Daily Football Winners Review Luke Powell

Daily Football Winners is a new to market football tipster service which is operated by Luke Powell. He claims that his service can deliver consistent profit all year round.

Introduction to Daily Football Winners

With football across the world starting to return to a normal(ish) state and seasons due to kick off, it’s no surprise to me that we are also seeing plenty of tipsters coming out of the woodwork (pun not intended). Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what your sport of choice is for betting it’s been a weird year. Everything has been a bit unpredictable since the world ground to a halt and I think there are a lot of bettors looking forward to some consistency.

This brings me to today’s subject, Daily Football Winners, an entirely new tipster service which has been launched by one Luke Powell. And if I’m honest, it seems like it could well be a decent option. Not least of which is because unlike most football tipsters we are guaranteed action 360 days of the year. That’s a headlining claim as well. Of course, that level of betting can be a positive, but just as equally, it can be a problem too.

The fact of the matter is that whilst there are seemingly some strong positives to Daily Football Winners, there are also a lot of potential problems as well. A number of which Luke Powell doesn’t really address. Now, as always, I am a professional and I will enter this with an open mind. But unfortunately, I don’t necessarily have the highest of hopes here.

What Does Daily Football Winners Offer?

As always, the biggest question that exists with Daily Football Winners is just what you are getting yourself into. Because if I’m honest, there isn’t really a whole lot of information provided about this. I’ll talk more about this over the course of the review, but whilst Luke Powell does provide some information, I feel like it isn’t necessarily the most informative of things.

In terms of this somewhat limited information, I want to start by talking about the logistical elements. Because whilst Luke Powell is keen to tell us that his is a daily tipster service with additional bet types on weekends, there is no information on how Daily Football Winners is actually managed. This is a little bit problematic for me.

Now, probably not surprisingly, the set up here is pretty typical of what you would expect from a modern tipster service. Selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email. They also land in the morning, usually no later than about 10.30am. Personally, I find this to be less than ideal, but it isn’t unworkable.

What I do find to be slightly problematic is the lack of content within the emails. Unfortunately, it seems to be standard for a lot of tipster services these days. Please don’t misconstrue me, there is more than enough information to place the bets, but that is about it. Compared to some tipsters which look at available odds and provide advice on this… Well, it’s just a bit disappointing.

And from there, it probably won’t come as any surprise to learn that I would typically recommend using an odds comparison site if you are going to follow Daily Football Winners. Whilst Luke Powell does say that this is a service designed for “ALL online bookmakers”, the fact is that you should still be aiming to get the best possible value.

In terms of the bets that are advised, there is a massive amount of variety. Now this doesn’t necessarily apply to the types of bets. You will be typically simply backing a team to win or draw. There is however an accumulator that is sent out every weekend. In theory, this allows for some quite substantial wins to land however it is noteworthy that Luke Powell doesn’t demonstrate that any of these have been winners so far.

Now what is particularly interesting to me is the wide range of leagues that Luke Powell says that he bets on. I won’t quote the full list, but it includes such gems as the bottom tier of Brazilian football, the National Premier League in Honduras, and even the Jordanian Pro League. The point here is that there is supposedly a strong understanding of the niche.

You might expect there to be some strong odds involved betting on such obscure and niche leagues. Unfortunately, from what I have seen, and the limited evidence provided, this isn’t the case. I know the finding value in football betting can be difficult, but even when backing draws, Daily Football Winners doesn’t seem to find big winners (which only highlights the importance of getting the best possible returns from each bet).

In terms of the volume of bets, we are told that there will be a minimum of two bets every day. That is one of the things that starts to concern me a little for a number of reasons that I will explore a little later. With that said, it does mean that if you are following Daily Football Winners, then at least it is manageable.

This only really leaves the numbers side of things to talk about. First things first, the staking plan. This is all very straight forward. Luke Powell’s “proofing” demonstrates level stakes with his bets coming in at £20. This can very easily be translated to 1 point per bet.

What isn’t discussed however is what kind of betting bank you should have in place in order to cover any drawdown. In theory 100 points should more than suffice (in the sample week that  is his evidence 25 points were staked). Realistically though, I’d probably want to have a little more than this to cover any bets where you don’t get the performance claimed for Daily Football Winners.

That brings me nicely to the strike rate. There is a vague claim on the sales page for Daily Football Winners that Luke Powell has “a high strike rate”. And by my calculations, this would seem to be the case. We’re looking at just 4 losing bets in 25. This suggests a striker ate of some 84%. One hell of a number. I don’t believe for a second however that this is reflective of a consistent result.  

It is also very much at odds with the claimed historic results (which of course aren’t proofed). Luke Powell says that on average, his previous years with Daily Football Winners (going all the way back to 2015) come in at about 50%. This is one hell of a discrepancy.

How Does Daily Football Winners Work?

Luke Powell talks a lot about why you should trust him. This mostly includes talking about how other services are a bit naff. What he doesn’t really do however is, at any point, talk about what exactly makes his system so good (apart from the claimed profits, but I’ll come to that). And this is one of the things that greatly concerns me.

Earlier I mentioned that Daily Football Winners supposedly provides coverage for a lot of football. I took the liberty of counting and apparently, Luke Powell is able to take into consideration 139 different football leagues for Daily Football Winners (I think I counted right, but I’m definitely not counting it again). Frankly, it is crazy to me that a tipster can consider all of those different leagues properly.

Especially because Luke Powell doesn’t actually make any mention about what his selection process if for Daily Football Winners. That is concerning to me. Because whilst I have seen tipsters gain an edge over the bookies by focusing on a specific niche, I’ve never seen somebody betting on such a broad subject.

