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Daddy Bot is a new service which is being offered by Camero Beims (who also offers the stop content: Income Chooser – see details in review). He claims to be offering a complete experience with software, tips and general betting advice up for grabs.

Introduction to Daddy Bot

In my job, there is often a fine line between the good and the bad. Sometimes, there are things that you simply can’t help but enjoy looking at. Not always for the right reasons however. A quick look at the sales page for Daddy Bot set my gut going and I already had an idea what to expect.

Just a 2020 update this this review, and regarding Camero (AKA Cameron Beims) Beims:

Daddy Bot is no longer offered for sale, but it has also come to our attention, that the original seller, Camero Beims has taken to stealing other products and trying to pass them off as his own; so obviously we cannot recommend him, or his products under any circumstances. If you have purchased any product from Camero (Cameron) Baines, then we advise putting in a PayPal dispute immediately, as the products will be counterfeit.

Camero Beims also seems to have a collection of failed betting websites that no longer exist:

cameron beims review

End of 2020 update.

With headlines like “How Would You Like To Literally DOMINATE Football Betting And Achieve A Breath-Taking 88% Winning Rate?”, you can’t help but feel a tad sceptical. This barely scratches the service, however as always I will try to keep an open mind with Daddy Bot. With this in mind, let’s see if this is the breath-taking software that it is claimed to be or just another flop.

What Does Daddy Bot Offer – the Original 2018 Review…..

On paper, there is a hell of a lot on offer with Daddy Bot and with this in mind, I wasn’t really sure where to start. Ultimately though, Daddy Bot is a betting bot. It is there in the name. So first things first, you get access to the Daddy Bot software. This is hosted online and will “give you the WINNING teams so that you can start cashing in today”. This is also backed up by a step by step manual in which Camero Beims details the same settings that he uses for the software.

This software is a “certified BETBOT”. This apparently means that it has already been tested with Camero Beims being quick to disparage other services. Instead he simply says that Daddy Bot will give you astonishing results. Despite this, the average odds for Daddy Bot are showing at just 1.7. This is in spite of the sales material claiming that you can expect odds of 2.0 – 3.0.

daddy bot review claimsAs well as this, you get access to a private member’s forum. This is where Camero Beims says that he will be uploading his personal tips. These are however very straight forward and I am not entirely sold on their validity.

It is very interesting to note that there is no real staking plan in place for Daddy Bot. You are simply expected to place the bets that are advised. This is problematic for a large number of reasons, not least of which is because a betting bank and adequate management is one of the bare essentials that any service should be offering. Whilst this is frustrating, it is one of a number of problems that I have with Daddy Bot that I will cover below.

Finally there is the strike rate to discuss. Whilst we might not be given stakes, we are told in no uncertain terms how often Daddy Bot will win. Camero Beims mentions the 88% strike rate a large number of times. I would love to believe this number but it will come as no surprise to learn that there is no proofing to back this number up. As such, I am nothing but sceptical.

The fact is that I have yet to see a tipster service which can even come close to this number (and that includes lay bets). Combine this with a lack of evidence and it doesn’t cast the best light on Daddy Bot.

How Does Daddy Bot Work?

In terms of how the software behind Daddy Bot works, we are never really given any insight into this. Instead, Camero Beims focuses on a narrative which is an interesting read but is a long way from believable.

Supposedly he was a hedge fund analyst who simply decided one day to start developing his own system (becoming a “Profitable Expert Punter, Professional Gambler And Proud Developer Of The Daddy Bot Software” in the process). He says that he “worked day and night calculating odds, chances and mathematical probabilities until, not long ago, I was able to literally “crack the betting code””.

I will hold my hands up here. If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you could very easily be forgiven for thinking that Cameron Beims is offering insight into Daddy Bot. Honestly though, it looks more like somebody has looked at keywords related to selling betting products and simply thrown them all into a single explanation.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to Daddy Bot and that is a one time payment of £27. This appears to provide you with a lifetime of access to the software, but truth be told, this isn’t something that Camero Beims ever explicitly discusses.

It is worth pointing out that because Daddy Bot is sold through Clickbank this does mean that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

I find it rather interesting that there aren’t any specific claims made about how much you can make through Daddy Bot. Given that we are all in this game in order to make money, this is usually the main selling point and rightly so. Instead, there is a banner at the top of the Daddy Bot website which says that £810.99 was made off £50 bets. This was attained over an unspecified weekend.

