Craig Harris Forex Trading Review

Craig Harris Forex Trading is a training and mentorship package provided by Craig Harris that teaches use of Forex trading.

What does the product offer?

Craig Harris claims to have successfully mentored over 1000 students, each with differing levels of experience and knowledge. Users who sign up for Craig Harris Forex Trading gain access to Craig Harris’ live classes which he claims allows users to get up to speed quickly in terms of the online course. Classes are held every two weeks and can be replayed at user’s convenience. There is also a video instruction library that where Craig Harris explains key strategies of his “Natural Flow System” as part of over 400 hours of video. Finally you gain access to a forum where support and advice is provided by other users as well as Craig Harris and his staff.

How does the product work?

Craig Harris says that he will provide you with the same knowledge that has allowed him to become a successful Forex trader. This is mostly available through the live sessions mentioned above as well as the option to join him in the trading room “six hours a day, five days a week” and allowing users to ask “any question, at any time, and get instant answers, advice and guidance”.

What is the initial investment?

The cost of mentorship from Craig Harris is $599 for the first two months and $247 per month after that.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any stated return on your investment with Craig Harris Forex Trading. As this is a mentorship and training program it seems difficult to quantify results.


Forex trading is a risky market and if I’m completely honest I don’t see any way in which Craig Harris Forex Trading really takes it out of this category. Yes there is the alleged experience of Craig Harris and that is passed on, but a lack of any tangible outcome is concerning, especially given the biggest issue of all, the price. That isn’t to say that Craig Harris doesn’t know his stuff and after reading some of his blog posts he certainly does seem to have an understanding of Forex markets, but I find myself asking what are you really getting for your money? The answer doesn’t seem to be a whole lot, certainly not enough, in my opinion, to justify the costs involved.



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