Chris Anzani Racing Review

Chris Anzani Racing is a new product offered by Betfan from the eponymous Chris Anzani. The service aims to operate providing year round profitable tips.

What does the product offer?

Following on from a rather prolonged success period offering selections on flat racing and all weather racing, Chris Anzani has now agreed to launch a year round service with Betfan. The service is based around the notion that Chris Anzani Racing will be able to keep losing runs as low as possible with a view to accumulating substantial profits.

Interestingly Chris Anzani Racing looks not just at UK and Irish races but also some of the big French races.

In terms of what you can expect from the service, Chris Anzani claims that the service will be relatively low volume with around 7-8 races per week during winter and twice this in summer months (it is worth pointing out that there may be multiple horses in one race).

Selections are issued via email and are released at least an hour before races and early morning if there is “a big price available”. In terms of the numbers, Chris Anzani Racing follows the typical Betfan staking plan of 1-5 points whilst the service has generated a historic strike rate of 22.73%.

How does the product work?

Chris Anzani says that the selections for Chris Anzani Racing are predominantly based around his own research as well as utilising some contacts within the industry.

Whilst the actual process isn’t explored in too much detail Betfan do provide some information with Chris Anzani saying that he looks at a number of different things like speed ratings, analysing stats etc.

What is the initial investment?

Betfan offer two different subscriptions for Chris Anzani Racing which are sold as monthly and quarterly but are actually 28 days and 90 days.

These are sold at a cost of £47 and £94 respectively. There is no real money back guarantee in place for Chris Anzani Racing with Betfan saying that they don’t typically offer any refunds however they will review any requests.

What is the rate of return?

Chris Anzani Racing is a brand new addition to the Betfan stable so it is difficult to gauge how it will perform moving forward. It is however possible to look at the results of Chris Anzani’s previous service, Flat Attack, which over the few years it has been running has generated a profit of over 400 points which isn’t too bad at all for a service that doesn’t run year round.


There are a lot of Betfan products that are released on the back of a few months of 5 point stakes.

With Chris Anzani Racing however it is clear that Chris Anzani has been operating for a number of years with a pretty substantial profit. The only question that really hangs over Chris Anzani Racing is whether or not the previous results can be carried out over a full year as this does represent a very different beast.

Given the costs involved I would be inclined to leave Chris Anzani Racing on the back burner for now and see how it does in the longer term, but there is some potential


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From: Simon Roberts