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Classified Commissions Review

Classified Commissions is a guide to making money through affiliate marketing using classified ads. It has been authored by Naidy Phoon/Artiom Yevsikov.

What does the product offer?

Classified Commissions claims to be able to teach you how to produce a consistent and passive income in a way that is described as ideal for newbies. The guide is broken down into 4 different modules, each of which covers a different aspect of making money through this particular method of affiliate marketing. Module one sets out teaching you how to choose the right affiliate offers to market. Module two is about building your own “Traffic-Sucking Machine” which by all accounts is how to build a website that according to Naidy Phoon/Artiom Yevsikov should be high converting and with millions of daily visitors. Module three of Classified Commissions covers generating and traffic (this is really the core of Classified Commissions) and Module four is about scaling and automating your business. There are also a number of bonuses that come with Classified Commissions which cover topics related to the core product.

How does the product work?

Classified Commissions isn’t anything new fundamentally and is based around affiliate marketing, a well known method of making money. What makes Classified Commissions potentially interesting is that it involves using classified ads as a method of generating traffic and building a list, a method that Naidy Phoon/Artiom Yevsikov says you will be the only one using (and there is something of a reason for this).

What is the initial investment?

Classified Commissions is available for a one time cost of $7.95 which is allegedly reduced from $27. Naidy Phoon/Artiom Yevsikov says that there is an “Iron Clad” money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with Classified Commissions, however there is no information on the terms surrounding this which isn’t exactly reassuring.

What is the rate of return?

According to Naidy Phoon/Artiom Yevsikov, you can expect to make “$195 per day or more” however this seems rather optimistic to me. I certainly wouldn’t come into Classified Commissions expecting to make near this for some time.


Classified Commissions isn’t without value, especially at the price involved. The fact is that it does explore some less well known methods of generating traffic and if you are struggling with better known methods then it may be worth a look. The thing is I don’t believe that it represents the complete product that it is marketed as.

There are other issues surrounding Classified Commissions as well with the main one being authorship of the product. It is advertised by one Naidy Phoon in association with “Tom & Gaurab”. The name on the Paypal account that you are paying is Artiom Yevsikov. All of this is rather confusing and really goes a long way to cheapening Classified Commissions. Even ignoring this, Classified Commissions occupies something of an odd spot on the market. There are things to be taken away from Classified Commissions, but I don’t see them being viable methods on their own, and if you are using methods other than classified ads to generate traffic, chances are you are doing OK with this method. Like I have said, if you are absolutely stuck with generating traffic then Classified Commissions might be worth a look for $8, but I wouldn’t expect what is offered.



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From: Simon Roberts