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Daily IM is a top selling product from Alfredo Delgado that claims to provide users with an “easy to use, complete marketing software suite and a proven game plan to successful online marketing”. There is also an unmentioned multi level marketing aspect with MCA (Motor Club of America).

What does the product offer?

At the time of sitting own to write this, Daily IM is currently the best selling product on the affiliate marketing website JVZoo for the last 30 days. Interestingly, it shows no sign of being shifted from this position either. With this in mind I decided to have a good look at what was on offer. Given that Alfredo Delgado has packaged everything as a simple product that creates a sales funnel that all but runs itself, I was almost excited.

Upon much closer investigation and examination, it would appear that Daily IM isn’t actually all it is cracked up to be and this is in part down to how Alfredo Delgado presents the opportunity, and wat you are actually getting. In order to explore this fully, I have to first look at Daily IM as a product and a concept. I then have to look at MCA, the affiliate and multi level marketing scheme that Daily IM is designed to work with.

When you sign up for Daily IM, you are essentially getting access to a number of different tools that you can use to supposedly fast track your affiliate marketing business. I will look at these in greater detail, however Alfredo Delgado claims that they will ultimately allow you to build a funnel, “Make It Yours” and get traffic. What you actually get is, in my opinion, some acceptable standard marketing materials, training and basic web hosting.

The marketing materials that ship with Daily IM are seemingly rather comprehensive with a number of capture pages, a platform for collecting emails for further marking and a video sales page. Whilst there is some variety here, it is all very limited and as such, making your affiliate  business stand out from the crowd is likely to be different. Especially when you consider that all roads from Daily IM ultimately lead to the same product.

The training that Alfredo Delgado has put out is of a reasonable standard. It is well presented and the strategies are explained clearly and relatively concisely. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it is necessarily ground breaking or even of an exceptional quality, all of which is rather disappointing.

All of this does indeed combine to create some form of sales funnel Unfortunately, it is somewhat crude in spite of how Alfredo Delgado tries to present Daily IM. By the time you have finished paying, you will have to show for your outgoings a basic website and the ability to collect emails from visitors to your website as well as traffic coming from “Mack’s Personal Traffic Sources”. This isn’t something that is really explored further.

All of this brings me round somewhat full circle to the point of there being two sides to Daily IM that must be examined. You see whilst you could very easily believe that you are being sold tools that can be used for a variety of things, the whole of Daily IM is only geared towards one business opportunity, the MCA or the Motor Club of America.

This is a company that provide a similar service to AAA in the US or the AA here in the UK. They also run a side business in the form of a multi level marketing recruitment scheme for their services. The multi level marketing programme is what Daily IM ultimately concerns itself with and as such, I feel that it is very necessary to look at how the Motor Club of America group operate.

Having never heard of the company before, I first of all tried to find a website for them. Following some searching for Motor Club of America on Google, I found a large number of high quality and corporate looking websites, each of which looked different to the next. I later found out following further investigation that most of these (despite being on trustworthy .net and .org URLs) are actually pages operated by people involved in the MCA multi level marketing scheme.

I have always said that a decent metric for ascertaining whether or not you are looking at a genuine multi level marketing product is what the focus on their core product. In this case, it is roadside recovery and from what I have seen, this is a genuine service. It is worth pointing out however that their service provision when compared with the price point is somewhat out of whack. In other words, there are much cheaper companies offering a better product.

For me, this creates a company where the focus starts to be on the multi level marketing side of things. For a company like Motor Club of America that offer a service that people need, it is very easy to have an army of marketers promoting a service that people need online and at conferences. From my research, it appears that those who sign up for the MCA are then encouraged to get people to sign up and promote the company as well as a way of “covering their costs”. Naturally, this all comes with downlines etc.

How does the product work?

Moving back to Daily IM, the whole product is designed to get you to sign up as an affiliate for the Motor Club of America. By giving you the tools required and presenting his product as a complete business, Alfredo Delgado is opening the door to a theoretically automated online business. Unfortunately, whilst there is training etc. provided, I don’t feel that there is necessarily enough there to allow anything created through Daily IM to function as a business.

When you sign up, you are given plenty of resources (all of which Alfredo Delgado ultimately maintains control of as he hosts your sales page etc.) however these resources are not unique to your business. As I have touched upon, there is fundamentally a complete sales funnel in place which is what Daily IM is sold as, however it is pretty far from a good one.

Once you have purchased Daily IM, you are then presumably put into the downline for Alfredo Delgado with the MCA multi level marketing programme. From here there is some potential to build a business however it appears to be a very well saturated and highly competitive market. The fact that Alfredo Delgado is supplementing his revenue from the Motor Club of America by selling a package to sell their product speaks volumes to me.

