Chris Clifford Betting Review

Chris Clifford Betting is a brand new product which has been launched by the eponymous Chris Clifford. He claims that his betting strategy can help you to make a decent income through betting on Betfair’s Exchange Games.

Introduction to Chris Clifford Betting

The Covid-19 virus has really opened up my eyes to just how much betting there is out there in the wider world. I already knew about a lot of the more niche stuff like esports and the myriad of casino games. But I’ve also been exposed to football leagues of countries that I didn’t even know existed. Did you know that there was an ex-Soviet country called Tajikistan, let alone that they have their own football league?

Anyway, I’m getting lost. One of the things that was new to me when all of this started are Betfair Exchange Games. Now even when I first looked at this concept, I thought it was rather niche, however, there have been a whole host of people coming out of the woodwork talking about this. Chris Clifford is one of them. And he claims that his Chris Clifford Betting, is exactly what you need to start making money.

What is interesting about this is just the sheer number of people who are suddenly experts in these niche fields. None the less, I will, as always, look to keep a professional and open mind. And with that said, I think that we should get straight into Chris Clifford Betting and see whether or not this can really deliver.  

What Does Chris Clifford Betting Offer?

So, what exactly are you getting from Chris Clifford Betting? This is quite an interesting question and one that doesn’t appear to have a very straight answer. That is, until you buy it. Because Chris Clifford seems to go rather out of his way to not tell you about his product, but instead talk up Betfair’s Exchange Games.

Well, we are told a few things (not that they necessarily really clarify anything). For example, Chris Clifford says that this will work for you if you want to bet and earn profit on your own schedule. Or if you want simple methods that produce smaller but mor consistent profits. Or interestingly to me, if you’ve wasted money on “bogus “gurus”, systems and tipping services” in the past.

All of this is rather disappointing really. Because the fact of the matter is that what has been put together is a substantive product. Now as you may have expected, at the core of Chris Clifford Betting “the product”, there is the training manual. This shows you the same methods that Chris Clifford claims have made him so much money.

This is… Well, it’s not a slim tome by any stretch of the imagination. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is filled with quality either. In actuality, I think that this is potentially one of the most artificially inflated training manuals I have looked at for some time. It is certainly up there with some recent competition.

Now the fact that there is all of this filler is somewhat justified. You see, Chris Clifford says that you can use Chris Clifford Betting and you “can be a complete NEWBIE. Even I you have never placed a bet before… even if you’ve never even see a Betfair game before”. A lot of the content seems to be geared more towards these people who have no knowledge. So, it isn’t a complete waste.

With that said, I think that it is still important to keep in mind that if Chris Clifford didn’t include all of this basic information… Well, I just don’t think that you’d have much of a product to really work with. That core system is definitely on the simpler side.

This brings me round to a bit of an eventuality in looking at Chris Clifford Betting. Namely, what exactly are the Betfair Exchange Games? Because honestly, I wouldn’t blame anybody for not knowing what they are getting into. Effectively, you are betting on the outcome of virtual casino games, each with their own betting exchange.

It is very important to note the distinction here that you aren’t actually playing the games yourself. There is an artificial intelligence that plays them out according to certain rules. Then you and other players are betting on what will happen. For example, one of the easier games to follow is higher or lower. You bet with others on the exchange whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous.

Other than this, the exchange that you are betting on functions pretty much exactly the same as the normal Betfair exchange. You can pick what you want to bet on, you wait for your bet to be matched, and if it is, you can see it through or trade it out to green up (lock in a profit, regardless of the outcome).

Moving away from this, there are a few other points that Chris Clifford raises that are worth noting. Firstly, on the financial side of things, we are told that you can get started with Chris Clifford Betting for a relatively small amount of money. Specifically, you need just £200 in your betting bank. This strikes me as a suspiciously low amount if I’m honest.

The second point pertains to Chris Clifford’s claim that you can use this every single day, and that Betfair’s Exchange Games operate 24/7. Yes, they do indeed. However, the fact remains that it is something of a niche market. As such, there are no guarantees that you will get bets matched. After all, it is by definition an exchange.  

As well as all of this, Chris Clifford Betting comes packaged with a number of “bonus” products. These are frankly nothing more than addons and bring nothing new to the service. These include 6 months of access to Chris Clifford’s horse racing tips when racing returns. There is also another manual included, but this has no bearing on the core service.