As well as this very conspicuous lack of real evidence, Luke Powell doesn’t really provide any proofing for Daily Football Winners either. This means that there is no real way of understanding the ebb and flow of the service. Sure, there is that week of evidence, but I refuse to consider a week of results as being any real proofing. Realistically, at best, you are dealing with cherry picked results.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you are interested in signing up to Daily Football Winners, then there is just one pricing structures that is available, albeit a very flexible one. This at least means that if you are keen on pursuing this, there should be something for everybody.

It is noteworthy that this is a Best System Bets product and as such, you have to sign up through their own proprietary payment platform. This definitely helps to keep the costs down, which isn’t a bad thing. Unfortunately, your purchases are hugely restricted if you aren’t happy with the end result.

With that said, let’s get down to the business end of things. The first subscription option for Daily Football Winners is to get your first 30 days for just £7 (plus VAT). One this has elapsed; you can expect to pay £19.95 (plus VAT) per month. As well as this, there is an option for a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £29.95 every 3 months (again, plus VAT).

If you are looking for a longer subscription than this, then Luke Powell offers a few options for Daily Football Winners on an annual subscription at a cost of £59.95 (plus VAT). Finally, there is a lifetime license which Luke Powell offers. This allows you to sign up, for life, for a one time cost of £99 (yet again, plus VAT) however this is advertised as a limited time offer.

It is noteworthy that none of these options come with any money back guarantee or refund period. As such, you should be very willing to commit to Daily Football Winners. Especially if you are signing up for those longer subscription lengths. With that said, you are told that you can cancel your subscription when you want.

What is the Rate of Return?

According to Luke Powell, every year since 2016 has seen a profit of almost £6,000 peaking at £6,500. This largest number was supposedly achieved over the course of 2019 during which we are told Daily Football Winners ended the season with over 325 points. This of course means that the numbers are supposedly based off £20 stakes.

Now, when it comes to August of this year, we are told that you would have “already bagged yourself over 30pts profit!”. By my calculations based off that rather questionable evidence, you’d be looking at a points profit of some 43.43 points just for the week. Of course, these kinds of numbers if genuine aren’t necessarily sustainable long term.  

Conclusion for Daily Football Winners

Looking at Daily Football Winners, it looks like a decent proposition, right? The football season is coming up, bookies are probably going to be offering better odds to entice people in, and let’s be honest about this… Some people are going to be feeling the pinch a little from Covid. So surely what Luke Powell is offering is a perfect solution?

Before I talk about the problems that I personally have with Daily Football Winners, I want to acknowledge the point that everything Luke Powell claims could be above board. You really could be making 43 points in a week and setting yourself up for 325 points in a year. And all at a relatively low price as well. I mean, £20 per month isn’t a massive amount of money.

But the unfortunate fact is that, at least in my eyes, these are all very doubtful. Let’s start by talking money. After all, it’s the reason that most of us are involved in this sort of thing. The only income that Luke Powell actually demonstrates in any way is a single week of bets. And admittedly, it is a particularly good week.

Now, all of the bets have supposedly been placed through the same bookmaker. By a coincidence, it is the same “bookmaker” that I see used by almost every questionable tipster service to show their wins. I can speak from experience and say that most of those are now closed. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Daily Football Winners will definitely go the same way, but it’s hard to overlook this kind of detail.

On top of this, I have to come back to the fact that you’re only looking at a weeks worth of data. That is hardly substantial. Especially when you factor in that Luke Powell has seemingly kept results for the last 5 years or so. After all, he can tell us the strike rate and the profit so there must be some records. Why don’t we get to see them? Or the Belarusian League where £1,230 was supposedly made over lock-down?

Then there is that incredibly important point that Luke Powell doesn’t actually demonstrate any knowledge about football or football betting. I know I’ve already touched on this but I just don’t know how anybody can know enough about 139 different leagues to tip them. Now, if Luke Powell talked about his selection process this might go some way to allaying a very reasonable doubt. But hew doesn’t.

Really, what Daily Football Winners boils down to is simply taking the word of Luke Powell. Take his word that he knows that he’s doing. Take his word that other tipster services out there are all crap. Take his word that he really does understand the intricacies of the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras or the Moldovan National Division. Take his word that he can make you a profit.

Except… If he doesn’t there is no real comeback here. The fact is that the lack of any money back guarantee means that once you’re paid up, you’re stuck with Daily Football Winners. This isn’t a bad thing if you’re winning on a regular basis and turning a profit, but I don’t believe that you necessarily really will here.

So, what you have here, ultimately, is a tipster whose sole word that he can make you a profit, is the main selling point. For me, that simply isn’t good enough. Especially when you look at the broader picture here, ranging from the questionable evidence to a lack of proofing and even a distinctive lack of insight into any understanding of football.

All of that comes together to make a service that, if I’m honest, is just a bit questionable. The thing is, I can see the appeal. I know a lot of people who are chomping at the bit for football to start properly again. This includes a number of reputable tipsters. Sure, you might pay a little more for them, but you at least know what you are getting yourself into. Which is more than can be said for Daily Football Winners.

Bringing all of this together, I simply don’t think that I could recommend Daily Football Winners. The fact of the matter is that Luke Powell doesn’t do nearly enough to convince me that this is genuine. And from what I have seen, the results don’t really show that you’re going to realistically attain those past results either. With so many reputable football tipsters out there who will also be gearing up for the new season, I think I’d rather look at them than Luke Powell.


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