Chris Cobb Review, AIS 3K System Does it Work?

Chris Cobb is an internet marketer, and has recently promoted his 3kSystem. This is also a similar look to his 1k system that has been doing the rounds for the last 5 years or so, but does it work?

What does Chris Cobb offer on AIS and such Products?

Chris Cobb advertises himself an an ‘internet millionaire’, and we don’t know if this is true or not, although there have been a few reports online that seem to contradict this. The product, 3KSystem promises to provide you with the training that can make you, in Chris’s own words, ‘thousand of $’s per day’, and that if you follow his training you will make a serious online income. Heard all this before? So have we..

How does the 3kSystem/AIS work?

These days Chris can be seen advertising his products on Facebook, but you will notice that he disables the comments on any advertisements, as I have seen a few with derogatory comments.

The 3KSystem (AIS System) promises to teach you how to make money from the internet, and also promises to teach you the exact strategies that Chris Cobb uses himself to make a profit, although we have never actually seen Chris sell products as such.

It is a simple case of marketing, by a marketer who knows that people will be searching for, and will be enticed by, all the ‘make money online’ spiel that saturates the internet these days.

But this product simply does not follow through, and nor does it provide the value it promises.

Funnily enough, when you go to the website, and click through the buy now,  you are presented with the purchase of AIS System, which is not new, and a system that Chris Cobb has promoted for years. In fact, one of our researchers has purchased this product, which comes in a seemingly endless supply of monthly modules.3ksystem-review-chris-cobb

What is the initial investment?

The monthly modules for the AIS System was (for our researcher) around £29.95 per month, which was initially for 12 months and then subsequently carried on with more modules.

Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive, although as always, the value of any purchase will be in the content. In this case, the value was nowhere to be seen.

What is the rate of return for the AIS System?

The return for our researcher was ZERO, and the content was old, and contained nothing that couldn’t be found for free online.

The modules were of course padded out to make it look like you were getting value for money, but the reality was, and is,  that there is nothing new in the teachings, and most of it was out of date by the time it reached you.

The course material was mainly outdated, and just stated the obvious really. In 1990 it probably may have been slightly useful, but in today’s climate the teachings are mundane at best.

Courses like this always ‘seem’ attractive, because just like the old mail order days, buyers like to receive products through to the post, and receiving a monthly product on how to make a lot of money will always attract plenty of buyers.

The problem is with courses like this, is that there are always little enticements, and ‘teasers’ of what the next module will contain, and when this module arrives, it is just as useless as the last.

The reason people probably continued to subscribe (our researcher was also guilty of this)  is that because the course wasn’t really teaching anything of value, then you are always left wondering if the ‘next’ module would be ‘the one’, but the value never came.

In the end the researcher simply threw the whole lot in the bin, literally, and put the cost down to a learning experience, which is the case with many of these courses these days.

Conclusion on the 3KSystem by Chris Cobb

In the video on his website, Chris states that ‘he is doing this for you, not him’, which alone makes this suspect. No marketer does anything without wanting to make a profit, and Chris is no different, so that was a futile comment really, and an insult to the intelligence of the people reading, and watching the video.

Chris Cobb likes to show all the holidays he has gone on, and all the cars, etc. he has purchased and that would be fine if the product produced, and was quality and offered value – in our opinion it simply falls way short of that.

Only a few years ago there were a few videos on YouTube, and website posts from a fair few disgruntled ‘Cobb’ customers, one of which seemed to show evidence that the screenshots of his houses and cars, were somehow fabricated, albeit Mr Cobb managed to have those postings removed by legal means.

The last we seen of Chris Cobb was an advertisement on Facebook for some one scheme, or another. Strangely enough the comments were turned off on the advert, which was quite telling.

The fact is, if this is the AIS System, as it states on the final payment page, then we advise against any purchase. The content has proven to be far from beneficial, and there are far better courses online that can actually be gained for free with a little Google searching.

Unless you are still living in 1990, then don’t waste your money on this product, there is very little value contained in it.

We thought Chris Cobb had vanished from the scene until his recent Facebook advertisments, so it seems he is still hanging on in there, promoting schemes and products which belong in the internet archives.

Our advice is not to spend a single penny/cent on anything to do with Mr Christopher Cobb, and we are not the only review website who thinks this.


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Thanks for this review.

You just saved me the trouble of joining the AIS system!!

Thanks for your feedback just saves me from doing a boo boo

Thanks for your infomation you just save me wasting another couple of thousands of pounds

thanks im watching his blurb now but paused it to check it out a bit more..and you have saved me.

He is going down this year! class action against CC looming closer !

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Alan,

Thank you for the comment, have you more details?




Can you tell us anything more about what you mean in ref to CC Alan…and what action is being taken against him.

From what I recall there have been several people in the past complain about Chris…and made similar claims..

but somehow he keeps continuing on…


Hi Alan,

I have lost money with Chris Cobb. I enrolled in AIS and Mobe. Am I too late to join the Class Action against Chris Cobb. When I found out his company is just a virtual office for collecting mail in Colchester…his claim to be a millionaire was hard to believe.



Never ever trust this man. He is a l*ar. He has multiple companies. He’ll continue to sell himself but he will be exposed.

August 2020
This man got my son involved in “done for you trading” this year where he takes 20 per cent of the profits to trade for you.From his screen shots if they aren’t bogus seemed to be making a healthy profit.Wetherefore asked to withdraw a percentage at the end of the month.Next thing we knew he sent us an email with some lame excuse to say he would no longer be trading the account for my son.Part of the reason for this was that the minimum entry point to trade has gone up from £2500 to £5000.Note that there was over £4800 in the account anyway and he had our money for over 6 months.I very much doubt he was trading in the first place.Appears to be outright fraud.We still haven’t received a penny of our money back but I’m only just getting started! Whatever you do don’t invest with him.He is just a common thief who needs to be locked up! Probably not even his real name or business address on his email. Now gonna look his details in Companies House

I had dealing with Chris, went to one of his starter weekends, he seemed ok. But he sifts through the attendees at the end to see who has the start up money to really get going. He then just backs off if you haven’t got £2000 to £3000 grand to spend. He also talked about pushing content to older couples, or people who had been made redundant. I did get involved with lower stages of MOBE, but backed off when the high pressure MOBE sales to me started. It was alway you have to buy into the next level. I knew people that where pushed and paid 25k plus and flew out to Thailand for a seminar. When MOBE was wound up by US Adminstrators, of course people like Chris, distanced themselves as fast as possible.

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