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Cricket Betting Tipster is a new product which has been launched through the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of a tipster referred to simply as Pankaj who has produced some impressive results to date.

Introduction to Cricket Betting Tipster

Some sports have a better representation when it comes to tipsters than others. It will come as no surprise that the majority of tipster services are horse racing based. In a pretty close second, there is football. After this, I believe that I probably look at more golf and tennis tipsters than anything else, and after that… Well, it is a bit of a lawless wasteland.

I have looked at tipsters that specialise in sports as varied as boxing to Formula One and even eSports. What does not come up all that often however is a cricket tipster.

In some respects, this is surprising. After all, England invented the sport and it is enduring in its popularity. There have been one or two, but down the line they have been slowly taken off the market. Enter Cricket Betting Tipster, a newly launched service from the Betting Gods team.

Possibly the most promising cricket tipster service I have looked at for a number of reasons which I will explore.

What Does Cricket Betting Tipster Offer?

As a sport for betting on, cricket is rather different to a lot of the ones that most people are familiar with. There is something of a sporadic nature to the sport which can mean several days without tips, only to receive numerous bets in a single day. In the case of Cricket Betting Tipster, these can even be on the same game.

This happens frequently with Pankaj’s tips for reasons that will become clear. What this does mean is that those who are expecting to come in and receive a couple of bets every day should probably leave Cricket Betting Tipster alone.

cricket-betting-tipster-reviewSo how do you end up betting multiple times on the same game? This is down to the betting markets that Cricket Betting Tipster favours. By far and away the most popular bet type from Pankaj is a Man Of The Match bet (although you may see others from time to time).

This can of course only be one person of many, so there are often a few selections per game. This can start to add up with lower odds however by and large Cricket Betting Tipster is concerned with odds that are higher than 7.0, although truth be told, there are a lot of advised bets that get well into double figures.

These longer odds do of course (to some degree) dictate the strike rate and by proxy, the staking plan. Big bets do not warrant excessive staking, otherwise your betting bank will be decimated.

With this in mind, it is generally recommended that you back all bets from Cricket Betting Tipster at level stakes of 1 point per bet. There are the occasional bets that run a little higher than this but these are a very rare occurrence.

Having mentioned the strike rate for Cricket Betting Tipster, I think that this is something which should be discussed. It seems fair to say that based off the odds that are involved, the strike rate should not really be that high and the results definitely reflect that with a win rate of 11.86%.

This is of course only one piece of the broader puBetting Godsle however and I do not count it too much against Cricket Betting Tipster.

How Does Cricket Betting Tipster Work?

Betting Gods are as always very tight lipped about what the selection process for their services entails. Pretty much the only concrete thing that we are told is that when Pankaj is looking for bets for Cricket Betting Tipster, he tends to focus on Man Of The Match outcomes as he believes that these offer “the best value and possible return”.

A quick look at the results would have exposed this however.

cricket-betting-tipster-statsWhilst it is always disappointing to not receive any insight into a selection process (you are after all a paying customer and your decisions should be at least informed), this is somewhat offset by the fact that Cricket Betting Tipster is proofed through Betting Gods.

Their reputation is solid and I know that Darren who runs the firm proofs everything for a number of months before launching a service. Of course I can accept that this is no substitute, however I do see it as a mitigating factor.

What is the Initial Investment?

Cricket Betting Tipster is incredibly reasonably priced. The service is charged at just £10 per month (and by this I mean calendar months), £25 per quarter and £100 for the year at the time of writing. It is worth noting that all of the options that Betting Gods offer come with a trial period.

This means paying just £1 in order to sign up for your chosen subscription and 10 days of receiving bets. On top of this, there is also a full 30 day money back guarantee should you find that Cricket Betting Tipster isn’t for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Betting Gods have been proofing Cricket Betting Tipster since March 2018 and since then, the service has put out some very strong results.

Here are the claimed profits:

cricket-betting-tipster-profits The points profit stands at 203.4, an incredible result in less than 6 months. What is even more impressive however is the ROI which stands at 57.3% and bank growth of 271.2%. Whilst it is very reasonable to question how Cricket Betting Tipster will perform over the next 6 months, these are some incredible results.

Conclusion to Cricket Betting Tipster

There are three things that make Cricket Betting Tipster appealing in my opinion. The first of these is the niche that it operates in. I have already talked about the fact that cricket betting is not exactly mainstream, and any entrant for sports which are unlikely to be a part of your portfolio are a definite positive to me.

Let’s be honest, not many people can say that they frequently bet on cricket, especially those who don’t already follow the sport extensively.

The second thing that I want to talk about are the results. Irrespective of the costs, there is no denying that Betting Gods’s proofing of Cricket Betting Tipster shows a very competent service. The average monthly profits are 40.68 points and I can’t think of many people who wouldn’t be impressed with that.

The bank growth and ROI are arguably more impressive. In fact, I cannot immediately recall a service that has performed as well as Cricket Betting Tipster in this regard from sthe last 6 months.

Finally there is the value for money. The above points would make Cricket Betting Tipster seem like a decent offering even at a much more premium price. The fact that you can, at the time of writing, get Cricket Betting Tipster for less per month than I spend on coffee is phenomenal.

There is very clearly value here and whilst the wins may not be instantaneous, it is reasonable to say that there is some consistency to them.

It is early days for Cricket Betting Tipster in many respects.

4 months of proofing is respectable but it is far from conclusive, yet the costs involved make this a bit of a no brainer in my book. Sure, I don’t necessarily think that you’re going to see immediate returns on Pankaj’s selections, but when you do they should still be decent.

Truth be told, even a dip in results would still be respectable. Combine this with the fact that I can’t think of any decent cricket tipsters and Cricket Betting Tipster is clearly worth your time in my eyes.


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