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Charlie Mears Racing is a long standing horse racing tipster service which is managed by the Tipster Street platform of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of the eponymous Charlie Mears. 

Introduction to Charlie Mears Racing

As my time in this line of work has gone on (and I’ve been at it for some time now really), I have come to appreciate that there are lots of different ways of making money through horse racing and betting. Whilst I have always had an interest, I will also admit to being a bit narrow minded and naïve in the past.

The subject of today’s service, Charlie Mears Racing, would almost definitely have been discounted without much thought way back when. Now though, I can definitely see the appeal of the service. One of the key reasons for this is the reason that we are all here. Profit.

Charlie Mears’ selections have made a lot of it and given that these claims are from Tipster Street (a well respected tipster stable), I find it rather difficult to ignore the results. Now, as I will discuss, there is also some level of risk involved here, so let’s jump into Charlie Mears Racing and see if it is actually a workable tipster service. 

What Does Charlie Mears Racing Offer?

The way that Charlie Mears approaches betting isn’t exactly foreign to me. In fact, the fundamental principles are something that I have seen executed to great success elsewhere (a part of what really draws me in to Charlie Mears Racing). None the less, what Tipster Street are offering here isn’t your typical 3 tips a day at low to middling prices.

First things first, Charlie Mears Racing can’t even claim to be a daily tipster service. There are quite frequently days when Charlie Mears doesn’t send out selections at all. Given the way that the service operates though, this is no bad thing.

You see, Charlie Mears is all about backing horses at long odds. This is the kind of statement that you hear quite often, but a casual look through the proofing from Tipster Street (which goes back to March 2018) demonstrates that the lowest odds advised are 5/1. As such, you aren’t going to be winning often.

This is more than adequately reflected in the strike rate for Charlie Mears Racing which stands at just 11% according to Tipster Street (10.5% according to their proofing at the time of writing). Honestly, it can be difficult to know with services like this what to make of that number, but I am of the opinion that whilst it isn’t the be all and end all here, it is concerning to me.

So, what does all of this mean? Combining that low strike rate with the (admittedly rather substantial) recommended starting bank of 300 points, you can see that you are likely to take some pretty expensive hits to this over time. The reasoning for this becomes quite clear when you factor in all of the elements related to it.

First things first, the bet types that are involved. All selections are advised to be backed on an each way basis. Furthermore, we are also told that Charlie Mears Racing is reliant on bundling all of the days selections into an accumulator. This can mean that on a higher volume day, you are placing 6 bets at quite high odds.

Factor in that it is recommended that you bet to 1 point each way, and you are potentially looking at staking 12 points on a day (5 each way bets and 2 points on the accumulator). At the strike rate that Tipster Street claim for Charlie Mears Racing, that can of course mean substantial losing streaks and an impact on your betting bank.

Moving away from what you can expect from Charlie Mears Racing, I want to turn to the management and logistical side of things. Tipster Street have been around for a long time, and they are a solid and professional management company. As such, you can expect a decent level of service from them and Charlie Mears.

As mentioned, this is not a daily tipster service, however over the course of a month you can expect to receive around 1.5 bets per day on average. These are sent directly to subscribers via the email address that is linked to the Paypal account you purchase Charlie Mears Racing with.

Selections are made available pretty early in the morning (between 9am and 11am) allowing plenty of time to get bets placed etc. The emails that you receive from Tipster Street are well presented and give you enough information to comfortably place your bets, whilst the timing of them being sent out provide you with plenty of time before a race.  

It is worth noting that because Charlie Mears Racing covers many different codes of racing across Britain and Ireland, as such you can expect to receive selections throughout the year. This is in somewhat stark contrast to some of the more niche services that I have looked at in recent times.

How Does Charlie Mears Racing Work?

In terms of what you are fundamentally getting when you sign up for Charlie Mears Racing, everything is great. Tipster Street are open about how they operate their services. The full proofing provides a very good insight into what you can expect in the long run etc. What isn’t discussed is what Charlie Mears’ selection process is.

All that we are really told is that “Charlie Mears is an each way racing tipster” and that he has a number of memorable big win odds under his belt. Tipster Street also say that they believe he is the best in the industry. All of this is well and good, but it doesn’t much make for an informed decision from a consumer point of view.

