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Commission Chemistry Review

Commission Chemistry is a product from Seth “Beast” Bias that teaches you how to generate traffic for your products and use affiliates.

What does the product offer?

Commission Chemistry is a downloadable guide to generating traffic for your products using a method that Seth “Beast” Bias claims “steals” traffic from competitors whilst being 100% legitimate, ethical and legal. This includes using affiliates to market your product hence the name (referring to commissions that you pay out). Commission Chemistry will allegedly allow you to build an army of affiliates and generate traffic “hands free” with very little work involved.

How does the product work?

From what I can gather, Commission Chemistry seems to rely on offering affiliates commission for your products, and given the reference to stealing traffic, most likely paying more than your competitors (although this is only speculative). The fact is that Seth “Beast” Bias gives nothing away about how Commission Chemistry works on the sales page which I find rather disappointing as I would expect some insight into the product I am purchasing.

What is the initial investment?

Commission Chemistry sells for $47 at the time of writing although Seth “Beast” Bias claims that the actual value of this product is closer to $197 so there may be price hikes (although I suspect that this is mainly just a lazy sales technique). In terms of a money back guarantee, Commission Chemistry comes with a vendor backed 30 day guarantee which says that if you can show you applied what is taught and failed, you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

Commission Chemistry advertises itself as being able to make $3,000 in a single day but I feel that this isn’t necessarily a real reflection. This is first and foremost a guide to generating traffic, actual conversion and sales figures will be entirely dependent on the product that you are selling.


Commission Chemistry certainly looks like a potentially interesting proposition and with more information about how it works, Seth “Beast” Bias would potentially be on to a winner. As it happens this is quite an expensive product to buy into with no knowledge of what you are buying. I also have some concerns about the affiliate side of things. If Commission Chemistry works how I suspect I don’t believe that you will have a huge margin to profit after paying affiliates the kind of money that would get them to put all their focus on your product. If you are absolutely desperate to start getting people to market your product on an affiliate basis Commission Chemistry may have some use for you but I am not convinced and feel that you could probably get similar results yourself.



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From: Simon Roberts