Class Racing Review

Class Racing is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered by “Telegram Tips”. The service is claimed to make a substantial amount of profit for subscribers.

Introduction to Class Racing

I have been fortunate enough with Class Racing to get involved right at the launch of the service. As I am writing this, I am eagerly awaiting a countdown to end so that I can receive full details on the service. Telegram Tips are talking in their pre-release promotional material about a tipster who has seen consistent profit over 2 years.

They are talking about things like a limited time offering, limited spaces, limited pricing. Everything that surrounds Class Racing makes it sound like it’s a new Avengers film or something. Now, were I naïve, I would be enticed by all this hype, but I am not.

So, with Class Racing finally having launched, let’s have a look and see whether this is simply another well marketed scheme, or a genuinely profitable tipster service.

What Does Class Racing Offer?

There has been an undeniably significant amount of hype surrounding Class Racing and coming into all of his, I wasn’t entirely certain what I should expect. The answer appears to be something that is not bad, but it also does little to deviate from the norm.

What Telegram Tips are providing is a managed tipster service which advises selections on a near daily basis. As you would expect, these are sent out directly to subscribers via email. In spite of this, some quite bold claims made about what you can expect from Class Racing.

In terms of the bets themselves, there isn’t really anything new that Class Racing spits out here either. There is a decent mix of win and each way bets, all of which are advised at massively differing odds.

For example, in the last few weeks you have seen horses with odds of 36.00 going all the way down to 1.44.

This extreme range isn’t uncommon when you look at the proofing from Telegram Tips either. One thing that I do want to point out as noteworthy is that there does seem to be an air of selectiveness behind Class Racing. I say this based off the low volume and the number of no bet days that the proofing demonstrates.

One of the things that really does make Class Racing stand out for me is the staking plan that is in place. Unfortunately, this is not a positive thing. Whilst bets are advised at anywhere up to 5 points, the focus is mostly on backing horses to 3 points and above.

This means that even if you give Telegram Tips the benefit of doubt on the average stakes, the profits still take a substantial hit. This casts a not unreasonable amount of doubt on the results for Class Racing in my opinion, a topic that I definitely want to pick up a little later.

Lastly, I want to turn my attention to the claimed strike rate for Class Racing. According to the sales material, this supposedly stands at 35% which a glance at the results seems to back up.

Honestly, this isn’t a terrible figure and I have little reason to doubt Telegram Tips. What I do have questions about is whether or not the wider performance of Class Racing is realistically good enough given the pricing etc.

How Does Class Racing Work?

One of the more frustrating elements of Class Racing is undisputedly the fact that we receive no tangible information about how the system really works. We are told that the tipster behind the service combines “What he offers is a brilliant combination of inside information and intelligent data backed picks”.

Telegram Tips say that he knows the right people, he knows the right things. What this doesn’t really tell you is anything that helps you to understand what you are getting into, a real problem for me.

Now, there is of course always an argument to be had that there is full proofing provided (2 years worth in fact) and that this goes some way to making up for the lack of information on the selection process.  

To some degree, I would be inclined to agree that Telegram Tips do have some mitigating factors. But the fact of the matter is that you are ultimately coming into Class Racing pretty blind in terms of what to expect for the future.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options that are available if you want to subscribe to Class Racing. The first of these is a weekly subscription which is priced at £15. Next there is a monthly subscription which is priced at £24.99, however this is just a limited launch offering. The regular cost of Class Racing should be £48 per month which is quite steep.

Finally, there is a quarterly subscription which provides you 3 months of selections for just £49. As with the monthly subscription, this is a limited time offer with the actual cost going up to £97 every quarter for the future. Telegram Tips use Paypal to handle payment directly and there is no money back guarantee in place for the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining figure for Class Racing talks about turning a £2,000 betting bank into £23,000 which is definitely a strong result. There are some considerations to this though. First and foremost, there are effectively 3 sets of results for Class Racing. Firstly there are the Best Odds Guaranteed profit which sits at 620.65 points.

Next, there is the Start Price profit which stands at 198.56 points. Finally, there is the Betfair Start Price profits which stand at 430.71 points. So far so good, except I don’t believe that these are necessarily accurate reflections of the results.

This brings me back to the point about the staking plan and the large stakes per bet and how this impacts the profitability, a point I want to pick up below.

Conclusion on the Class Racing Service

Telegram Tips have been really touting Class Racing in the presale and as such, I came into this really expecting some quite strong results. To at least some degree, I am inclined to agree that they have achieved this.

First things first, I do believe that this is a genuine service. There doesn’t appear to be any element of intentional trickery behind what Telegram Tips are offering with Class Racing. Honestly, this is something that seems to be increasingly rare and as such, this is definitely a welcome product.

That is a good start, but there is more to Class Racing. Honestly, the results are pretty solid looking if you look at the BOG and don’t think about it too hard. 620 points over 2 years is a pretty respectable figure and one that is entirely believable. Especially in the face of some very substantive proofing.

So, it’s a winner surely? Well, not quite. First of all, there is the substantial discrepancy that exists between those BOG results and the SP results. This creates something of a problem in so much as if you have any restrictions with bookies, you will struggle to get close to the results. On top of that, I want to come back to the staking plan that is in place for Class Racing, because that impacts almost everything.

The proofing for Class Racing shows quite substantial stakes. This means that on a day to day basis, you are staking quite a substantial amount of money. You can also argue somewhat reasonably that the results can be scaled down.

What are my final thoughts on Class Racing? Honestly, I’m not really sold on Class Racing. I genuinely don’t think that this is necessarily a bad product. There is no getting around that there are profits to be had here.

How you end up calculating them takes Class Racing from pretty decent (the full BOG results) to really quite naff. The nail I the coffin though is how expensive it is. Telegram Tips are asking £48 per month for Class Racing and I think that this is a lot of money for a tipster service that has such hugely varied results.

Considering all of this, I wouldn’t really recommend this as a service. There are just too many factors that whilst not necessarily bad, are too varied and inconsistent in terms of the bottom line.  

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