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Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership is an online course that offers training and tools in order to help subscribers to launch a successful internet business.

What does the product offer?

Chris Farrell Membership is one of an ever increasing number of products that offer a complete solution to internet marketing for beginners. In the case of Chris Farrell Membership, this comes from internet marketer, the eponymous Chris Farrell. Over the course of Chris Farrell Membership he claims that he will show you a number of different techniques and methods to help you get started covering topics such as Facebook and WordPress to generating traffic. Chris Farrell Membership also comes with a number of “done for you” services.

How does the product work?

The content of Chris Farrell Membership appears to be steeped heavily in the knowledge and experience of Chris Farrell who claims to have worked successfully as an internet marketer since 2008 his first million made within two years. The focus for Chris Farrell Membership seems use a combination of marketing methods including affiliate marketing and as well as marketing your own products.

What is the initial investment?

Chris Farrell Membership is subscription based with two options available. The first is monthly which allows a one week trial for $4.95 after which the costs are $37 per month. The second option is an annual subscription at a cost of $297 per year. Both options come with a 60 day money back guarantee as Chris Farrell Membership is sold through Clickbank (this is despite the claim of just 30 days money back guarantee).

What is the rate of return?

There are no claims made about how much you can expect to earn using what Chris Farrell Membership teaches however I have some reservations about speculating, namely down to the fact that products like Chris Farrell Membership usually end up producing similar looking packages to everybody else.


I have reservations about products like Chris Farrell Membership which isn’t necessarily down to the quality of information (Chris Farrell seems to have a good grasp on his area of knowledge), but the tools that are provided. As I touched upon, this often leads to you trying to compete with people who are using the same methods, techniques and visuals as you. This can discredit your business or just make it not stand out, neither of which is conducive to a profitable business.



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From: Simon Roberts