Championship Tipster Review Mick Flannagan

Championship Tipster is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by Mick Flannagan. He claims to be able to produce a substantial profit through betting on Championship Football.

Introduction to Championship Tipster

It isn’t really a secret that there isn’t a lot of value to be had when it comes to top flight European football. Nor in fact, football in general. But the more niche that you go, the better you can do. Of course, you go too far the other way and you end up trying to actually find a bookie that will take your bet on the Chinese Inner Mongolian Prefecture FA games. But of course, there is always a happy medium.

This is precisely the market that Mick Flannagan has targeted with Championship Tipster. And that really isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. The fact of the matter is that in theory the idea works really well. The fact of the matter is that The Championship is the second biggest league in England. It is arguably bigger than the Scottish Premier League. But despite that, there is seemingly some decent value to be had in the bets.

Of course, that is only one part of the picture. The unfortunate and frustrating fact of the matter is that there are also some questions that hang over Championship Tipster. Most of which pertain to a distinctive lack of information from Mick Flannagan. In my opinion, that isn’t really a very good start to things. None the less, let’s dive in and see if this can possibly deliver.  

What Does Championship Tipster Offer?

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that when you look at the sales material for Championship Tipster, Mick Flannagan provides almost no information about what you are getting into. That is a pretty big problem from the get-go, let’s be honest. But the fact of the matter is that much this is a very large part of the wider service, that lack of information. As such, it’s something that you just kind of have to get used to.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from getting down to brass tacks and talking about Championship Tipster as much as I can. And the interesting thing about this is that Mick Flannagan seems to have a lot of overlap with my own ideals on betting. I’ll talk a little bit more about this later, but the lack of information is made more frustrating by the fact that there does seem to be some potential.

Now, first things first, let’s talk logistics and management. Championship Tipster is actually managed by bsb, a large company who pump out a lot of tipster services. Unfortunately, there are also some very mixed results from them historically, however, it does also mean that there are some levels and standards that you can reasonably expect.

Moving back to Championship Tipster specifically though, one of the first things that is worth talking about is the fact that this is seemingly a very selective service. In an average week, you can expect to see just 5 actual selections, as well as a “bonus” accumulator. That isn’t a lot of betting at all.

Another thing that is noteworthy is the fact that selections are only issued for the weekends. This generally makes sense as it is where the majority of football takes place. From a consumer standpoint, it also means that you should be able to follow along with Mick Flannagan’s tips very easily. Even if you’re working a normal 9-5 type job.

As you would probably expect from any modern tipster service, selections are sent out to Championship Tipster subscribers directly via email. And this is one area where unfortunately, things start to show cracks. Because the content here is pretty minimal. As you’d expect, you get enough information to place the bets, but that is about it.

This leads me to the conclusion that if you are following Championship Tipster, you’ll probably want to use an odds comparison website. Honestly, this is usually just my typical advice anyway, but here, I can’t help but feel like it is of particular importance. Because whilst Mick Flannagan may get slightly better value from Championship betting, it’s still restricted.

Of course, where there is a restriction on value, it makes sense to try and squeeze the most out of every single bet. Now that doesn’t mean substantial increases. Far from it in fact. But you can reasonably expect to see a potential increase of close to 10% by shopping around. And on every winning bet that can start to add up.

Now in terms of the bets themselves, there isn’t a lot here that is particularly “stand out” or different. In actual fact, Championship Tipster is a pretty typical example of what you expect from a football tipster service. Where things are slightly more interesting however are on the accas. There is one advised per week and in theory this is a decent opportunity to drastically improve your profits. Of course, that is subject to those bets actually coming in…

You see, as obvious as it sounds, when you’re dealing with accas, you just aren’t going to win very often. This doesn’t stop Mick Flannagan from suggesting that you’ll win frequently showing a winning double on his first week and stating, “And you can get used to success every weekend”. Unfortunately, there is no strike rate or proofing that really backs this up. A disappointment given the fact that Championship Tipster has supposedly been around for 3 years.

And finally, I want to talk about the stakes. Because it would appear that Mick Flannagan recommends a level staking plan. In the incredibly limited evidence that is provided, we are shown a stake of £20. Something that I would presume is applicable to all bets. But the fact of the matter is that this is still speculation and conjecture. Despite being a very basic function, it is very clearly missing from Championship Tipster.

How Does Championship Tipster Work?

