Click Tipster Review

Click Tipster is an email based horse racing tipster service from James O’Rourke provided under the Betfan umbrella.

What does the product offer?

Click Tipster provides users with daily selections for horse racing across the UK and Ireland. Having been trialled successfully at Tipster Planet the service has been released as its own product. James O’Rourke provides subscribers a number of different bets although the majority are lay bets, singles and doubles using stakes of around 10 points a go. To date Click Tipster has achieved a strike rate of 49.47% with 3 months in 9 being losing months.

How does the product work?

James O’Rourke says that he has been a fan of horse racing for as long as he can remember. He goes on to say that he has been a professional bettor for a considerable amount of time and that this “almost takes over your life”. This means that whilst there aren’t details of the selection process for Click Tipster, it is likely to be built around James O’Rourke’s personal experience.

What is the initial investment?

Click Tipster is rather pricey at £59 per month or £118 per quarter. There isn’t a money back guarantee in place as such although Betfan state that they will look at any requests.

What is the rate of return?

Click Tipster has achieved an overall points profit of 1171.97 points since January 2014. Whilst this looks impressive this is based on 10 point stakes which are likely to be out of most people’s price range unless they are playing £1 per point.


Click Tipster has produced some big numbers, but they aren’t without risk. At the centre of this is the 10 point stakes. That means £100 per bet to £10 per point and this is a figure that most can’t afford. If you look at the above example of £1 per point then this means around an extra £100 per month which just about covers your subscription and gives you a small profit. This means that Click Tipster is best suited to bettors that have a substantial betting bank and can invest the money that Click Tipster needs to make a decent return.



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