The fundamentals of what Charlie Mears Racing is about are quite clear to me. I have looked at numerous services that operate on the notion that you don’t have to win often if you win big enough. Charlie Mears has clearly delivered on this if you look at the longer term results where a particularly massive win has done wonders from the bottom line.

I would also fancy my chances in saying that there is an element of value to be had. By and large, tipsters who are picking out horses at longer odds tend to pick them out as they have been mispriced by bookies rather than simple guesswork. Truth be told though, without that insight into the selection process though, all of this is conjecture about Charlie Mears Racing.

What is the Initial Investment?

Tipster Street have just one option if you want to sign up for Charlie Mears Racing. This is a monthly subscription which, to be fair, is very reasonably priced at just £19.95 per month. It is worth noting though that your first month will cost you just £9.95 per month which is a special trial offering.

Now, it is worth keeping in mind that Tipster Street don’t offer any sort of refunds on their products. Honestly though, given the relatively low pricing and the transparency that is on offer, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. It is more something I would say is worth keeping in mind.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we get to the part of Charlie Mears Racing that really stands out, and that is the profitability. Since March 2018, Charlie Mears has produced a profit of 1,869 points. That is an immense number working out at an average monthly profit of 116.86 points, and an ROI of 133%. All of which are incredibly strong numbers.

With that having been said, I do feel that these numbers must be placed into some kind of context in order for them to be fully understood. You see, of that incredible profit, 1,198.6 points come from a treble that landed in November of last year. This doesn’t mean that it should be discounted, but those average numbers are very skewed by this bit of data. 

Conclusion for Charlie Mears Racing

I will be honest and say that in terms of my personal approach to betting Charlie Mears Racing just isn’t something that is worthwhile. I am always massively wary of services that ultimately rely on big wins in order to boost the betting bank, instead preferring a more consistent winning approach.

With that having been said, I have to be objective when I look at these things. Now, I will stand by some of the criticisms that I have levelled at Charlie Mears Racing. There is a very strong element of risk around the service which is down to a number of factors, and whilst this has paid off so far, there are no guarantees that it will for the longer term future.  

First things first, there is the fact that you just aren’t going to win that often. The strike rate of 11% highlights just how extreme that can be. You are effectively looking at just 1 in 10 bets actually winning on average.

Pair that with the second issue for me, the staking plan combined with the volume of bets, and it all just becomes a bit much. You are looking at potentially 20 points staked in order for a winning bet, and whilst there have been some big odds winners, they are by no means guaranteed. In fact, the average odds are 13.57 according to Tipster Street’s proofing.

With all of that having been said, it is very apparent that you can make big money through Charlie Mears Racing. The results more than demonstrate that, and I entirely believe Tipster Street and Charlie Mears in terms of the results that they have generated. They are massively impressive. There is simply no getting around this fact. More than 1,000 points of profit in a year is a phenomenal result.

I suppose what really stands out to me though is the fact that such a massive amount of the profit comes from just one bet. In the future, you may well see another winner like this. And Charlie Mears may well be able to continue to produce small profits on a consistent enough basis that you still make money, but he also might not.

I’ve seen more than enough similar services lose a starting bank multiple times over before getting another 1,000 point plus winner. With that said, even taking that particular win out, Charlie Mears Racing has still done very well standing on some 670 points. But I can’t bring myself to entirely look past the potential for Charlie Mears’s selections to take a strong turn for the worse.

Like I have said, this isn’t a service that would be for me. I don’t even know how comfortable I would feel actively recommending it. But, that doesn’t mean that you should dismiss it. Tipster Street are not asking a lot and in terms of this kind of tipster service. In fact, compared to similar service Charlie Mears Racing is fantastic value for money.

So, if you’re looking for this specific kind of service, you could definitely do much worse than Charlie Mears Racing, but this is also a service that strikes me as rather niche. You need a lot of discipline. You need a large betting bank. You need a lot of patience. If you have all of those things, you can probably make this work, but most punters are probably looking for something more consistent.  


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From: Simon Roberts