Conclusion on Daddy Bot

It has been a long time since I have looked at something that I would consider to be as woefully put together as Daddy Bot. The software (if you can call it that) is incredibly questionable and simply doesn’t feel like a real thing. It is hard to explain this until you see the AI properly, but I don’t think that it helps that it refers to “Likelihood” as “Extremely likely”. Evaluating statistics, form etc. is to some degree a science. It is a mathematical process and this feels entirely missing from Daddy Bot.

Daddy Bot Review ImageThis is only one aspect of the problems that I have. Daddy Bot has supposedly been extensively tested (after all, it is a certified BETBOT), however there is no proofing provided. For my money, I would at the very least expect to see the historic results. There is also the lack of a staking plan.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be anything sophisticated but given that Camero Beims has supposedly tested the service so extensively, I feel that some advice in this regard isn’t an extravagant ask.

There is also the back end of things. How important this becomes to me generally depends on the legitimacy of the service. Given that everything to do with Daddy Bot screams to me that something isn’t right, I feel it is justified to bring these aspects up.

The vendor who is selling Daddy Bot has released 12 different products since 2011. These have been predominantly horse racing however there have also been football bets. The problem that I have is that they appear to have been launched, closed down ASAP and a new product released. This tells me that this pattern is likely to happen with Daddy Bot as well.

I said a little earlier that it has been a long time since I have looked at something as bad as Daddy Bot. All of this only cements it for me. There is always an air with any online marketing that the truth may have been stretched a little. It is all a part of the game.

In the case of Daddy Bot however, I can’t see any truth, or reason to recommend this rather confused service.


As mentioned earlier in the update to this review, Camero Beims is also known to steal products and sell them as his own – Definitely one to avoid.


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Comments (15)


So far the software has won a impressive 11 from 14 bets
So I would like to know if you have been part of the forum and have been following these developments?

Hi Diego, do you rate the product? Have you downloaded the software and used it ?


Yes I have been using it for just about over a month now and it’s been going really great

The most simple but effective system I have come across my self

I was hesitant at the beginning because of the big claim the website makes but it’s lived up to them to be fair

Only thing I would say tho is the odds are not always great but I would recommend using this software to make good accumulators and trixie bets as because of the high strike rate you can really maximise your returns


Yes I would recommend it been using it for over a month and it’s been great

It comes with a 2 month no questions asked refund policy if you ain’t happy so I would recommend it

Mate of yours is he Diego? What utter BS

hey guys I have tried to find daddybot but each time I type in (website name), it dosent take me any where can
someone help me please. thanks Francis

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Francis,

I just tried that website name and it went to it without any problems.


Can you please send me the link please because each time I try it takes me to a sales page thanks. Francis

Go to he is selling access to a site that is free to all

I’ve had this product offered me by Cameron Beims. He calls himself the chef. I’ve not tried this product but got offered Income Chooser by him also. I paid £50 and when I got to the link to download the pdf I got sent to a blank page. I’ve emailed numerous times but never received a response. I just wondered if anybody has had any dealings with this guy ?

Same thing happened to me got taken for a ride
Avoid like the plague

ive joined your service for the loophole program ive paid by paypal acceptted payment but nothing since my email is

fgouldy at com please get it sorted or om intouch with paypal for a refund

angy customer just befair and compy im a pensioner


same here s*ammers ive asked for a 14 refund but the emails come back not delivered if you want the loophole for free i will put link up here as ive bourght it im a pensioner the stakes to proit like lay at 50quid upwards ie 50 lay on a 4/1 200quid
pay out if it does not happen

You are all right about the email address it bounces every time – undeliverable. They have no published phone number or postal address so you can’t tell ’em. Anyone who wants to conduct their business incognito – AVOID!!

Cameron Baines, real name Henok MIKIELE.
This guy put out a euro 2020 promo yesterday and I paid £29 for the bets.
48 hours+ later I have not had any contact at all from him let alone bets that I’ve paid for.
It appears this bloke lives in a rundown part of nottingham and looks like he’s nothing but a sc*mmer to me.

I still await some form of contact or bets, given the first euro 2020 game kicks off in around 2 hours time.

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From: Simon Roberts