Now we come to the part where that lack of information really starts to shine through, and that is how the service works. Now in theory, this information is covered. The basic premise of Championship Tipster is that by betting on the Championship you get better value available whilst betting on it isn’t “hampered by the big salaries and poor odds of the Premier League”.

You will note that this doesn’t actually tell you anything. The fact is that there is very little information provide whatsoever in terms of Championship Tipster. And that to me is more than a little bit problematic, because with something where there is very limited value it is incredibly important you have a decent strategy.

Unfortunately, Mick Flannagan doesn’t actually talk about what his selection process entails. In actual fact, he doesn’t really talk a lot about football. This is massively concerning to me as without a good selection process, Championship Tipster may as well be based off guesswork or throwing darts at a copy of the fixtures list. It’s all just a bit questionable, especially because this is very basic stuff.

It isn’t even like Championship Tipster comes with any form of proofing so you can get an idea of what the ebb and flow of the service. At least if that were there you’d be in some kind of position to understand… Well, something. But as is the case with a lot of what Mick Flannagan is doing here, it only ends up being very conspicuous in its absence.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Championship Tipster, there are three different options available and honestly, they appear to be decent value for money. The first options is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £14.95 (plus VAT).

Alternatively, Mick Flannagan options the chance to sign up for the full season of football which is priced at £32.95 (again, plus VAT). Finally, and representing the best value, is a one time cost of £64.95 (plus VAT) which gives you a lifetime of access.

One of the things that is noteworthy about Championship Tipster is that, as is the case with all tipster services from bsb, it uses their own payment system. This means that there is no real money back guarantee or anything in place, and as such, you have to be somewhat committed to Championship Tipster if.  

What is the Rate of Return?

When it comes to the profit potential for Championship Tipster, things are actually quite interesting. The main number, that is repeated several times over, is that you can expect to make £1,000 in monthly profits. Using the notion that Mick Flannagan’s claimed results are based off £20 stakes, this means 50 points per month or around 450 points over the course of a season.

Given Mick Flannagan also claim that in previous years, Championship Tipster has made £8,839, £12,017, and £9,785. This suggests that there is even more income potential than £1,000 per month. However, once again, I am forced to highlight the fact that there is no evidence backing this up, or in fact any proofing.  

Conclusion for Championship Tipster

Honestly, I have two very conflicted feelings when it comes to Championship Tipster. There is one that is undoubtedly based on reality. However, there is also that “gut feeling” that there might actually be something here. So, with that initial confusing lack of a conclusion out there, let’s talk about the whys.

Of course, it is always hard to get behind a tipster service that, let’s not mince our words here, tells you nothing about what you can expect. That to me is just a massive red flag. Especially because it is very basic things that are missing. And at that point, I find myself asking if it is a purposeful attempt to obfuscate information.

For example, I can understand why a genuine tipster might not want to provide a full breakdown of what their system entails. If you’re getting down to very specific details somebody will take your system and apply it themselves. I fully appreciate why nobody wants to do this.

With that said though, I also find that genuine tipsters are both able and willing to talk about what their selection process entails in at least some detail. Enough that, as a consumer, you can make an informed decision about what you are getting into. Or at the very least, they will show that they know about the thing that they are betting on. Mick Flannagan doesn’t do any of this.  

And honestly, off the back of all of that, I am more than comfortable saying that I wouldn’t really look to recommend Championship Tipster. Because the fact of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing that shows that demonstrates that you can really expect to make any money, let alone the amounts claimed.

Even when you look at that single piece of evidence that is provided, Mick Flannagan shows us one accumulator bet that won. But what about all of the other bets? The fact is that there is a strong implication there (at least in my mind) that the other 5 bets that were advised may well have lost.

But with all of that said, I can see how you might see this as being worth a punt. Let’s be honest here. bsb are charging £5 a month. That really isn’t a lot of money. And it is because of that that I can see where there might be some appeal. For that amount of money, you can easily bet along on paper and see how it will work out for you.

The costs involved with Championship Tipster definitely make it a more desirable option. But that still doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re buying into a good service. The fact of the matter is that in the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve come to realise that when that basic information is missing, it rarely bodes well for the longer term.

Ultimately, I don’t really thing that I’d look to recommend Championship Tipster. For my money, this is a service that just carries quite a substantial risk, especially if you are (and let’s not forget that this is the case) blindly following Mick Flannagan’s advice. The fact is that whilst £15 per quarter isn’t a lot, if you’re staking even £50 a week and losing, that adds up. Something that it is very easy to overlook when you’re weighing up the cost of a service.  


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