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CH Footy Tips is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by Betting Gods. Selections come courtesy of an American tipster, Chad.

Introduction to CH Footy Tips

It can sometimes be quite surprising where good tipster services come from. As such, it is very important to put aside ones preconceived notions of what a tipster should be. After all, genius can, and often does, strike from the most peculiar of places. Now, I fully appreciate that this seems to be a really strange way to start a review of a tipster service, but it is very important to do so in my mind. Because whilst we’re looking at a football tipster service today… Well… It seems to be run by an American?

Welcome to CH Footy Tips. The latest offering from Betting Gods. Now, the rather unique situation of the tipster isn’t what makes this service stand out to me. Of course, it’s a bit of a laugh to poke fun at our cousins over the pond and their propensity towards their own bastardised idea of “football”. But here’s the thing. The results that Chad has produced have been hugely impressive, and there is no real way of getting around that. More than just producing a profit, it has been done with some consistency.

Honestly, I can say with some confidence that it has been a while since I’ve seen results from a football tipster service that are so potentially exciting. What is really impressive as well is that Chad is picking out big priced winners for CH Footy Tips. Those of you who bet on football on the regular will know that getting any sort of value is bloody hard. And of course, the involvement of Betting Gods tends to add an air of legitimacy to any tipster service. So, is this actually all as it may seem? Let’s have a good look. 

What Does CH Footy Tips Offer?

As far as football tipster services go, CH Footy Tips is both incredibly straight forward, and also genuinely quite interesting. An admittedly contradictory set of terms. But that is the genuine fact of the matter. Before I get into what makes Chad’s selections so unique, I want to focus on that more structured and “typical” area. Namely, the logistics, which as you’d expect from a service from Betting Gods are solid.

 Now, one of the first things that jumps out at me about CH Footy Tips is that this is pretty much a daily affair. And I really do mean that. The proofing shows that there are only really a very few and far between days where Chad doesn’t have a selection to advise. In and of itself, this is quite interesting for a football tipster service with most offering tips mostly around the weekends (a point I will be picking up a little later).

Given the involvement of Betting Gods, the way the service is managed is very much typical of them. Selections are, of course, issued directly via email. These usually land after 9am. But that isn’t the only option. There is also a member’s area for CH Footy Tips you can log into, as well as a free app that allows you to receive notifications directly to your phone (the best option in my opinion).

The advice from Chad does come with odds, and these are generally attainable. This of course take a lot of work out of following the service. What I will say though is that if you are following CH Footy Tips it is worth acting as soon as possible. Especially on some of the longer odds bets which can shorten quite quickly.

With the subject of odds on the table, let’s look at those. Because they are undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of CH Footy Tips. The average odds for the service work out at 4.24 at the time of writing, but this doesn’t really paint an accurate picture of things. In actuality, what you are getting are generally lower priced bets that can combine into some very large doubles. These frequently enter double digit odds territory.

Which of course leads me into the betting side of CH Footy Tips. Every set of bets is made up of two Asian Handicap bets and a double on said bets. And there may be multiple sets per day. For some context on this, the average bets per month comes in at a little under 110 bets. Meanwhile, I can point to the fact that there were 4 sets of bets (12 in total) that Chad advised only yesterday. 

The consistency of these bets is helped along by the fact that Chad doesn’t seem to shy away from backing some of the more obscure leagues. As you would expect, there is coverage for top European football, but CH Footy Tips also sees selections from China, Hungary, and a host of other niche and more obscure leagues.

All of this might sound a little bit intimidating. CH Footy Tips is using a somewhat niche betting strategy, on niche leagues, and Chad is advising a lot of bets. However, there is some temperance to all of this. You see, every bet is advised to be backed to level stakes of just 1 point. That means that your liabilities are actually kept relatively low.

Furthermore, with a recommended betting bank of just 75 points needed, I think it’s pretty fair to say that CH Footy Tips is affordable. And whilst this doesn’t sound like a particularly big bank, I think the most substantial drawdown Betting Gods’s proofing shows is a period in which some 20 points were lost. This was over about a 5 day period and was interspersed with some smaller wins.

Honestly though, this isn’t a particularly big concern for me. The strike rate for CH Footy Tips comes in at 38.03%, and whilst this isn’t the most mind boggling of numbers, I think it’s more than fair to say that it is very respectable.

How Does CH Footy Tips Work?

So far, CH Footy Tips looks pretty reasonable. But now we have to address something that is always a bit of a difficultly when it comes to products from Betting Gods. And this is the incredibly distinctive lack of information and insight into how a service works. Because the unfortunate fact of the matter is that there is almost always no information provided, and this is no different.

We are given some snippets of insight. For example, Chad talks about the fact that he aims to find “good value odds and go against the bookies”. Something that I believe you can see when you look at the proofing. But simply saying that you are looking for value isn’t a betting system in and of itself. At least, not in my opinion.

