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Chris Beek Review Tipster Kachina Racing

If you have heard of Chris Beek, then you will also probably have heard of Kachina Racing, which he used to run.

What does the product offer?

There are many comments about Chris on the internet, and many customers wanting refunds from participating in his betting schemes. Chris offered a syndicate promotion, and has done for a few years where he asks participants for upfront payments in return for a share of the profits. There has been a few mentions around the internet of customers not receiving value for their ‘purchase’, and the websites have now been shut down.

Chris Beek is an ex horse racing owner, syndicate operator and horse racing tipster. At the moment he stands as a rather controversial figure due to allegedly owing people rather significant amounts of money.

Chris Beek claims to be knowledgeable, hardworking one of the most ambitious men in racing with a view to becoming a trainer in 2013. It seems however that he has dropped in and out of the public eye in that period following a number of controversial statements about his business and how he conducts it.


Chris Beek’s foray into ownership started in 2007 with the purchase of Stargazy, a horse that achieved some success. Over time he built up a successful stable of over 30 horses, many of which were trained with Alastair Lidderdale. As a part of this Chris Beek launched “Racing Club”. An opportunity to buy into a syndicate of horse owners, all handled through Chris Beek. There were 15 horses that were a part of Racing Club although it seems that the success was somewhat more measured.

It was claimed that by purchasing into Racing Club you would be entitled to a 0.2% cut of the prize money from each horse. Ultimately this appeared to have been a resounding failure as in 2012 Chris Beek was forced to sell off his stable of horses and with it, the very product that investors had invested in. That having been said, from my research on his time as an owner Chris Beek really seemed to care about the animals that he owned and seemed to have genuine intentions.

Losing Investments

It is around this period that a rather significant number of people have stepped forward talking about losing investments through Chris Beek. The methods vary rather significantly although the value of the investments lost are well into the thousands with many people saying Chris that Chris Beek is a difficult man to contact and that he is evasive, often sending out cheques that bounce. That having been said, one member of a forum claimed to have not just got back his initial investment, but also the profit that he was owed, although he does confess this required a tenacious attitude.

Since 2012 he has touted a number of different investment opportunities including one offering a further opportunity to invest in three horses, one of which hasn’t ran a race since. There has been one win since then with one of the other horses. Chris Beek states that he hasn’t been involved in owning horses since 2013.

It also appears that Chris Beek is offering a service whereby people can pay him to take control of their Betfair account via his betting bot. Users then pay 25% of profits to Chris Beek. This is reminiscent of method that tipsters used to use whereby they would get people to place bets and take a cut of the winnings. This method was also used as a way of scamming people as certain unscrupulous tipsters would send out selections for all horses or the favourites in a race to different people. This means that they were almost guaranteed win.
I am not implying that this is what Chris Beek is doing, simply pointing out the similarities in the set up.

Conclusion on Chris Beek, Kachina Racing

Chris Beek is certainly an interesting character and I think based off the number of people who have come forward claiming that his business ethics are questionable, it would be remiss of me to not warn proceeding with caution. The fact is that there are people who are claiming that he owes them money. That is something that cannot and should not be overlooked, especially when investing any money into his various programs and schemes.

Update: April 2019 – Chris Beek Jailed

In April 2019, Chris Beek was jailed for 5 years and 10 months for defrauding over £204,000 from four people over a three-year period.

Comments (16)

the bloke is someone know one shud give a penny
, owed 50 quid still taking this to small claims court as he promised refund but seems to have gone into hiding ) though i know where he lives, chedar in somerset

Chris Beek has been promising for 13 months to honour his pledge to return £2500 I invested in one of his schemes. I have had a multitude of lies, excuses and broken promises over that period during which I have established contact with other victims who are owed a total of around £30,000. More Money Revue are currently doing an in-depth inquiry into his activities and latest rumour is that he has fled the UK and filed for bankruptcy. He was known to be touting for more investment as late as two months ago and is noted for threatening legal action against anyone who posts he truth about his activities. I have called his bluff by inviting him more than one to do so. DO NOT INVEST.

robert i need to talk to you urgently about this i am also a victim. How can we swop details i am not familiar with this site or blog i merely googled Beek (again) but don’t want to give personal contact detail on the comments….

Would you be interested in talking to me re Chris Beek ?


There is a “Chris Beek Victim Action Group” on Facebook, just been started on Wednesday 8/10/2014

(looks like the facebook group has been deleted0

See you there with your comments.

The Facebook page was taken down as it was against their policies however there is a WordPress site live now:-

On Sunday 8th March, I had the displeasure of listening to Chris Beek boast to an entire cardroom at Blackpool G Casino, appenerntly he is a regular,about how he conned punters by not winning with his horses. Horrible little man

He’s currently at Moss Side racing stables (Alan Berrys yard) in cockerham….He’s racing 8 horses currently.

Biggest Gobshite any racing enthusiast would have the mispleasure to meet…Visited Alistair Lidderdales yard in 2012 only to meet this twatf,total conman,if you want to hear the full story contact me

Hi Crim – How can we talk? Interested to hear more?

If you feel that this Scumbag owes you money, contact Nottinghamshire Police. The court case against him is set for next May (2018) and I’m due to give evidence against the schister at Warwick Crown Court as he’s conned me out of a considerable amount of money!

Currently playing poker in Blackpool and taking people in with his latest schemes

almost a six year stretch behind bars is what the court has just given him

He’s a scum bag he’s conning people all over the north west with concert tickets

Court case starts today, due to last for 3 weeks

MakeMoneyForum Admin

UPDATE: In early April 2019 Chris Beek was been jailed for 5 years and 10 months, for defrauding four people of over £204,000 over a three-year period.

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