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Consistent Profits is a rather long standing horse racing tipster service that is operated by John Burke. The idea of the service is to produce regular winners and long term profit.

Introduction to Consistent Profits

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that for those who take betting at least half way to seriously, the goal is long term and consistent profit. It’s all well and good being up and down, but if you’re sinking a huge amount of money into your betting waiting for a jackpot win… well, I’d question how sustainable that is. Because here is something that, if I’m really blunt, you just won’t see mentioned all that often. If long term profit isn’t sustainable… well, there isn’t really much else that matters.

Now, you may be asking, how is this pertinent to Consistent Profits? Well, this is a service that has undoubtedly delivered on long term profit. John Burke has been operating his tipster service for coming up 3 years. It is no small feat keeping a tipster service up, running, and in profit for that length of time. And if the name is to be believed… well, consistent profits would definitely go a hell of a long way to achieving this. And I will say here and now that I don’t doubt for a minute the results that are claimed.

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But that brings me back to that first point. Sustainability. Is Consistent Profits actually a tipster service that is profitable enough to be considered sustainable? Well… that is a question that has a pretty complicated answer in my mind. Which is exactly why I’m so keen to look at this. When it landed on my desk, Consistent Profits was presented as a service with decent long term profits. Furthermore, John Burke is doing almost everything right. This is a service that appears to smash it out of the park, so… why the questions? Let’s get into that.

What Does Consistent Profits Offer?

Consistent Profits isn’t a bad service. That is something that I feel the need to really preface this review with, because it is going to be… well, it’s going to be a little bit all over the place. What John Burke is doing here is managing a service that has some incredibly strong and irrefutable positives. They just happen to be tempered by some arguably quite significant negatives.

In order to explore fully what I mean by this, I want to start by talking about how John Burke operates Consistent Profits. In many respects, this is pretty standard fare for a tipster service. However, there are some elements that are far and above “typical”. In fact, they are roughly in line with what I often refer to as the “Gold Standard” for a tipster service.

One of the first things that stands out to me as a strong positive is that John Burke isn’t betting every day. A look at the proofing shows that there is definitely a consistent stream of bets, but this doesn’t seem to be betting for the sake of betting. This is one of the first big checkmarks that goes next to this.

Moving on from there, much of the management elements of Consistent Profits are what you would expect. John Burke sends out his selections directly via email. Selections are also uploaded to a special member’s area which means that everybody should be able to have a look at them before betting.

This is something that is really worthwhile with Consistent Profits. Because John Burke actually provides insight into why a selection has been made for every single horse. These write ups are pretty decently detailed and give you a lot of insight into why they’ve been selected. This is a huge plus for the service and is way above and beyond what most other tipsters might give you.

In terms of the bets that are advised through Consistent Profits, you are looking at simple, straight win bets. Something that doesn’t really come as much of a surprise given the lack of betting markets that are available when it comes to horse racing. It is however quite surprising given the odds that you will be betting at.

John Burke says in the sales material that Consistent Profits has an average price for selections of 4/1. And for a bit of a change, this is actually a pretty genuine reflection of the odds that you will be betting at. Something that is worth noting is that there can be a fair amount of odds drift with this in both directions. As such, if you can use a BOG bookmaker that is definitely a big help.

As a final aside, whilst we’re talking about the bets, I want to touch on the volume of bets. Like I mentioned, John Burke doesn’t bet every day. That is a good thing. Consistent Profits can still be high volume though with 2-3 selections on most days when there are bets. Of course, this can start to add up un terms of costs.

This is a fact that is mitigated somewhat by a level staking plan of 1 point per bet. This doesn’t mean that Consistent Profits doesn’t have some pretty significant periods of drawdown. In actual fact, it really does. For some context on this, even in the last few months there have been losing streaks of 21 bets. Even this month opened with a 13 bet losing streak. Unfortunately, these kinds of results aren’t uncommon.

All of this makes sense when you look at the strike rate. Now, John Burke says in the sales material that this is a “high strike rate” service, even going as far as to say that it is “the ideal boost to the portfolio of anyone who wants to up their strike rate and ROI” (that last quote is particularly poignant as I will explore later). In spite of all of these statements, the strike rate for Consistent Profits comes in at a shade over 25%.

How Does Consistent Profits Work?

When it comes to how Consistent Profits works, there are a few obvious points to consider. First and foremost, there is the very obvious fact that John Burke provides a full write up on all of his selections. This means that every single bet that you place, you know exactly why you are backing that particular horse. Whilst you might expect that this should be the standard, it really is a rarity in the tipster world.

