Chris Samson Racing Review

Chris Samson Racing is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by the eponymous Chris Samson. He claims that his service is able to succeed where other tipster services fail.

Introduction to Chris Samson Racing

What really stands out to me about Chris Samson Racing is the headline. Before anything else, we are told the following:

This Page Is For Anyone That Is SICK Of Being RIPPED OFF And Sucked In By BULLSH*T Schemes That Just Don’t Work…

I am probably better positioned than most people to know just how many tipster services there are on the market that fit this bill. And as such, if Chris Samson is actually able to deliver on this statement, then it makes Chris Samson Racing an absolute winner right?

Well, there are a lot of questions that surround this headline in my opinion. This includes whether or not Chris Samson Racing really is that different to the majority of the services that are on the market. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of services out there that Chris Samson could well be describing there.

chris-samson-racing-reviewUnfortunately, including that “lot of services”, I am inclined to include Chris Samson Racing itself. This isn’t without any merit either. So, with this in mind, let’s have a look and see just how well the service actually performs compared to the claims made. 

What Does Chris Samson Racing Offer?

If there is one thing that I am in favour of when it comes to tipster services, it is definitely a straightforward approach to what is on offer. I cannot tell you how many times I have say and read through the exact type of BS that Chris Samson mentions in his headline, and in no small part, I will admit that is part of the appeal.

Looking through the sales material for Chris Samson Racing, it becomes clear that I am not the only one who feels this way with Chris Samson talking about how simple his service is, and how it is much better than those other tipster services that feature sports cars and mansions that you clearly can’t afford. I want you to keep that last bit in mind, because I will be returning to this point a little later.

This no nonsense approach is also very much in play when you look at what you are getting when you sign up for Chris Samson Racing. Everything about the service seems to be geared towards simplicity. For example, Chris Samson is quick to point out that all of the selections that he advises you are “to be backed to WIN only”.

We are also told that you will receive 3-5 bets per day, a number that will supposedly allow for you to experience “Steady streams of winning bets” whilst taking out the guesswork, decisions, and stress.

Keeping with that theme of simplicity, Chris Samson is also keen to point out that Chris Samson Racing doesn’t feature “a bunch of bets with crazy odds that are NEVER going to come in!” or “complicated software!” or things like lay bets, huge stakes, lots of times, or long losing streaks. From this, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to arrive at the conclusion that Chris Samson Racing doesn’t mess about.

This lack of flourish applies when you start to look at the logistical side of the service and this is where an element that seems very positive starts to become a negative. As you would probably expect given everything that has been written so far, Chris Samson Racing is a daily tipster service. And not at all surprisingly, these are sent out directly via email.

Typically speaking, this will arrive on the morning of racing with adequate time given to get your bets placed. What I haven’t mentioned though (and what Chris Samson avoids pointing out) is that these emails are rather spartan. You get just about enough information to place the bets and the odds that are advised seem difficult to get.

For me, this is where the idea that Chris Samson Racing is all very simple and as such, different to other tipster services starts to come apart. Because if we’re realistic here, you are looking at shopping around for the best odds that you can get. Now this isn’t the most difficult thing, but it does start to upset the apple cart.

One of the things that is rather simplistic is, fortunately, the staking plan that is in place. Chris Samson recommends backing all bets involved with Chris Samson Racing to level stakes of just 1 point per bet. In his case, this means £50 per bet, however there is no mention of what kind of betting bank you will need. Being realistic, I would be inclined to suggest having 100 points to play with.

Now I say all this despite the fact that Chris Samson claims that his service is a low risk one. We are told numerous times things like “there are NO long losing streaks”, or again, that quote of a “steady stream of winning bets!” or “there will be periods with lots of winners and periods with less winners”.

What we aren’t given is any claimed strike rate or proofing from which we can calculate such a number. Instead, there is simply a few select examples of winning bets (that I am somewhat sceptical about). This small sample size is only over a week however, and comes with no context for losing bets placed around them.

All of this means that it is quite difficult to specify just how much risk is involved with Chris Samson Racing. What I can say with confidence however, is that it is almost certainly more than Chris Samson likes to suggest it will be. 

How Does Chris Samson Racing Work?

Interestingly, one of the other things that stands out about Chris Samson Racing (aside from the fact that Chris Samson doesn’t seem to have time for all the other BS on the market), is that Chris Samson doesn’t actually tell you anything at all about how he is able to consistently find winning bets for his service.

