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Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets Review

Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets is a horse racing tipster service provided by the eponymous Chris Wigg’s and provided under Winning Information Network.

What does the product offer?

Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets is a relatively long standing horse racing tipster service offered under the Betfan group. Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets provides daily selections with up to 5 selections being offered per day. The bets that Chris Wigg uses for Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets are a combination of single, each way and place bets. This means that the odds for the horses that you are backing are typically rather high. Staking is varied with anywhere from one point to five points advised however usually you are looking at around three to four points. Because of the nature of bets that you are placing, Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets has a relatively low strike rate of just 22.75% for the last 12 months with a number of losing months presenting themselves.

How does Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets work?

Unforutantely Winning Information Network don’t provide any real insight into how Chris Wigg makes the selections for his tipster service. The closest to a comment on this comes from the man himself where he refers to a secret strategy. Looking at the bets that are placed, it seems rather apparent however that Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets is a high risk strategy that relies on big wins coming in to boost the betting bank. An idea that is backed up by the strike rate and certain results (that I shall look at below).

What is the initial investment?

If you sign up for Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets you will be offered a monthly or quarterly subscription which cost £45 and £90 respectively. At the time of writing however, Winning Information Network are offering 50% discount on your first month or quarter. Because Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets is a Betfan product their usual money back guarantee applies in so much as there isn’t one, however they do say that they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets is 101.9 points up for 2015. Whilst this doesn’t sound too impressive, this is coming back from being 46.55 points in the red.

Conclusion on Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets 

Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets is a service that has never really reached the lofty profits of some of its competitors. In fact, after 6 months and at its most profitable it was 221.83 points up. Since then there has been a strong downward trend with 2 months losing almost 180 points between them. This is definitely concerning however the last 4 months have produced a month on month profit for Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets. This creates something of a predicament as to whether or not you look at historic evidence and tread carefully with Chris Wigg’s Strategy Bets or alternatively you can look at it as being on a hot streak and jump on whilst Chris Wigg is in form. Given the half price offer that is currently on, I would possibly be inclined to opt for the latter and use small stake bets and see where it goes from there.



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From: Simon Roberts