Currency Profits Cartel Review

Currency Profits Cartel is a piece of software from Dave Taylor that produces profitable mechanical indicators for you to follow.

What does the product offer?

Currency Profits Cartel is a downloadable piece of software that creator Dave Taylor says offers users easy to follow indicators for profitable trades. Currency Profits Cartel is designed to work on any currency pair and on any time frame with a 92% win rate. Currency Profits Cartel also comes with entry, stop loss and take profits to allow you to manage your trades and finances. Whilst it isn’t mentioned exactly what version it is optimised for, Currency Profits Cartel is Meta Trader compatible. As well as the software itself Dave Taylor provides full training for Currency Profits Cartel.

How does the product work?

As is often the case with Forex based products there is no indication as to how Currency Profits Cartel actually generates indicators. The closest to a background into the software that you get is a claim by Dave Taylor that the system was given to him following a confrontation with a Forex trader by the name of Frank during a free seminar. In turn he was told to show as many people the trading system as he wanted, the end result being Currency Profits Cartel.

What is the initial investment?

Currency Profits Cartel sells for a one off payment of $37. This also comes with a full money back guarantee for 60 days as it is sold through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

According to Dave Taylor, Currency Profits Cartel has produced profits of $1,500 per day. This is allegedly off the back of a claimed profit of 3500 pips in 5 months.


I am somewhat wary about Currency Profits Cartel, namely down to the fact that the claims are rather incredible, yet there I very little evidence that it really works as advertised. Currency Profits Cartel pulls out all the usual bits of evidence, graphs, charts etc. but nothing that isn’t easily photo manipulated or isn’t a choice selection. What I would have really liked is some information on how Currency Profits Cartel works, especially given that it is allegedly so flexible. Personally I am not sold on this but for those who have an interest, there isn’t any risk in trading on a demo account, especially with ClickBank’s guarantee.



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From: Simon Roberts