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Crypto Currency Profits is a new product that is being marketed through Agora Lifestyles. It is created by alleged expert on crypto currencies John Duncan and claims to show how you could make substantial profits through these online currencies.

What does the product offer?

I have not seen a product so filled with “you could” and “if you had” for a long time. I will get into this in detail later, but it is important to keep this in mind when you see the headlines from major publications that have been used in Agora’s marketing. “Bitcoin is going nuclear” says Business Insider. Following on from some research, this is something of a throwaway line from a Business Insider article about bitcoin farms. It was also demonstrated to be a bad call, but I’m going off topic.

In terms of what you are supposedly getting with Crypto Currency Profits, there is supposedly a lot on offer. There is the guide itself. This is the core of Crypto Currency Profits and over the course of this, John Duncan says that he explores what kind of crypto currencies you should be investing in, as well as those that you shouldn’t be. Given the fact that there are literally hundreds of these currencies currently available, this makes Crypto Currency Profits sound like a decent investment.

On top of this, you supposedly don’t need to have any knowledge at all about crypto currencies. Nor do you need to really do any work. In fact, if you buy into the sales material for Crypto Currency Profits, using the whole thing is incredibly easy. Again, given the spikes etc. that John Duncan refers to throughout Crypto Currency Profits, I think that it is clear that many of the examples given fall into the realms of hypotheticals.

The guide itself isn’t too badly written. The advice that it offers up however I find to be questionable. As I have already mentioned, there is a lot of theoretical work with Crypto Currency Profits. There is talk about huge percentile increases in the value of different crypto currencies however as somebody who follows this niche with interest, I know that a lot of what is said is idealistic crap. For example, even the sales material suggests that Crypto Currency Profits is a more lucrative investment than traditional tocks and shares.

As well as the core product, Crypto Currency Profits also comes with a large number of additional “bonus” products. Predominantly speaking, these tie in with the main theme of trading crypto currencies and are a combination of books, reports and videos. Unfortunately, these appear to be made up of other works put out by Agora Lifestyles as well some products from John Duncan. In total, this means that you are getting around

How does the product work?

The core idea behind Crypto Currency Profits is a relatively straightforward one. Crypto currencies can experience massive amounts of growth in a short space of time, and those who are well positioned can make a killing. Really, Crypto Currency Profits concerns itself with trading crypto currencies, however it has a focus on “penny crypto currencies”. This means focussing on the smaller, essentially valueless crypto currencies.

John Duncan is also supposedly an expert on crypto currency. Unfortunately, there is nothing that really backs this claim up outside of references to trading successfully and apparently having followed it “for years”. This for me doesn’t constitute an expert however and I would definitely expect some better credentials in order to take his investment advice. Especially when you consider that a lot of what is talked about is based on past events that are best described as anomalies.

What is the initial investment?

Given that Crypto Currency Profits is an Agora Lifestyles product, you could be forgiven for thinking that the price of £37 per year is very reasonable. Alternatively, you can pay £67 for 2 years. This is seemingly reasonable however I feel that it is important to understand whether or not this represents value for money. Personally, I don’t think that there is that much value to be had here for a number of reasons.

If there is one area where Agora Lifestyles and John Duncan do deserve credit, it is in terms of their money back guarantee. You have 365 days to trial everything and see if Crypto Currency Profits is for you in the longer term.

What is the rate of return?

I feel like mentioning that there are no solid claims made in regard to Crypto Currency Profits should be done at the start of every bit of this review. This counts doubly so in terms of the income potential for Crypto Currency Profits as far as I am concerned. That doesn’t stop John Duncan from making some claims that following his advice can hypothetically generate as much as £1.2 million.


Crypto currencies are an area that I am genuinely quite familiar with and as such, something like Crypto Currency Profits is very easy to dissect. First of all, I can’t say enough that a large amount of the numbers quoted, especially in the sales material, are pretend numbers. Whilst it is possible to have the kind of substantial spikes appear that are cited as examples, a look at the numbers will demonstrate that this is a massively infrequent occurrence.

Even when they do occur, there are very narrow windows in which you can actually take advantage of these increased profits and there is again an assumption that you have the coins there to sell. For example, John Duncan talks about investing £2,000 into a currency which sells for fractions of a penny. Whilst I wouldn’t like to say for definite, I doubt that the markets have the kind of liquidity for this purchase. There is also that same question of liquidity when it comes to selling.

All of that aside, there is one much bigger flaw with Crypto Currency Profits which comes from the fact that a quick look at the value of crypto currency shows a decline. Whilst the current drops aren’t too extreme (around 3% generally at the time of writing), this is clearly part of a much longer term trend.

Given this and the lack of credentials and real evidence surrounding Crypto Currency Profits, I can’t really see anything worth buying here. Much of the content doesn’t seem to have any real value and there is a lot of inherent risk here. Whilst crypto currencies can be a bit of fun if you don’t mind having a lot of money tied up for a long time, they are not what I would consider to be a serious investment opportunity (with possibly a few exceptions). All of this simply doesn’t make for a product that I can recommend.



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Thank you for your timely advice!
I nearly signed up to it. I wonder why Agora appear to be promoting such business opportunities when they fully know that the benefits are questionable!

I tried to research John Duncan , and couldn’t find much about him ,apart from what you have put on-line . A glowing report published by Agora, as. You would expect , was the only other reference to John Duncan .
I have bought from Agora in the past but have realised, that most of there products are scams so I for one will be giving this a product a miss .
All I would say if you where thinking of buying this product DONT. And if you see anything published by Agora , then the alarm bells should start ringing, ok they say they give a full refund , but just try getting it !!!

I have had enough experience with Agora (and actually subscribe to one of their newsletters) to know that they are indeed a highly suspect company with stupidly outrageous profitability claims in their marketing material. There are one or two good people publishing under their banner, but on the whole I’d recommend giving them a very wide berth.

P.S. I requested a refund on one of their newsletters and did get my money back, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Prepare to get your email box clogged up with vast amounts of spam, however.

I get sent money making schemes from Agora almost every day.Logic tells me that if they know of that many money making schemes why are they sitting behind a desk in an office all day.

I think Curtis will eat his words soon just as many people had to eat similar words about the internet and dot com companies. People made money, people lost money but the technology is now an essential part of life. Blockchain technology is the future, and volatility is normal for any new technology. Downtrend, uptrend. Timing is everything. But I don’t like Agora, especially the automatic renewals that you can’t opt out of; you have to make a note of the date in your diary and phone up to cancel. It’s a form of inertia selling. They have loads of newsletters on crypto currency – I would have thought one decent one would be enough.

I subscribe to Crypto Currency Profits but get so many junk emails from the same address as the newsletter (offering other crypto currency newsletters) that I usually miss the newsletter. You really have to log in to see the newsletters; but at least if you bookmark the page that is easy as they remember your password.

They have Dominic Frisby writing on there now and Khashayar Abbasi; John Duncan is referred to as former editor. For the money it is probably OK but I must confess I haven’t done anything yet. Dominic does say it is important to familiarize yourself with the whole process using small change, practice buying things with bitcoin and generally getting to a place where you know that it works and feel some commitment to the technology.

I think you have to realize that at this price point you don’t get much. There are much more expensive services that would probably be much better, but Agora have realized that there is a group of people who would never spend £800-£900 on an advice service but will part with £37 without much thought, then do it again in a few weeks time. They forget they have done it and rarely check their bank statements so Agora build up a nice stream of recurring income. They are experts on making money, no doubt about that.

lol, they are experts at taking money off mugs you mean, Ann

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