There are a few other elements to how Consistent Profits works too though. Things that are arguably a little bit broader and look more at the philosophy of the service. A key part of this to me is value. John Burke’s background is in value based services, and seeing how the odds can move demonstrates that this is a tipster who does have an eye for spotting this.

The other big thing is more of a passing statement in the headline, but it is something that I have seen employed well with other tipster services. Effectively, we are told that a big part of Consistent Profits is finding horses with proven form that are running under ideal conditions. This sounds incredibly straight forward, but actually finding these opportunities is a talent.

As a final note, whilst it isn’t necessarily how Consistent Profits “works”, John Burke does provide some pretty comprehensive proofing for his tips. This goes all the way back to 2018 and it really does give you some decent insight into what you can expect. At the very least, it all helps foster the fact that you get to make a (at least somewhat) informed decision about the service.

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the most appealing elements of Consistent Profits is the price. John Burke has just one subscription model available and frankly, I really do think it’s quite reasonable looking. This is a monthly subscription and it is incredibly reasonably priced at £16.66 per month (which when you factor in VAT is £19.99).

Something that is worth noting is that whilst you can end your subscription when you want, there is no money back guarantee or refund policy in place with Consistent Profits. Ultimately, this is pretty standard for the industry and as such, I don’t think this counts too much against what John Burke is doing. But it does mean that there is some commitment required.  

What is the Rate of Return?

At the start of this review, I talked a lot about viewing betting in the long term and what this means. In the case of Consistent Profits, this is a difficult thing to discuss. You see, John Burke has produced a profit. Specifically, he has made some 160 points of profit at the time of writing this. That is a bit problematic in my mind given the fact that… well, that’s taken place over 3 years.

For some context on this, you’re looking at about 53 points per year as an average. If you’re using £10 stakes, that £530 per year. However, you also have your subscription costs which would work out at £240 per year. As such, your actual profit is around £290. That really isn’t a significant amount of take home profit given the expenditure.

This brings me to what is arguably my biggest concern in terms of the profitability of Consistent Profits, specifically the ROI. This sits at just 7.92%. Now I have definitely seen worse than this, however, I want to come back to that quote earlier where John Burke says that he aims to increase the ROI of a portfolio. I’m not convinced less than 8% is really going to do this.

Conclusion for Consistent Profits

Much of what John Burke is doing with Consistent Profits I like. This is a tipster service that is incredibly reasonably priced, has managed to demonstrate longevity (or at least, it has managed to stick around for a while), and in terms of how the service is managed and what you get for your money, it is absolutely everything that I think you could hope for from a tipster service.

But this isn’t something that I think I could ever realistically recommend. Just to get that out of the way. And the reason for that is really incredibly simple. I don’t personally think that Consistent Profits has made enough money. Now, John Burke should be credited for producing and maintaining some profit over the 3 years he’s been doing this. That isn’t easy. But 53 points a year…

The thing is, I know some tipsters who would consider that to be a good month. It’s a solid couple of months. When you start breaking it down though, John Burke is at… what, 4.42 points of profit per month before subs. But even then, you’re looking at averages. If you actually really look at the results there is one thing more than any other that becomes incredibly clear to me in terms of Consistent Profits.

The results have barely moved for a year. There have been ups and downs, but if you go back to September 2020, Consistent Profits was at about 130 – 140 points as an overall profit.  At the time of writing, it’s closer to 150 – 160. That is a actual increase in your betting bank to take home. And driving all of this is the fact that John Burke just doesn’t seem to win all that often.

Now, I’ll concede that when he does, there can be some decent profits. The issue though is that there can be some hugely significant drawdown. Sure, you might see a few bigger wins a couple of days on the trot. But when you then haemorrhage money… well, it’s hard to see the value in a couple of big winners if your betting bank is ultimately going the other way. Which is a very prevalent trend with Consistent Profits.

Honestly, I really wanted to see John Burke do well here. I believe that there is genuinely some merit to everything he is doing with Consistent Profits. But sometimes, the bottom line is the bottom line. I know people who will argue that an 8% ROI is decent. That is an argument to be made, for sure. I’ll even happily admit that I’ve seen worse. But I’ve also seen much better.

Unfortunately, these services don’t exist in a vacuum. Consistent Profits has to be compared to other services, and when you start to do that it becomes apparent just how difficult it is to see value here. Yes, there has been steady bank growth, but other tipsters would have produced substantially more money in that same space of time.

And I think that brings me to my final thoughts here. Consistent Profits isn’t for me. Put bluntly, I wouldn’t be happy taking home an average of £22 a month for my betting endeavours. Not when there are tipsters who are making 10 times that using the same £10 stakes. With that said, I can see how some people would look at what is ultimately a relatively consistent return and see the appeal. As such, I will give some credit where it is due.  


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