Commission Cartel Review

Commission Cartel is the newest product from Michael Cheney. He claims that by following his instructions, you can make a very substantial income as an affiliate marketer.

What does the product offer?

Commission Cartel is a complete training product that can supposedly build your affiliate marketing business. Zz talks at length about how you don’t need any experience or even any existing infrastructure to make money through the Commission Cartel method.

Naturally the sales material for Commission Cartel is full of claims, most of which are ultimately unsubstantiated. He says that Commission Cartel will show you things like how to instantly become an authority, how to increase your affiliate commissions and how to “force” people to buy through your link every time.

The fact is that there is a lot of content included with Commission Cartel and I could spend a substantial amount of time going over the topics covered.

This is a bit of a double edged sword however as whilst Commission Cartel does cover a lot of ground, not all of it is quite as detailed as I would have liked.

How does the product work?

Michael Cheney is all about affiliate marketing and this is something that is reflected in Commission Cartel.

The methods that he shows users are all designed to help to make one more sale, to squeeze every penny out of your customers. The whole course goes into quite a substantial amount of depth and covers a massive array of subjects.

Of course the main premise of Commission Cartel is that by following the material, you too can build an affiliate method based of the same methods that Michael Cheney supposedly uses for his own business.

The “fact” is however that this is supposedly a brand new method that has never been seen before.

What is the initial investment?

Michael Cheney is selling Commission Cartel for a one time cost of $9.95 with payment processed through JVZoo.

It is worth pointing out that whilst the sales page for Commission Cartel doesn’t mention it, there is also a 30 day money back guarantee in place however you will have to claim this from the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

At the core of the income claims for Commission Cartel is that you can expect to make $500 within 30 days. Michael Cheney also claims that he personally makes $1,442.29 per day with the Commission Cartel method.


To read through the sales material for Commission Cartel is to understand why I have more than a reasonable doubt of Commission Cartel.

Having supposedly been invited to a part of secretive affiliate marketing masters (who all arrive in Ferraris and Porsches), he was let into a way of becoming a guaranteed millionaire, and now he’s generously sharing.

The fact is that I have looked at Michael Cheney before now and he seems to have something new every few months. In the case of Commission Cartel, you get a fair amount for your money however this is mostly because it is so cheap.

Personally, I’m not sold on Commission Cartel. The claims made are rather ridiculous and there is no real evidence to back any of the claims up.

For those who are less cynical than I, there are some small positives in the fact that Commission Cartel is so cheap and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.


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From: Simon Roberts