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ClickBank Paycheck Secrets Review

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets is an affiliate marketing training program designed and created by Vladislav Sitnikov.

What does the product offer?

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets provides users with a series of nine training videos that allegedly will teach users to create, establish and generate profit through ClickBank and affiliate marketing. The videos cover a variety of topics from market research to WordPress set up right through to getting your site indexed. Vladislav Sitnikov says that using his system you will soon be able to create affiliate marketing websites within 3 hours or less.

How does the product work?

As mentioned above the ClickBank Paycheck Secrets is a training program. What it teaches users is allegedly a step by step guide to affiliate marketing and how to generate profit. Vladislav Sitnikov claims that once you are able to create websites you can expect to scale up your online business with very little time and effort.

What is the initial investment?

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets sells for $27 and for this price you get a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by Vladislav Sitnikov.

What is the rate of return?

Vladislav Sitnikov says that once your affiliate marketing websites are up and running you can expect to earn around $200 per month, per website. The system is designed to be scaled so users can potentially expand their monthly earnings.


ClickBank Paycheck Secrets seems to be a solid product for those looking to find a way into ClickBank and affiliate marketing. The videos all appear to have high production values and the sales pitch is reassuring. The fact that there are no outlandish claims is exactly why ClickBank Paycheck Secrets is an attractive proposition. $200 per month sounds more than feasible and this helps instil confidence in the rest of the system. All of this comes together for a package that really stands out when it comes to its competitors. That isn’t to say that ClickBank Paycheck Secrets isn’t flawless and experienced users will probably want to look elsewhere but for those who are starting out and looking for something to build foundations upon it seems they could do a lot worse than ClickBank Paycheck Secrets





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