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Daily Free Tips Review

Daily Free Tips is a free tipster service by Ben Jones that provides users with football and horse racing selections daily.

What does the product offer?

Daily Free Tips from Ben Jones is a tipster service that provides users with daily selections for both football and horse racing. Selections for Daily Free Tips are back to win and whilst the number of selections sent out isn’t amazing (the last 2 days have just been a single selection) they are free, so there has to be a reasonable curbing of expectation to compensate.

How does the product work?

Ben Jones doesn’t ever explain how Daily Free Tips selections are made which is usually a source of frustration but given the fact this is a free system it isn’t a deal breaker. From what little I have, it appears that Daily Free Tips takes advantage of a combination of short and long odds for their selections. Unfortunately there is very little information available for Daily Free Tips for reasons that I shall explore a little later.

What is the initial investment?

As is implied in the name (and mentioned already in this article) Daily Free Tips is free to access.

What is the rate of return?

Ben Jones claims that he aims to help users to generate at least 3 points of profits per day.


It is clear that Daily Free Tips is an effort by Ben Jones to act as an affiliate for a number of different companies and products. The tips that he sends out will have an affiliate link to a bookies with their latest offer on for example. When signing up as well you are taken straight to a welcome page that tries to direct you to one of Tipster Warehouse’s products for a trial. This isn’t necessarily criticism, but I feel that this is information that potential users should be aware of.

The lack of results published is frustrating but given the fact that Daily Free Tips is free, there is nothing to stop you playing on paper and taking it further if you wish to.



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how do i get bens tips, is there a link ????

Paid Mr Ben Jones of 01638 592487, £300 in July 2016 for “3 Cannot fail tips – that I will jump off Beach Head if they lose” quoting Mr Jones. All three lost, having placed on his advice “£200 on each, so that you can win back a third of your fee with each horse.” All three lost, gave a forth, “Expected to win” which of course lost. So with £300 fee and £800 in stakes, that is a grand loss of £1,200. Future idiots reading, please take note! I bet he has not jumped off beach Head. Oh and the phone is not answered anymore either!

I paid £600 for 12 selections.
The Last tip Today 12th DEC 2016 read
Message from Ben Jones “I’ve Just had the nod from my Gosden man about one of theirs. They think this is a certainty.
7.10 Newmarket BLUE GERANIUM Course has been walked and ground is perfect for her. She is better than this grade, has come on nice since getting her head in front last time and SHOULD WIN WELL.
SHE was beaten out of sight. BEN JONES IS A FRAUD. I suggest NO MONEY WHATSOEVER TO be payed to this MAN for Any Sort of TIPS.

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From: Simon Roberts