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Colossus Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Sportsworld Publishing platform of tipsters. It claims to provide a decent strike rate on a theoretically low risk system.

Introduction to the Colossus Racing service

With so many horse racing tipster services on the market, how do you make yours stand out? Especially if you want to avoid resorting to gimmicks or taking on massive amounts of risk? In the case of Colossus Racing, the approach is startlingly simple.

Take horses with decent odds, tip them regularly, and win often. That sounds incredibly obvious doesn’t it? And yet there are so many tipster services who are unable to get close to this. Sportsworld Publishing however believe that their newest offering in Colossus Racing (the service hasn’t been around for that long in the grand scheme of things) is able to deliver on this.

What Does Colossus Racing Offer?

Based off what I have said so far, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that Colossus Racing is not looking to break new ground in terms of how it operates. Furthermore, as a tipster stable, I find that Sportsworld Publishing are pretty straightforward about what you can expect from their services. In this case, you are getting a near daily tipster service.

Selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email. It is the usual affair from Colossus Racing, right down to the level of detail that you receive in the tips. There is more than enough information there to get bets placed, however those looking for detail may want to look elsewhere.

Moving on to the bets, Colossus Racing is not a high volume affair. Most days will produce just one or two bets, with Sportsworld Publishing saying in the sales material that it averages out about one bet per day.

This is more than reasonable and makes for a manageable tipster service. In terms of the bets themselves, there are no surprises here either. All bets are advised as straight win bets which means that you shouldn’t have any problems placing them. One thing that I do wish to cover with Colossus Racing is the odds involved.

The tipster behind the service says that he aims to avoid odds on betting, however this has happened on a number of occasions. Despite Sportsworld Publishing’s pitch, Colossus Racing is not necessarily the long shot extravaganza that you might expect.

This leads me in to the staking plan that is in place. I feel like tipster services in the vein of Colossus Racing need to be very shrewd with stakes as going too high can decimate a betting bank in no time. Sportsworld Publishing’s proofing shoes that stakes range from 1 point all the way to 3 points on a given bet.

I feel like this is probably just about manageable given the fact that Colossus Racing doesn’t tip too heavily and that 3 point bets are the exception rather than the rule. None the less, during a losing streak, it also demonstrates that Colossus Racing can lose money very quickly.

I have mentioned the losing streaks and this is something that definitely needs to be addressed. I have mentioned that Colossus Racing has a decent strike rate which is based off Sportsworld Publishing’s claim that it is around 30%.

This is about right as well with my own calculations bringing up about 33% as a strike rate which isn’t a bad figure. There are however a number of losing runs with Colossus Racing of varying degrees. As such, whilst the overall strike rate may look reasonably balanced, if you come in at the wrong point you may well encounter initial losses.

How Does Colossus Racing Work?

There is quite a lot of comment from the tipster behind Colossus Racing provided by Sportsworld Publishing which is a definite positive for me. It allows for a decent amount of insight into what the selection process is and what you can potentially expect moving forward.

First of all, the tipster behind the service claims to have been involved with horse racing for four decades with a selection methodology that has changed over the years. That is a good thing to hear as it suggests that Colossus Racing will be able to change as is needed.

As of now, Sportsworld Publishing quote the tipster behind the service as saying that things like speed ratings and breeding angles are a part of everyday life. They also say that insight is provided through betting exchanges. The core of Colossus Racing though “remains based upon the angles I gain from contacts, race watching and pure and simple form study”.

All of this comes together to suggest that the tipster behind Colossus Racing is ultimately likely relatively competent, however anybody can talk a good game. Actively implementing that into a successful product is a very different thing.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, Colossus Racing is available on a limited time offer whereby you can get your first month for half price.

This means that Sportsworld Publishing are asking just £20 in order to receive selections before the prices go up to the not inconsiderable sum of £40 per month. All payment is handled directly via Sportsworld Publishing and Paypal. It is worth noting that Colossus Racing doesn’t come with any money back guarantee or refund policy in place.

Sportsworld Publishing do however say that if you ultimately aren’t happy with the service you can cancel your subscription at any time/  

What is the Rate of Return?

Colossus Racing went live in October of last year which means that as of the time of writing, it has had a decent run with Sportsworld Publishing. As such, I think that it is fair to say that the results are a pretty accurate reflection of what you can actually expect. This means less than 25 points in the 5 month period. Rather disappointingly, this means that your average monthly profit would sit at just 5 points. That is not a significant amount of money in the slightest.  

Conclusion on Colossus Racing

I am rather disappointed by the wider results of Colossus Racing. When you look at the Sportsworld Publishing website, the (admittedly small quantity of) information talks about a 30% strike rate and odds of 10/1.

On paper, that looks like something that is all but guaranteed to produce a decent profit. Truth be told, if you were winning at 10/1, you could very easily have a strike rate of half that and produce a profit. Unfortunately, as so often seem to be the case, there is quite a lot of disparity between claimed results and reality.

Whilst it has to be addressed that the results for Colossus Racing are less than stellar, that is only one element of the problems that I have. For example, there is no getting around the fact that Colossus Racing is actually quite expensive, especially for the costs that are involved.

I have always said that about £30 per month is what I would look to pay for a tipster service. Sportsworld Publishing aren’t necessarily going too wild in asking £40 per month, however for this I would expect any tipster service to deliver results. I would like to think that there is some potential for this with Colossus Racing, but the results just don’t suggest it at all.

With all of this in mind, there simply isn’t anything about Colossus Racing that I would recommend.

It isn’t necessarily that there is anything that could be perceived as tragically wrong here (depending on your stakes), and there is an argument to be made that you would have technically made some profit. For example, to £10 stakes, you would have made £50 profit over those 5 months (by the time you’ve covered your subs). Honestly though, that just isn’t worth the time and effort in my opinion.

The main problem here is that I just don’t believe that you will be able to make a profit that is worthwhile. For the money involved there are a number of much better options available than Colossus Racing.

Some of them are actually cheaper than Sportsworld Publishing’s offering and more importantly, much more profitable.  

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