Daddy Bot/Immunity Plan Review

Daddy Bot is a brand new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by “The Chef”. He/she claims to be able to help users secure their financial security during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Introduction to Daddy Bot

One of the things that has been quite interesting to observe over this pandemic (a topic that I find myself referring to all too frequently) is that there have been a lot of services that aim to get around the lack of sport. Rarely though have I seen services which have been explicit in their mention of it. It’s more of a “nudge nudge wink wink” situation. And this is exactly what made todays subject really stand out to me.

You see, Daddy Bot doesn’t just lean on the fact that the pandemic is very real and having a huge impact on everybody’s betting. It embraces it. The marketing does nothing but talk about how you can circumvent the lack of sports and make a profit. Whilst Daddy Bot is ultimately called… Well, Daddy Bot, the headline for the sales page refers to it as an “Immunity Plan”. There is absolutely no ignoring what The Chef is about here.

All of this ultimately makes for a product that really manages to stand out. Now, just how well Daddy Bot is able to deliver on these promises of ensuring that your financial stability will be taken care of… That’s a very different question. Personally, I have some misgivings. But none the less, I will try not to let my cynicism cloud my judgement.

What Does Daddy Bot Offer?

I want to open by talking about the fact that there is a lot about Daddy Bot that is pretty damn bold. The marketing, the approach, and even what the service is comprised of. There is no mistaking the fact that what The Chef is doing is unlike anything that has come before it. Now that does of course mean that the offering also comes with some complexities.

The day to day operation of Daddy Bot is all pretty straight forward. First and foremost, this is a tipster service that is concerned with football betting. And The Chef says that this will be a daily occurrence with a focus on “World Friendlies in Scandinavia, South East Asia, Central American and African leagues”.

This is only a part of the picture though. We are also told to expect tips for horse racing across the US and Australia, as well as tips for “The Fastest Growing Sport Of The Last Decade” (it’s esports). On top of this, there will also be occasional tips for a number of other more niche sports.

All of this sounds very impressive and rather complex, however, the logistics of Daddy Bot are ultimately very straight forward. Selections are indeed sent out on a pretty much daily basis, however, there doesn’t seem to be too much rhyme and reason to them in terms of timing. Given the variety of sports and betting markets that The Chef looks at though, I think this can be forgiven.

What is noteworthy here though is the fact that the content of these emails is… Well, it’s a bit lacking. You get enough from The Chef to place your bets and that is about it really. When you compare this to some of the other tipster services on the market, it is a little bit disappointing really.

Now, I have mentioned already that there are a significant number of sports that are looked at and this of course means a significant number of different betting markets. And it is in part because of this that I want to talk about using an odds comparison website.

This is something that I usually find myself ending up recommending anyway. In the case of something like Daddy Bot, there is good reason for this, but I don’t want to talk about the odds quite yet. Instead, I want to discuss niche betting markets.

Whilst The Chef makes out that placing bets on some of the more niche sports is easy (and I will concede, it isn’t the most difficult thing), you can encounter problems. An odds comparison website will show you exactly which bookies you should be using. Vital information that is rather lacking with Daddy Bot.

That is all well and good, but it also rather importantly pairs with getting the best possible odds. The fact of the matter is that better odds ultimately just mean more profit for users. And from what I’ve seen of Daddy Bot so far, you will really want to be maximising this.

You see, you will find that there is a reasonable range of odds involved. Perhaps not quite as many value betting opportunities as The Chef makes out that there is (a point I will be picking up a little later), but there is certainly potential for some value here. An odds comparison site simply allows you to quickly and effectively get on top of this information.  

Outside of this, there is only really the staking plan and the strike rate to discuss, or rather, not really discuss. Because unfortunately, whilst The Chef has a lot to say, this kind of very important information is instead skipped over a bit really. It isn’t even like there is proofing for Daddy Bot that you can look at to get an idea of what to expect.

Whilst that particular information is very conspicuous in its absence, it is worth noting that The Chef does say that he will provide a weekly and monthly newsletter. We are told that these will contain a number of updates, insights, and ideas. Honestly, I am not really certain how much this really adds to Daddy Bot and I see it as nothing more than a bit of a bonus.

How Does Daddy Bot Work?

The way that Daddy Bot works is actually a very interesting thing. I would probably even go as far as to say that The Chef takes a truly unique approach. Effectively, we are told that there are “subreddits and blogs full of punters bouncing ideas off each other”, and that knowledge is all being drawn on.