As an agent for the MCA, you will ultimately be simply promoting their products and services. Because of the nature of Daily IM however, you are unlikely to have the same creative freedoms that you would have if you simply signed up to be a Sales Associate for them directly. This does leave a bit of a conundrum as to what purpose Daily IM really serves.

What is the initial investment?

Having established that Daily IM is a product that in turn ultimately forces you to sell yet another product (all whilst presumably signing up to the creator’s downline and making him even more money), you could be forgiven for thinking that it will not be too costly. Instead you are expected to pay $27 as an upfront fee for setting up with Daily IM as well as an additional $27 every 30 days.

With all of this in mind, it probably comes as no surprise to find that there is no money back guarantee in place for the product. This does not exactly fill me with confidence.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t really any claims made in the sales material for Daily IM in terms of the income potential. Once again, this lack of information doesn’t really surprise me. In order to look at any income potential for the service, I have had to look at the compensation plan for the Motor Club of America.

Having looked at a number of different multi level marketing schemes, I am used to dealing with commission packages that are convoluted and unclear but this takes it to a new level. I will actually quote from the MCA website in order to create some context:

“PGV is the basic building block for meeting qualifications for higher level commissions and advanced titles. Each month Associates receive 1 PGV for each personal commissionable and processable sale they make. On the annual anniversary of any membership for which they are the sponsor, they receive 1 PGV. Associates receive 6 PGV each month they maintain an active personal membership. When they recruit a new Associate, they receive 1/6th of that Associate’s PGV for three months. Associates receive 6 PGV for each 1st generation Associate who has accumulated 36 PGV within the month.”

All of that is simply one aspect of the overall commission plan. There are also bonus commissions that you can get I you are generating a number of sales per month, however in order to be eligible for these, it appears that you need to be paying increasingly large amounts “as a member” of the Motor Club of America. Furthermore, you must have people in your downline who are also paying this in.


As a product, I can’t help but feel like Daily IM is actually rather misleading. If you are taken to the main affiliate site through JVZoo then there is some representation of what you are getting, however if you simply visit the main URL you are sold a suite of marketing tools. There is no mention however that these are locked to recruiting for the Motor Club of America.

The structure of the MCA brings me to my next problem with Daily IM. Alfredo Delgado charges you for access to the tools that you use for promoting the Motor Club of America in the form of hosting for a squeeze page. In order to make this profitable, you have to register with the MCA and in turn become a part of his downline. I have no problem with this in principle. If you are making money, and the product creator makes a little off you too without impacting your own earning potential, there is no loss.

I do however feel that to charge you $27 per month for hosting of a website that could be built through WordPress in no time and hosted for a few dollars per month is a bit much. Given that you become a revenue stream for Alfredo Delgado when you sign up through Daily IM, overcharging so much seems a little like questionable practice in my opinion.

In terms of the tools that you get access to through Daily IM, the whole set up is rather basic. I feel that the website just about does what it says however I don’t believe for one minute that it will give you any kind of advantage when competing with other MCA sales associates.

This is one of my biggest gripes with Daily IM overall. Whilst I will look at the Motor Club of America a little later, I want to look at the quality of some of the websites etc. from those involved in the multi level marketing aspect. The fact that I genuinely believed that I had landed on an official website on a number of occasions (and that several of the marketing websites actually look better than the real .com site) means that this is a highly competitive niche.

Compared to the website that you get with Daily IM, I simply don’t see how you can feasibly be competitive. When you are paying $27 per month however, I feel that this should be the bare minimum. Doubly so when you are becoming a part of somebodies downline.

Moving on to the MCA and the viability of running a profitable business through their affiliate programme, it is much the same story as most multi level marketing schemes. There are plenty of people who have built a successful home business through the company however these very much appear to be in the minority.

Given the particularly unclear commission structure, I would be somewhat inclined to say that the large majority of people do not make a successful business however. Something that anecdotal evidence online seems to suggest is the case.

So all things considered, is Daily IM really worth it? For my money, this is a pretty clear and resounding no. This is not necessarily a reflection of the viability of the business model however. My problem is that you are paying a rather substantial amount of money to Alfredo Delgado for his services with Daily IM. At the very least, these should be able to deliver some results. Everything that I have seen suggests that this simply isn’t the case.

Given that you could conceivably begin a genuine affiliate marketing business for only slightly more than the $27 per month that Alfredo Delgado is asking, I would be very much inclined to explore this option first. Not only would it allow much more flexibility in terms of what you choose to market and how you choose to market it, but you aren’t tied into convoluted pay scales.

Affiliate marketing is a very viable method of making money online if you are willing to put the time and effort into it. Unfortunately, few people are and so they fail. Shortcuts like Daily IM rarely work as advertised an in the case of Daily IM, I feel that this is more prominent than ever. If you are going to invest this kind of money, invest it in yourself or some training and focus on trying to build something sustainable rathe than a flash in the pan fad product.

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From: Simon Roberts