what is really interesting is that this is genuinely representative of what you can expect. The vast majority of bets proofed to Tipstrr are between 6.00 and 11.99. The next most common odds range is between 12.00 and 19.99. They are very big odds.

What should be noted though is that CD Systems – Daily Bargain isn’t particularly high volume. Whether or not this is a bad thing to you will depend massively on your approach to betting. Personally, given those particularly long odds, I am quite happy to know that over the last year, CD systems advised just 314 bets.

I just don’t personally see the point in placing loads of long shot bets with a hope of something “sticking”. I’d much rather caution be exercised as ultimately, that will only eat into the profit and loss.

Finally, we come to the numbers side of things. Firstly, I want to talk about the staking plan. Now, if you look at the Tipstrr website, it is all a bit confusing. You see, their statistics show that CD Systems – Daily Bargain has average stakes of 0.1 points. But that is more down to how they calculate things (a fractional x/10 system).

The truth is that CD Systems actually send out details of what you should be staking on each bet. Honestly, it is all pretty simple though and you really shouldn’t have any trouble following along. If you do struggle, there are guides on the “posts” section of Tipstrr on the CD Systems – Daily Bargain profile. It’s all pretty good.

Finally, we come to the strike rate. Honestly, you could very easily come into CD Systems – Daily Bargain expecting a ridiculously low strike rate. Especially given those incredibly long odds. However, Tipstrr’s own proofing demonstrates that the average strike rate comes in at 14%. Honestly, that is pretty impressive all things considered.

How Does CD Systems – Daily Bargain Work?

Normally when it comes to services on the Tipstrr platform, you just don’t get a lot of information on what the service entails. Fortunately, CD Systems – Daily Bargain is a very different beast. In actual fact, we are told a relatively substantial amount of detail about what the service entails. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t overly in depth, but you definitely have an idea, which is more than some tipsters provide.

CD Systems start by saying that “A professional betting operation involves careful planning from the start”. They then talk about how staking is optimised to maximise profits and minimise the effect of negative sequences. Furthermore, we are told “Bets are researched, with pricing a paramount consideration”.

We are also told that “this well known service has been in circulation since 2000 and on Tipstrr for just over a year”. We are then told that this represents a 20 year career of tipping. The clear implication there is, of course, that the service has a wealth of experience behind it as well. There isn’t a whole lot of evidence to back that up, but I think the results somewhat speak for themselves.

If you find yourself unconvinced by all this, it is worth noting that Tipstrr offer a suite of data that you can use to analyse CD Systems – Daily Bargain. From comprehensive proofing to breakdowns of results, there is just… So much data, in the best way possible. It is very easy to look at all of this and at the very least get an understanding of what exactly you are getting yourself into.

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the elements that I am less convinced is a clear positive with CD Systems – Daily Bargain is the costs that are involved. There are two options available, a monthly subscription and a quarterly subscription. That monthly subscription is priced at £39 which in and of itself is about what I would expect to pay for a quality tipster service.

There is more value to be had in signing up to CD Systems – Daily Bargain on that quarterly basis which is priced at £89 (representing a 20% discount). Again, this is roughly what I would expect to pay for a decent tipster service on a quarterly basis.

It is worth noting that Tipstrr do not offer any money back guarantees on their platform and CD Systems – Daily Bargain is no different. There is however a 7 day trial period where you can use the service for free, after which you move on to the monthly subscription.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for CD Systems – Daily Bargain is an… interesting, shall we say, affair. The overall profit since 2018 (when it wasn’t under Tipstrr) shows some very big numbers. We are told that since then, the service has produced a profit of £3,627.50 to £25 stakes (at the time of writing). This means some 145.1 points. 

Over the last 12 months though, this number drops quite substantially to some 47.85 points. That is… Well frankly, it just isn’t very good. And that is something of a problem really. Now, I will say that if you’re following the staking plan, these numbers are buoyed by compounding, but not that substantially.

What is slightly better looking though is the fact that to level stakes, CD Systems – Daily Bargain has maintained an ROI of 22.1% on average. Honestly, that isn’t too bad a result. Unfortunately, to make it work it does mean staking quite a lot of money.

Conclusion for CD Systems – Daily Bargain

 CD Systems – Daily Bargain is a very mixed bag. In theory, it is everything that you could want from a tipster service. As I talked about in my introduction, at first glance, this seems to be consistently profitable, and the ROI would back that up. But there are so many different ways of looking at a tipster service that there isn’t necessarily a “right” answer.

What I will say is this. If you are in a position to bet large amounts per bet, then CD Systems – Daily Bargain is something that might be worthwhile. If you’re seeing returns of £22 on average for every £100 that you invest, that isn’t too bad. But if you’re stuck on much smaller stakes, it just isn’t really worthwhile.

And this somewhat brings me to one of the biggest problems that I have with CD Systems – Daily Bargain which is the concept of value. Put simply, I’m struggling to see this a bit. £39 per month goes a long way in terms of the wider tipster market. And for that, you can get much stronger points profits and in some cases, similar or better ROI.

Now I’ll be honest, all of this is a massive can of worms that I’d rather not get into here. But what I’ll say is that CD Systems – Daily Bargain is just about good enough for the money, so long as you have deep pockets. And this strikes me as a bit of a shame.

Here’s the thing. There have been some fantastic results in the past. There have been months that have seen profits of almost 42 points in the past and slightly over 35 points. And there is very clearly the potential for this to happen in the future as well. I genuinely believe that there are some decent underpinnings to CD Systems – Daily Bargain.

Which I guess brings me quite nicely to my final thoughts. This is a tipster service that involves backing long shots. This isn’t something that will ever win on a regular basis, and as such, you have to be prepared to roll with the punches. If you do this, when the going is good, it can be rather good. But again, that comes back to the point of having deep pockets.

The fact of the matter is that for a lot of people, I don’t necessarily think that CD Systems – Daily Bargain is a particularly viable option. If you will be wanting to withdraw your winnings on a semi regular basis, it won’t be for you. If you have smaller stakes available, it won’t be for you. If you aren’t in a position to fund a significant drawdown, this won’t be for you.

Objectively, I can see that there are positives here. And CD Systems – Daily Bargain isn’t the worst tipster service that I have ever looked at. But I just don’t think that I could necessarily look to recommend this. I’ve talked at lengths about the positives, so I won’t justify what I am about say, but here is the bottom line in my opinion.

CD Systems – Daily Bargain is pretty expensive. And for what is being asked, I just don’t see the results being worthwhile. A 22% ROI is very good, but an annual profit of less than 50 points just isn’t. Taking a certain approach, it may be beneficial, but most people won’t be looking for that specific approach. The fact is that there are better services on the market for less money, and as far as I’m concerned, that is the bottom line.   


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