I will be blunt here and say that this is a deal breaker for me. I have long said that I wouldn’t expect a tipster service to provide a detailed breakdown of how they find their selections. It wouldn’t be fait to the tipster involved at all to lay bare something that they have ultimately invested time and money into for free.

What I will say however is that I am also a strong supporter on consumer knowledge, and in the case of Chris Samson Racing, you aren’t given any insight at all from which you can make an informed decision. Given that Chris Samson says that “Bets [are] selected in less than 10 minutes a day”, he could well be rolling dice across an open copy of the Racing Post for all we know.

This just isn’t good enough in my opinion. For example, if you were buying a TV, you wouldn’t need to know the part numbers of every component inside it, but you would expect to know what resolution it is, what the refresh rate is, or even what kind of panel it uses. Chris Samson Racing is not dissimilar to asking you to buy a TV without knowing any of this information.

What is the Initial Investment?

Now, if there is something that can be argued as a redeeming factor with Chris Samson Racing, it is the costs that are involved (although as I will cover, this is a highly conditional statement). Chris Samson is asking a payment of £45 (plus VAT) in order to receive his selections for 3 months. Compared to what most tipsters would ask, I will acknowledge that this isn’t necessarily a lot of money.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that Chris Samson Racing comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is mentioned several times in the sales material by Chris Samson (albeit somewhat erroneously in my opinion as he refers to this as being “risk free”, which it isn’t). This is backed up by the fact that payment is processed through the Clickbank platform. 

What is the Rate of Return?

Finally, we are able to address the reason that you might want to consider Chris Samson Racing which is the claimed income potential. We are told with confidence that Chris Samson makes £1,000 every week. We are also told that in the last month he made £4,895.90, a claim that is “backed up” by a questionable Betfair screenshot.

These numbers seem to be reasonable enough, at a glance. Holding the up to closer scrutiny though and you can see that Chris Samson is saying that you can expect to see 20 points per week consistently (£1,000 to £50 per point stakes).

In the last month, this number is massively increased with a monthly profit of 97.91 points. That is a number that I know a lot of tipsters would be very happy to take home in 3 months, so for Chris Samson Racing to have supposedly earn this within a month suggests that something may be a little off here. Especially when you factor in the lack of evidence. 

Conclusion for Chris Samson Racing

At this point, I don’t feel like there is much more that I really need to say about Chris Samson Racing. I have been pretty damning about the service and there is good reason for this. Honestly, there just isn’t a massive amount relating to the service that is believable. In fact, there are huge swathes of problems that I have that I haven’t already covered. That should tell you a lot.

So, where do you start? First things first, I want to call out the very hypocritical marketing approach that Chris Samson takes. He is incredibly keen to call out other tipster services as being bullsh*t, ripping punters off, and a host of other accusations that honestly, aren’t entirely unfounded. Unfortunately, they are equally applicable to Chris Samson Racing as well.

This is also evident in the fact that Chris Samson is keen to slate services wherein you are shown a video with a sports car, mansion etc. We are told that this is all but guaranteed that a service is a rip off. Only to be shown pictures of all of these things (as well as a yacht and a tropical beach) with the clear implication being that you can attain these things if you follow Chris Samson Racing.

All of these concerns are ultimately justified by the fact that the vendor who is selling the service on Clickbank is one that is well known to me for putting out tipster services that are quietly closed a few months down the line. For context, they have had at least 8 different services released over the last few years.  

This is more than enough to put me off Chris Samson Racing, but there are other issues outside of this hugely problematic area. Honestly, a lot of the problems that I have identified so far are things that are very much at the “back end” so to speak. There are however a number of problems that are much more apparent in my opinion.

For example, the claimed income is backed up by some examples of winning bets. These are somewhat questionable in my opinion though. The fact of the matter is that even in a best case scenario where these bets are genuine, there are probably a large number of bets that didn’t win in the period that we aren’t told about.

What I certainly don’t believe that this represents is in any way an indicator of what you can realistically expect from the future. There certainly isn’t any comprehensive proofing that demonstrates that there will be any consistency for the future.

I feel like I could probably keep going if I were so inclined, but I rather feel like I’ve already demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that Chris Samson Racing simply isn’t a tipster service that you should be following. I can see nothing there that I would recommend and by Chris Samson’s own standards, he indicts his service. You can’t say much more than that.


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