How Does Chris Clifford Betting Work?

I’ve always said that I don’t believe that it is fair to give away the details of somebody else’s system. And I absolutely stand by that fact. Irrespective of what I may think of Chris Clifford Betting, it would be unreasonable for me to give a detailed breakdown of something that somebody has put behind a paywall.

With that said, I do believe that it is pretty reasonable to at least provide some insight into what you are getting yourself into. Not least of which is because Chris Clifford sure as hell isn’t going to provide it.

Now I have said before when talking about the Betfair exchange that an AI plays out the game according to certain rules. This is very much a key element of the system that is in place here. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a flawed logic. Just because an AI will follow a certain set of rules, it doesn’t alter the key fact, which is that the next card is random.

As such, you can potentially leverage this to gain a slight edge over other punters. But they also know that the AI is following those exact same rules. So that is pretty much negated immediately. Furthermore, because those rules for the AI are so strict, when there are very winnable opportunities, there is nobody laying them on the market.

What is the Initial Investment?

Chris Clifford says that his betting system for Betfair Exchange Games would typically sell for £69. However, at the time of writing, it is being made available for a one time cost of £39 (plus VAT). This seemingly represents a decent discount, however, I am rather sceptical that the initial cost was ever really a thing.

What is noteworthy is that Chris Clifford Betting is comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that Clickbank handle payment (who are usually very good at honouring this).  

What is the Rate of Return?

So the million dollar question. How much can you earn? Not a million dollars, for sure. In actual fact, Chris Clifford is keen to encourage you not to be too greedy with his methods. Which is interesting to me since they supposedly work so well.

The core selling point in terms of the income is that you can make £50 to £100 each and every day. And because the Exchange Games run 24/7, you would think that the sky would be the limit, right? None the less, we are told that you should carry this out “in moderation” as it isn’t good for your health. Which is an odd thing to say.  

Conclusion for Chris Clifford Betting

There are a few things that stand out to me about the marketing for Chris Clifford Betting. Things that, frankly, strike me as a little bit… Opportunistic, if not predatory. Firstly, I don’t believe for a solitary second that this product would have been launched if it weren’t for the Covid-19 pandemic. The lack of sports has brought a lot of vendors out of the woodwork with “alternative” betting.

These inevitably follow a similar pattern to Chris Clifford Betting of promising you huge amounts of profits that you can engage in now. Not surprisingly, these systems and services have nothing of substance backing them up. And this is no different really. The fact of the matter is that the core premise here is incredibly simple, and not really in the good way.

Another recurring theme that you see in these products which is very apparent in Chris Clifford Betting is the way that they are geared as being very simple and straight forward to those who are new. Or people who have been stung by questionable services before now. Almost as if that is the target audience.

Now look, I wouldn’t like to say that this is exactly what is going on here. The fact is that I could well be wrong, and there is a lot of gut feeling at work. However, it is a very big coincidence that this is the second product to launch based around almost an identical premise recently.

All of that sets alarm bells ringing, but let’s put that aside for a moment. The fact of the matter is that I just don’t believe that this is a particularly good betting system. I’ve looked at a lot in my time and Chris Clifford Betting seems to be… Well, crude at best. It certainly isn’t a system that I actually believe will work in the longer term.

Sure, you may have some success. I can see that this is theoretically possible. But I do believe that there is a reason that Chris Clifford is very adamant that you should take your wins when they come in. Because on a long enough timescale, I don’t believe that you will actually keep this profitability.

With those smaller wins however, you can probably do just well enough that the 60 day money back guarantee expires. Which is convenient for Chris Clifford.

Honestly, what you have here is a system that I believe to be at best, a bit rubbish. But potentially much worse than that. The single most important thing however is that Chris Clifford Betting just isn’t as good as alternatives on the market. It’s not even close to them if I’m honest.

And that’s the real takeaway here for me. Sure, you may have to pay a little more. You may have to wait a little longer to implement those systems. But the end result is likely going to be so much better, and that is how you need to think with betting. It shouldn’t be about short term gains, especially not at the cost of long term profits.

This is an interesting statement for me to end on, because ultimately, that is very much applicable to Chris Clifford Betting as a final thought. It is very clearly aimed at shorter term gains without any consideration for the long term. And that should tell you a lot.  


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