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Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is a new to market lay betting tipster service which is being offered through Sports World Publishing. The service shows some very strong profits to date.

Introduction to Cloak and Dagger Lays Service

I want to start by congratulating Sportsworld Publishing on producing a tipster service with quite possibly the coolest name I have seen for a tipster service for some time. I mean, Cloak and Dagger. Its just standout compared to the numerous horse racing related puns, or products that have words like “Winner” in the title.

With that said, a standout name does not a standout service make, and this brings me to he other element of Cloak and Dagger Lays Service that looks good. And that is the results. Honestly, there is some very impressive looking profit here, and because it is coming through Sportsworld Publishing, you can come into this knowing that it is all genuine.

And if you are looking for yet another reason to get excited about Cloak and Dagger Lays Service, you only have to consider the fact that it is a lay betting service. Sure, this isn’t unique by any stretch of the imagination. But it is something that is increasingly uncommon in the world of horse racing. So, with a lot to look at, let’s dive right into Sportsworld Publishing’s newest service.

What Does Cloak and Dagger Lays Service Offer?

When thinking about where to start with what Cloak and Dagger Lays Service offers, it is hard not to start with the fact that this is a lay betting service. Because whilst this doesn’t make the service the sole exception to the rule. I can say that good ones have been few and far between in more recent times. And it is because of that that Sportsworld Publishing score their first point with the service.

Furthermore, the fact that Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is a lay betting service means that it does change a lot of elements that you would expect from a more typical tipster experience. The most obvious example being the more restricted options for betting.

Sportsworld Publishing’s proofing shows that the tipsters behind the service favour Betfair. This makes a lot of sense. As the largest betting exchange, there is undoubtedly more liquidity here than there is with some of the others. However, that doesn’t mean that it is your only option if you do follow Cloak and Dagger Lays Service.

Now, being a lay betting tipster service, there are certain things that you have to consider in a different way to if you were backing horses to win. One of the most important elements of Cloak and Dagger Lays Service are the odds that you are laying against, because if they come in, it can mean significant losses.

There is a fair old range here, as Sportsworld Publishing’s proofing shows. And by and large, those bets that you do pay out on are lower odds. However, there are much longer odds bets that have won and this has meant ultimately paying out as much as 25 points. Anybody who has ever engaged in lay betting will tell you that this can take some time to recover from.

With that said, Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is not particularly high volume as far as tipster services go. However there can still be days where you have a lot of bets. Historically, there have been occasions where you may be laying as many as eight horses. This is a considerable amount. But the average number of bets per day for the last few months has been just under two bets.

The key thing to remember there is the fact that this is just an average. The reality is that you will more likely than not be dealing with three or four bets on a given day. This is down to the fact that Cloak and Dagger Lays Service isn’t actually a daily tipster service.

In fact, Sportsworld Publishing demonstrate that there can often be several days between selections being issued. Now, I know that some people don’t necessarily like this kind of thing. They like to feel that they are getting value for money. But I would rather bet occasionally on something a tipster has faith in than them churning out tips for the sake of it.

This leads rather nicely into the logistics side of Cloak and Dagger Lays Service. Given the experience that Sportsworld Publishing have managing services, there isn’t too much to say here. As you would expect, selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email. These are usually sent out the morning of racing between 10.30am and 11.00am.

I appreciate that this won’t suiteverybody. But one of the things that is worth keeping in mind about this is that because Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is a lay betting service, there is little benefit to trying to get “early odds”. If anything, you would probably want to avoid laying too early.

And the final thing that I want to talk about when it comes to Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is the strike rate. Now, you typically expect a lay betting service to have a higher strike rate than a win based counterpart. This makes perfect sense. It is easier to choose one horse from eight to lose, than to choose one to win.

But I can say that I am genuinely wowed by the average strike rate for Cloak and Dagger Lays Service of 91.56%. Working out at less than 1 in 10 bets losing (or winning, depending on how you look at it), this is a hugely impressive figure. It also means that even with the potentially high liability, there is still room for profit.  

