Cricket Advisor Review

Cricket Advisor is a sports betting tipster service provided by Anth Raine in conjunction with Betfan. The service provides selections for various different types of cricket bet.

What does the product offer?

Cricket Advisor is a cricket tipster service that claims to beat the bookies on a consistent basis. In fact, the creator Anth Raine says that he got his break working as a bookmaker. Cricket Advisor is not a daily service and in fact can be somewhat sporadic which is down to the nature of the sport. The focus for Cricket Advisor is looking for bets that bookmakers have “got wrong” and exploiting them. These mostly seem to be based around identifying a top batsman for a team however there are also bets like winner and most 6’s.  Staking can also vary from 1 point all the way up to 5 points. With work done by a “professional betting team” you should be able to expect results (something that I shall look at in greater detail below). It is interesting to note that there is no claimed strike rate however 4 out of 10 months have been losing months for Cricket Advisor.

How does the product work?

Anth Raine says that whilst working as a bookmaker he frequently saw that certain bets had mistakes on them from the oddsmen and that most of these were in cricket. He says that from here he went away and spent a year studying the sport to learn everything that he could before embarking on a betting career. Presumably Cricket Advisor is based on this knowledge and the “mistakes” that he claims to so frequently see.

What is the initial investment?

Your first month with Cricket Advisor is charged at just £9.97. After this the costs go up to £37 per month or £74 per quarter. There is no real money back guarantee in place as being a Betfan product, requests will be reviewed but are not typically given.

What is the rate of return?

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most disappointing aspects of Cricket Advisor. In 10 months the service has made a paltry 41.35 points and almost half of that was as a result of a single bet in January.


Despite the edge that Anth Raine claims to have, the fact is that the results look a little bit shaky to say the least. I mentioned earlier that 4 in 10 months have been losers but this doen’t really paint the right picture. When I say losing months we aren’t generally talking about a few points here and there. Whilst the worst losing month was just over 1 point, the next lowest loss was 6. This might not sound like a huge deal but when that is 20% of your profits it’s quite significant. Not to mention that the 41.35 points of profit is before you’ve paid for the service.

Assuming you are paying monthly, that is £343 and using £10 stakes your actual profit for this period (including costs) would be £70.50. This simply isn’t good enough and whilst Cricket Advisor is technically in profit I am not entirely sold on the “mistakes” that Anth Raine says he is finding. I would recommending avoiding this service in favour of something that can actually make you reasonable money.



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From: Simon Roberts