Curation Hero Pro Review

Curation Hero is a product from Emma Powell and “Jay” that helps users to quickly curate content for their WordPress websites that will allegedly help you to generate traffic.

What does the product offer?

According to Emma Powell and Jay, Curation Hero allows you to curate content from a number of different websites (it is worth noting at this point that certain websites are only available following upsells) with a view to easily creating niche posts. This content comes from websites as varied as Google’s News and Images pages as well as Wikipedia, Blekko and Amazon depending on which package you purchase. With Curation Hero Pro, you can also have Curation Hero automatically post to various social media sites as well. All of this, Emma Powell and Jay say, will help you to drive traffic to your website. As additional bonus content, there are a number of products that frankly, seem rather tacked on and have very little to do with Curation Hero.

How does Curation Hero work?

Curation Hero allows you to search for content off a keyword which will then show you relevant content based on your specified source. Emma Powell and Jay then say that you can simply drag and drop content onto a new WordPress post with a view to taking content from other sites. Curation Hero will help you to find written content, images and videos (as mentioned) all of which are claimed to be SEO friendly.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Curation Hero starts at $29.95 for the most basic license which allows you to use Curation Hero on one site. For $36.95 you get some additional features and the ability to use Curation Hero on 5 sites. For $37 here are several additional features added and the ability to install Curation Hero on 100 sites. It is worth keeping in mind that as stated, there are additional upsells to this as well. Emma Powell and Jay do provide a 30 day money back guarantee however this is only vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

There is no claimed rate of return and because of the nature of Curation Hero this is a difficult thing to gauge. Realistically I would be inclined to say that this depends on your niche and how you choose to monetise your new website.

Conclusion on Curation Hero

Honestly, to call Curation Hero content curation seems like a bit of a stretch. In fact, I would be more inclined to call it a lazy man’s copy and paste as this is literally all that Curation Hero does. Whilst I won’t argue that it does simplify and streamline the process, there are still a lot of questions for me. The fact is that whilst Curation Hero does very loosely do what it claims to do, you can simply do the same thing for free yourself which may take a little more effort, but it’s still free. There is also the question of whether or not other websites will cause problems for you with you using some of their content word for word in this way. All in all, I don’t see much on offer to justify the price tag.



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From: Simon Roberts