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Copy This Idea Review Andrew Reynolds

Copy This Idea is a book by renowned businessman Andrew Reynolds. It charts the construction of his empire and the methods he employed.

What does the product offer?

Copy This Idea is a book by Andrew Reynolds that is a mixture of number different things. It is part autobiographical account of his life, part guide to making money. The book runs to around 200 pages and whilst providing some insight into how Andrew Reynolds made his money, Copy This Idea spends a lot of time advertising his program Creating Multiple Streams of Income From Home. As a bonus you get access to the first month of this as well as a few different videos and a one hour email session with Andrew Reynolds himself.

How does the product work?

The information contained within Copy This Idea is vague and should be viewed less as step by step guide and more of an insight into the life and mind of a successful businessman. Those who buy this expecting to be able to set up a business will be sorely disappointed. If however you are looking for something to read to perhaps expand your general knowledge to a degree then there is some merit.

What is the initial investment?

Copy This Idea is £9.99 which is somewhat more expensive than you can get it for through other retailers. What you get extra are the bonus items which are really worth the extra £3 it will cost you.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the nature of Copy This Idea there is no real “rate of return”. The book is not a business guide so any results will be qualitative rather than quantitative.


If it sounds like I am being a little hard on Copy This Idea it is mostly down to the way the product is marketed. The book itself is far from bad (based off what I have read so far), in fact it is an interesting read that really helps you open your mind to a few different opportunities and ways of doing business. Like I mentioned it is the marketing that lets Copy This Idea down as it is marketed as something that can really help you make money, and it simply isn’t this in my eyes.



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I already have the book,as a long outstanding customer of his I was sent one.
You are quite right in what you say about him and his methods, it is all about his own self appraisal and has been from the very beginning. I have followed him since he started and I have all of his videos etc etc over the years and I suspect it is people like me that have made him rich.
However he is very clever on marketing and of course marketing himself and at his seminars, good luck to him, but all his different schemes over the years are virtually the same and personally I don’t think his ideas are that brilliant.

I have read the book and actually found some real good nuggets of information in there. It was well written, I bought copy this idea when was on WH Smiths Recommends list at No. 1 – The other day I discovered you can actually get the paperback for free with just £1 postage, so felt a little miffed at that!

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