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Cointellect review

Cointellect is software which basically let’s users make money for free, just by running a piece of software on your computer.

What does the product offer?

Basically, very many people seem to be doing this, and making up to £100 per month just by ‘mining’ coins on their PC. Don’t let that confuse you, we have tested this and it definitely generates revenue. It is not new, just that most people have not heard of Cointellect, or this way of making money – but it is definitely worth a look if you need a little extra income.

How does the product work?

The product works by downloading a piece of software on your PC, and just letting it run all day long. Basically, the company is paying you for the use of your hardware, and searching the internet for them, which in return, they pay you for your cooperation.

What is the initial investment?

To join is free, but if you wish to allow your computer to work on their behalf, you have to purchase licenses, and they also explain the income return for purchasing such licenses. From our own experiments, we have found that whatever your purchases returns a definite profit.

What is the rate of return?

Here is an example of the profits you can make:

€ 14.95 investment license returns a € 1.64 per day profit

€ 99.95 investment license returns a € 2.22 per day profit

€ 299.95 investment license returns a € 5.50 per day profit

€ 999.95 investment license returns a € 13.70 per day profit

And these profits, as already mentioned are gained just by running software on your computer on behalf of the company.


Now we have tested Cointellect, we can say we do recommend this, as we ourselves have gained profits from the service, which incidentally are paid via Paypal straight into your account.

To learn all about this, and to create an account on Cointellect, please visit the follow link:

Click Here To Learn More about CoinTellect Profits

Important – To create an account on CoinTellect, you will need an invite code, your invite code is:





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Hi Admin

I tried the link to cointtellect and it’s broken. Can you tell me if you have to run the PC continously?


Brian Mullan.

Hi Admin

It would appear that this opportunity was a scam?


Brian Mullan.

(EDIT – Thanks for letting is know Brian)

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