Now honestly, I can believe that this is going on, and I think it is a very positive thing that the betting industry is existing in this way. The fact is that with everything that is going on at the moment, punters really do need to be working together to maintain an edge over the bookies.

With that said, whilst I really do believe that all of this is going on, I do have questions about how and if this is all implemented into Daddy Bot. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that there isn’t exactly a lot of evidence that backs this up, nor is there a lot of insight into how it all fits together. That is a little concerning for me.

Aside from this, the only other real insight that is provided pertains to the fact that bookies are supposedly offering better odds to bring in punters. Now how much truth there really is to this is something that is questionable. Based off my research, I haven’t necessarily seen massive increases in terms of odds and value on sports that are still operating.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option available if you want to sign up to Daddy Bot and that is a full year long subscription which is priced at £27 (plus VAT). Now I can see how at a first glance, this looks like a bargain. As The Chef himself says, it “works out at the equivalent of just £0.51 PER WEEK!”.

On top of this, there is supposedly a very generous 90 day money back guarantee in place. Now what is interesting about this is that The Chef seems to be using their own payment platform which is powered by paykickstart. From my understanding, this means that you will ultimately be at the mercy of the vendor if you wish to claim this refund.  

What is the Rate of Return?

According to The Chef, since the Premier League got cancelled (about a month and a half ago) he has made over £2,100. A pretty significant amount that is claimed to be double the profits that he apparently could have taken.

What really stands out to me about this number is that there simply isn’t any context for that those claimed results mean. The fact of the matter is that there is no proofing, which is a problem. And simply claiming over £2,100 could mean more than 21 points to £100 stakes, or 210 points to £10 stakes. No clarity is provided within Daddy Bot and that is yet another massive issue.

Conclusion for Daddy Bot

So, here’s where I am with Daddy Bot. There are two very different points of view that you can take with this. Ultimately, this depends on whether or not you are willing to give The Chef the benefit of doubt or not. The fact is that most elements of the service really do make a degree of sense. Unfortunately, that lack of evidence really does hang over everything.

The other way of looking at Daddy Bot is a little more pointed. Firstly, it is impossible not to address the fact that the whole selling point here is that this will offer you financial freedom during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Frankly, that just doesn’t sit particularly well with me.

The fact of the matter is that you can still make money through betting. And there remains real potential for this to be done the right way. Simply rocking up and announcing that you have the solution to people’s financial problems during a very difficult time just seems… Well, it seems a little ethically questionable.

And this is repeated over and over in the sales material. Statements like saying that The Chef has “managed to maintain [his] profit during he cancellation of games” and that you can do the same. He even states that he can guarantee this. There is talk of emerging from the pandemic better off than you want in, and a host of other statements. All of which have a clear goal.

Here’s the thing. A genuine tipster may look to make these kinds of claims whilst providing proofing and evidence. Meanwhile, they will talk about what is involved with finding bets, as well as how much you should be staking and where you should be betting. Instead, there is just that overarching theme of “you are going to be broke but this will make sure you aren’t.

And this is really the single biggest problem that I have when it comes to Daddy Bot. Everything just all boils down to the fact that you are really taking the word of an anonymous person. Something that in a rather meta way, The Chef is aware of.

There is a whole section that is dedicated to the fact hat you just have to “trust” The Chef to deliver what he promises. And that he has to “trust” that you’ll join him with a positive attitude and work ethic. Almost as if what is really wanted are people who will simply buy excuses that are made.

Honestly, it isn’t even as if that money back guarantee seems to be worth the paper it is printed on. Sure, I could be wrong. But in my experience, when an anonymous tipster comes out of the woodwork and offers a money back guarantee that they are ultimately responsible for doling out,  you just don’t tend to find that people receive this refund as freely as it is suggested you will.

So, what do I ultimately think of Daddy Bot? I think it’s a very cynical product that ultimately, I wouldn’t recommend. The fact is that The Chef leans so hard on the “Coronavirus” angle whilst not actually providing anything tangible that demonstrates… Well, anything really. About the best thing that you can say about this is that is that it is cheap.

But being cheap just isn’t enough in my opinion. At the end of the day, if you haven’t spent a lot of money on a bad product, you have still paid for a bad product. Now, if The Chef were willing to actually back up the things that he says, then I would love to reconsider my position on this. The fact remains that I do appreciate the ideas behind Daddy Bot. But I just haven’t seen anything that suggests this will work as claimed.


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