Crypto Cash for Beginners Review

Crypto Cash for Beginners is a new product which according to creator Edward Clark takes a multi faceted approach to trading cryptocurrency. It will supposedly allow subscribers to start making money instantly.

Introduction to Crypto Cash for Beginners

I have looked at a lot of tipsters in my time writing these articles however the majority of them have been based around betting. This isn’t however the only method of making a passive income online (or at least one that requires little in the way of work) however. Cryptocurrency very much remains a hot button topic with people continuing to claim to make a lot of money from the medium (including Edward Clark).

Where Crypto Cash for Beginners stands out from the crowd however is in how it operates. Unlike a lot of products related to trading on Forex, stocks and shares and even cryptocurrencies, Crypto Cash for Beginners apparently requires no knowledge or understanding of any fundamentals of trading. As it says right there in the title, this is being sold as the trading method for those who are intimidated by training. With this in mind, let’s have a look at what this rather interesting tipster service offers.

What Does Crypto Cash for Beginners Offer?

There are essentially two different sides to Crypto Cash for Beginners and both of them have to be considered in equal measure in my opinion. The first thing that I want to talk about is the tipster side of things however. This is very much the unique selling point for the service and Edward Clark seems to know this. Crypto Cash for Beginners is operated as a daily tipster service however you receive notification of what trades you should be making that day. In theory, it is a very simple set up.

crypto-cash-for-beginners-reviewEmails are typically issued by Edward Clark in the morning and they contain everything that you would expect. There are details of which cryptocurrency to trade, what to buy it at, when to sell etc. In many ways, all of this aspect of Crypto Cash for Beginners will be very familiar to anybody who has ever followed a tipster service before now. Fundamentally, this makes it very easy to use.

The only problem that really stands out about Crypto Cash for Beginners for me is that you are not always about when the prices are right. This can mean missed opportunities etc.

Usually I would start talking about strike rates and staking plans for a sports betting or horse racing tipster about now.

These are important figures which paint a picture of what to expect from a service. Unfortunately, Crypto Cash for Beginners comes with no such information. There are no claims made, Edward Clark makes very little effort to explain how much to invest in this tips etc. (with a vague mention of being able to start with just $5). This is massively disappointing for a lot of reasons that I want to cover later.

I have mentioned a few times now that Crypto Cash for Beginners is multi faceted and whilst the tipster service is almost entirely what you are paying for in my book, it is worth looking at what else Edward Clark provides. The training guide side of Crypto Cash for Beginners has been authored by Edward Clark and it is relatively straight forward to follow.

In fact, this is an area that Edward Clark deserves some credit on. The training manual is well laid out and covers a lot of the topics related to how to trade cryptocurrencies, and by this, I mean the process of physically trading. We are told very little about the methods employed by Edward Clark to find trading tips for Crypto Cash for Beginners. Talking of which…

How Does Crypto Cash for Beginners Work?

As mentioned, we aren’t really told what the selection process for Edward Clark’s tips entails in the training guide. The sales material for Crypto Cash for Beginners has much more to say, however I question the value of this. Instead of genuine insight, we are given a rather lengthy narrative in the sales material that features a number of claims I have come to expect. It reads a little like this (I have abridged some details for time).

Edward Clark was sitting in a bar when a guy walked in who (and I quote) “stood out from the rest of us. He was wearing a nice suit, designer watch and he had an aura about him, like he owned the place”.

This supposedly turned out to be an old friend of Edward Clark’s from High School, one Freddie Parker.  Edward Clark hadn’t seen Freddie for 12 years so they started chatting and catching up. During this conversation, Freddie told Edward Clark about “something called Bitcoin”.

Freddie was apparently a bit of a computer nerd and had started trading cryptocurrency early. Over the years, Freddie had learned how to trade and with it came all the usual successes you see with this kind of product.

A city penthouse, beach house, sports cars and even a yacht. All of which apparently requires less than 20 minutes of work per day. As is always the case with these narratives, Edward Clark was down on his luck. Naturally, Freddie decided to help and jotted down a beginners guide to trading bitcoin on the back of a napkin which Edward Clark took home and instantly started following.

This beginners guide is still fundamental to Crypto Cash for Beginners. You do not have to be particularly astute however to notice that at no point are we actually told anything about what any of this entails. This is a massive point of concern for me for reasons that I will get to.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option if you wish to get started with Crypto Cash for Beginners. This is a one time cost of $37 which gets you access to the training on how to train as well as selections from Edward Clark “for life”.

This isn’t however the only cost involved and there are a number of upsells included with Crypto Cash for Beginners which are priced at $197 meaning that this is a long way from cheap for everything. Fortunately, Crypto Cash for Beginners is sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is mentioned by Edward Clark.

What is the Rate of Return?

The amounts that you can supposedly make with Crypto Cash for Beginners are massively varied, however the clear underlying claim is that you can make a lot of money. Edward Clark says that he has personally amassed over $1,000,000 in just 10 months of trading. There is also reference to turning $5 into $5,000 and even $20,000 of profit being made off one trade. I am of course entirely cynical about these claims and don’t buy them for a minute.

Conclusion on Crypto Cash for Beginners

I very much felt like the cryptocurrency boom was over and done with, yet the state of my inbox suggests otherwise. There remain a large quantity of products and services still claiming that there is a small fortune to be found in Bitcoin and its ilk, and why would you question this? There still remains a strong pro cryptocurrency lobby online and even when the bubble bursts again (which it will), they will still be declaring that it will turn around any time soon.

Of course where Crypto Cash for Beginners differentiates itself is the acknowledgement that cryptocurrency is essentially dead. Instead, the focus is on trading for small profits here and there. Those who are familiar with trading will recognise this approach as scalping. Can it be done on cryptocurrency still? Absolutely. As long as prices are moving on a market, there is theoretically money to be made.

What I don’t believe is that Edward Clark is really able to deliver these results with this tips. When you look at what he recommends in his sales video, which by the way are probably the strongest examples, this is clear. Sure, values of 0x may have increased many times over, but you are talking in real terms about $1 for every 60 cents invested. This is good sure, but the currency declined strongly after this and continued to lose value.

This applies to all of the best examples that Edward Clark brings out.

This for me, combined with a lack of long term evidence, makes Crypto Cash for Beginners a real none starter. Any tipster, regardless of their chosen market, should be able to demonstrate results. Edward Clark doesn’t do this. Combine this with an overall cost that will run you close to $1,000 for everything and the whole thing just becomes a very apparent rip off in my mind.

This is one that is definitely worth avoiding.


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