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Confessions of a Pro Gambler Review

Confessions of a Pro Gambler is a tipping service provided by alleged professional gambler and ex-bookie Edward Lloyd.

What does the product offer?

Edward Lloyd claims to have worked for many years in the bookmaking industry before making the decision to quit with a view to developing his own tipping system. After 5 years of building up his portfolio of systems, Edward Lloyd is ready to release his system, Confessions of a Pro Gambler to the public.

How does the product work?

Confessions of a Pro Gambler provides daily emails that will consist of one Nap, usually the first or second favourites. These are designed to be the bread and butter of the system and will allegedly ensure that your betting bank grows at a consistent rate. As well as these “extremely consistent” bets there will be one outsider per day if Edward Lloyd feels that one can be found. Edward Lloyd claims that these will typically produce odds of 10/1 or greater. Finally once or twice a week you will receive a “live one” which will have bigger odds and be backed for a win only. Edward Lloyd acknowledges that these bets won’t come in often but when they do will represent a substantial boost to your betting bank.

What is the initial investment?

Confessions of a Pro Gambler retails for £45 per month or a quarterly fee of £90, essentially providing one free month. There are no details provided about a money back guarantee so it is safest to assume that there isn’t one in place.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any claimed rates of return on Confessions of a Pro Gambler although a look at the proofing reveals that the system is currently 18.97 points up.


Confessions of a Pro Gambler seems to have some pretty solid foundations and appears to be based on a sensible system, although it is not necessarily anything new. The biggest issue that I have with the system is Edward Lloyd has only been operating Confessions of a Pro Gambler for less than 20 days. What is more concerning is when the product launched with its proofed results on Betfan it ended November with an ROI of 45.44%, but that was only for an 8 day period. Looking at December there seems to a consistent downward trend and at the time of writing the ROI is -31.59%.

The fact is Confessions of a Pro Gambler is still in its infancy and doesn’t seem to be providing results. Combined with the high sale price I would perhaps look elsewhere for a more established and consistent tipping service.



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pro gambers usually just get on with gambling don’t they instead of writing about it? Seems a nonsense to me that somebody who makes a lot of money gambling would bring out a product doing so?


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From: Simon Roberts