CrazyKala Review

CrazyKala is a new product from Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim that the pair claim will allow you to make professional looking graphics quickly and easily.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for CrazyKala  makes the product sound like a genuine opportunity to start creating your own graphics and whilst it does deliver this to some small degree, there is little denying that Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim are overselling the capabilities. In terms of what CrazyKala is, it is a graphic design suite of sorts that offers a very stripped down graphics creation process that is allegedly done in the name of simplicity but actually seems to cut rather a lot out.

Much of the content that comes with CrazyKala is in the form of pre created graphics, layouts etc. In terms of the tools that CrazyKala actually provides you with, they are generally rather simplistic allowing cropping, stretching, layering and the like, but nothing overly advanced.

There are also filters, shapes that you can affix to your design and more templates than you will feasibly need. Also included with CrazyKala are a huge number of bonuses from Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim, some of which are more related to the main product than others.

How does the product work?

The idea behind CrazyKala is that you employ the product for graphic creation purposes which you can then use for a number of different things. Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim recommend advertising, banners and even t-shirt designs.

Ultimately CrazyKala is an image creating tool and whilst the potential uses are significant, the tool in its own rights are rather restrictive.

What is the initial investment?

Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim are charging a flat rate for CrazyKala which is $27 which is not all that surprisingly claimed to be a limited time offer.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place for CrazyKala as payment is handled via JVZoo but you do have to deal directly with the vendors.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t really any claims in terms of income potential using CrazyKala and this is most likely down to the fact that Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim appear to have very little real idea what to use their product for. The closest you get to information on this subject is a claim from Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim that you will improve visitor engagement.


To say that CrazyKala is a bit of a waste of time is something of an understatement.

The fact is that I have looked at numerous products in a similar vein to this and they can always demonstrate how the product adds value to your online enterprise. In the case of CrazyKala, this boils down to Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim saying that most websites have images and yours should to. By creating your own images you can somehow use this to increase customer retention.

This isn’t even the biggest problem with CrazyKala however. This belongs to the clear fact that the software does very little of any real help. I just can’t see any reason to recommend CrazyKala personally.



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From: Simon Roberts