Now, there are some mitigating factors. One of the key ones being the involvement of Betting Gods. Whilst they don’t provide much insight into their tipsters selection process (a point I will always find frustrating), I also trust that they don’t play with fools. The brand has grown exponentially and if there wasn’t something decent behind CH Footy Tips, it seems unlikely it would have been brought to market.

Furthermore, there is of course that very comprehensive proofing that is provided. Whilst this isn’t insight into how CH Footy Tips “works”, it does still give you some idea of what you can expect from the service longer term.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Fundamentally there is only one option if you want to subscribe to CH Footy Tips. This is a monthly subscription which is very reasonably priced at £27 per month (plus VAT). However, when you are signing up for the service Betting Gods have a few different options available, each of which come with hugely varying provisions of value.

Firstly, CH Footy Tips is available for just £1.99 (plus VAT) for which you get access to a 15 day trial. Once this has elapsed, you move onto that monthly cost. Alternatively, you can pay £29 (plus VAT) for which you get a full 3 months of trialling the service. Once those 3 months have passed, you then go to that aforementioned monthly cost.

Whichever option you go for, CH Footy Tips comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee as well as those trial periods. This is backed up by the fact that Betting Gods use Clickbank to handle the payment for their services (not that I think you would have any problems with them).

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing this, CH Footy Tips is sitting on a profit of £2,409.51. A very respectable amount. Especially when you consider that this is all in less than 6 months of betting. When you factor in £25 stakes, it arguably looks slightly less appealing. 96.38 points isn’t bad, and it puts Chad’s selections on for around a 200 point year. But it isn’t exactly prolific. And nor, if I’m honest, is the ROI. At 15.07% it is good, but not earth shattering.

Where CH Footy Tips really impresses for me is a period of form Chad enjoyed between January and April. This saw the service go from 15.59 points all the way up to 97.4 points. In just 3 months. That is an impressive run, and one that can potentially be replicated at any point because of those value bets. However, this is all speculative and hypothetical. 

Conclusion for CH Footy Tips

I think it’s fair to say that CH Footy Tips isn’t the kind of tipster service that is going to turn your world upside down. Even on its best months, the profits have been impressive, but never quite entering that realm of “Oh My God!”. And here’s a bit of a hot take. I really don’t think that is the worst thing. Because what Betting Gods have here is a tipster service with consistent and strong profits.

As I’m saying that, you are currently looking at a service that is showing a single losing month according to Betting Gods’s sales page. A month that we are part of the way through. And has incurred a loss of less than 2 points. Hardly a critical amount. The fact is that CH Footy Tips is only really a bet away from being back in the black

Now, so far, I feel like I haven’t quite done justice to CH Footy Tips. I have downplayed it quite a lot, but here’s the thing. I’m actually quite excited by this. The consistency of results is very welcome. And whilst you might face quite significant losing streaks, some of those doubles mean that you’re only ever a win away from being back in profit.

But what I like here is that it doesn’t seem to be a gimmicky service. Chad has an approach. That approach seems to work. And that is all that there is to it. There is no mixing things up and trebling bets or turning them into Lucky 15’s to try and get that jackpot win. There is simply a solid seeming premise with CH Footy Tips that produces bets that  genuinely seem quite good value to me.

And the real cherry on top of all this is the pricing. £27 per month isn’t a lot for a tipster service. Factor in VAT and you’re looking at change from £32.50. Compare that to the £40-£50 that I would typically expect to pay for a service and it looks like a very good value for money. It also means that you aren’t sinking all of your profits into paying your subs.

But you aren’t even paying £27 to get started here. Let’s not forget that you can get started at £1.99 and in theory, you could make enough in that period to cover a good few months worth of subs. If you sign up for that 3 month trial, you could potentially cover your first year with the right results. CH Footy Tips makes a lot of financial sense.

What I would say though is this. Personally, I would probably want a slightly bigger betting bank. Because when CH Footy Tips hits a rough patch, it can be very rough. Something that is also a personal consideration if you are looking at this. There is a process that you have to trust, and trust is definitely the right word. There certainly isn’t a lot of scope for an informed decision here.

So would I recommend CH Footy Tips? If you are really willing to trust that process, then it is a good looking service. But you really do need to be willing to see this out in my opinion. One of the things CH Footy Tips does differently to a lot of its competitors is win big. Something you rarely see in football betting. This means that you can (and this has happened before) see 20 points of profit in a few days.

If you don’t like taking on risk or shy away from drawdown, then honestly, CH Footy Tips isn’t going to be for you. Whilst there is overall consistency, this is a service with big swings in profit and loss. And it takes a certain kind of discipline to stick that out. And if that isn’t you, then the fact that Betting Gods are offering Chad’s selections at a low price won’t really count for much.


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