CgmBet System Review

CgmBet System is a free website and piece of software that offers comprehensive advice on football based on form and statistical analysis.

What does the product offer?

The software provides full information on upcoming football games from a number of European Leagues. The software allows you to track results and show complex tables that cover form from several seasons ago. You can compare teams head to head and view individual player statistics. All this comes together to allow you to make an informed decision as to the likely outcome of a game.

How does the product work?

The system uses mounds of data that is compiled and released into an easy to use format (in this case the software). This data is then fed through a complex algorithm that provides information of odds for a likely outcome. This is based on form (for example a big team beating a small team one nil may not contribute much to their form rating but were the results reversed it would count highly in favour of the smaller team), player ratings, previous meetings etc.

What is the initial investment?

The website is free to access and the software is absolutely free to download. The creator of the software does state that his program is not “prediction software” and does not “encourage you to bet in any way”. That having been said if you do wish to use this as the basis of a betting system there would be costs involved in fielding the bets.

What is the rate of return?

As this system isn’t marketed as a money making tool or scheme it would seem very difficult to consider what the potential profits may be. However a quick glance at the odds sheet for the Premier League for this weekend show an odds sheet that really seems grounded in reality with no ludicrous or outlandish claims. Based on that, if the system were utilised as a betting system there could potentially be scope for profit.


This piece of software from CgmBet is a great little piece of kit. The analysis really seems to be in depth and covers a large number of potential variables. Could it be used as the basis of a betting system? I believe so yes. Perhaps the easiest point to sell this system on is that it is completely free. That is a price that nobody can argue with and given the sophistication of the software it is definitely worth a look in whether you gamble on football games or simply want to gain more knowledge about upcoming games.

The coverage is massive with well over 20 European leagues being covered which can allow gamblers to consider increasing potential profit by covering leagues they would otherwise be unfamiliar with. All things considered this is a cracking little piece of kit and the fact it is free really is something that you cannot take exception to. This definitely seems to be worth a look in at!


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From: Simon Roberts