How Does Cloak and Dagger Lays Service Work?

Rather unfortunately, there is very little information provided about how Cloak and Dagger Lays Service actually works. The tipsters behind the service do say that it is a “database analyst run service”, but that is about all that you get. This is a little disappointing in my opinion.

Here’s the thing, and I have said this many times now, but I don’t expect any tipster to be giving away a play by play account of what their selection process entails. I don’t want to steal their methodology or approach, however I appreciate that there are some people who will.

By the same token, I am very pro consumer, and I genuinely believe that you should have a reasonable idea of what you are getting yourself into. With the minimal information that Sportsworld Publishing and the tipsters behind Cloak and Dagger Lays Service do provide, this is a rather difficult thing to do. And it is rather frustrating.

With that said, I can appreciate that there are also some mitigating factors as well. Sportsworld Publishing provide a very comprehensive breakdown of Cloak and Dagger Lays Service in the form of their proofing. Going all the way back to May of this year, you can at least look over everything and get a feel for what you can reasonably expect for the future.

What is the Initial Investment?

Sportsworld Publishing have just one option available if you want to subscribe to Cloak and Dagger Lays Service. That is a monthly subscription which is priced at £40 per month (inclusive of VAT). The first month of said subscription is available at a discounted rate, and you will only pay £20 for this.

It is worth keeping in mind that there is no mention of any money back guarantee. As such, I wouldn’t expect there to be anything like this in place. Especially given the fact that Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is sold by Sportsworld Publishing directly through Paypal.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since May, Cloak and Dagger Lays Service has produced a profit of 206.37 points. That is a very strong number for any tipster service, but to achieve this kind of result in just 6 months, with a lay betting service. That is really something else.

Now, there is possibly an argument to be made for the fact that the service was bolstered by the first month (May) which saw 87.95 points of profit, but even the least profitable month that didn’t turn a loss made 19.89 points. The worst month was a loss which saw 17.9 points lost.

Conclusion for Cloak and Dagger Lays Service

I don’t tend to get excited when it comes to tipster services these days. With so many on the market, it takes something really a bit special in order to really wet my whistle. Usually, when something does catch my attention it is because it is doing something that’s a bit different to the norm. Or maybe something offers a new take on betting.

I suppose Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is doing something different to the norm, in so much as it appears to be genuinely delivering on the bags of promise that was initially shown. There is no getting around the fact that the results that Sportsworld Publishing have published (and more importantly, fully proofed) are something a bit special.

Don’t misconstrue me. This isn’t a perfect service by any stretch of the imagination. It would be naïve of me to overlook things like the inherent risk that comes with lay betting. All it takes is a couple of unlucky bets and before you know it, well, you’re 17.9 points down for the month.

I mean, that September where Cloak and Dagger Lays Service incurred the loss saw 48 winning bets, however at just 0.95 points profit each, they just didn’t cover the losses on that month. Now, this is something that will likely happen again. All it takes is that 25.00 horse that you layed to have a particularly good race, or the other horses to have had a bad one.

Honestly, as it currently stands, I don’t really believe that it is possible to identify any real weaknesses to Cloak and Dagger Lays Service. It seems to be a genuinely well rounded service having made a decent income since Sportsworld Publishing started proofing. All with minimal risk as the strike rate very clearly shows.

It isn’t even like Cloak and Dagger Lays Service is particularly expensive. The £40 per month that Sportsworld Publishing are asking isn’t unreasonable. If anything, I would say that it falls well into the parameters of what I could consider to be an “average” subscription cost.

So, with all of this in mind, would I recommend Cloak and Dagger Lays Service? If you are looking for a lay betting tipster service, then this is by far and away one of the better options on the market. In fact, even if you didn’t set out to find a lay betting service, Sportsworld Publishing still have one of the better looking tipsters available full stop.

Personally, I prefer to be a little more in control of what I’m doing when I bet. But if I were looking for something I could easily do each day, that didn’t really carry too much risk ,I would definitely be looking at Cloak and Dagger Lays Service.  


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