Classified Lays Review Sportsworld Publishing

Classified Lays is a horse racing tipster service supplied by Sportsworld Publishing that offers lay betting selections that are claimed to be very different to most services.

What does the product offer?

Classified Lays is a near daily service that offers users daily selections for races from across the UK and Ireland. All bets sent out have been selected for laying on betting exchanges. This means that an account will be required with a betting exchange with the most well known example being Betfair. One of the key selling points of Classified Lays is that the risk to users is minimised not just because it is a lay betting service which inherently has better odds than a win betting system, but also because the tipster behind Classified Lays only backs low liability odds with a claimed average of 1.84 Betfair price. Staking is generally recommended as a fixed liability which means that whatever you bet, the stake is automatically set so that you will not pay out more than this although Classified Lays does also say that you can use stake based betting instead. Based off the results obtained for Classified Lays, the service has a strike rate of 80% which isn’t too bad.

How does Classified Lays work?

Unfortunately there is nothing mentioned about the selection process for Classified Lays which is rather disappointing. That having been said, as a lay betting system the fundamentals are rather straight forward as the whole betting method is about improving your odds of winning a bet by backing a horse to not win. This obviously means that you have a higher probability of winning.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Classified Lays is subscription based with Sportsworld Publishing offering a monthly and quarterly option. These are priced at £40 and £99 respectively. Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee offered.

What is the rate of return?

Depending on the method of staking that you employ ultimately depends on your income potential. In the last 10 weeks, had you been laying to full liability you would have made a profit of 37 points. Had you been laying to a fixed liability, this would have been around half this at 17 points.

Conclusion of Classified Lays

It is difficult to know what to make of something like Classified Lays. Personally, I feel that despite some pretty promising results, the service is simply too expensive. Sportsworld publishing sell it to you on the back go £100 stakes however I find that this is rather unattainable for most people and I also feel that you may have some difficulty getting these bets matched. Looking at a much more reasonable £10 per bet, you would be showing a profit of £170 to fixed liability. Considering that Classified Lays costs £40 per month, this means an actual profit of £50 for 10 weeks. This is hardly what I would consider worth the time as even at 5 minutes per day to place bets (which seems ambitious), you would have made around £8.50 per hour of work that you put in. This means that whilst Classified Lays is profitable, it isn’t really worth the time that it takes and as such, I’d be inclined to look elsewhere.



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From: Simon Roberts