Daily Winning Club Review

Daily Winning Club is a horse racing tipster service provided by Robbie Jennings that provides sections directly to subscriber’s emails.

What does the product offer?

Daily Winning Club is an independent tipster service that provides users with near daily selections for horse races up and down the UK. Selections can vary from just 18 in a month all the way up to 74 with an average strike rate of 34.4% although as with the number of bets, the variation on this goes from just 20.7% to 45.7% which shows a significant range. Daily Winning Club has recorded results from January with Robbie Jennings saying that he has trialled the system for longer than this.

How does the product work?

Robbie Jennings doesn’t really explain the selection process behind Daily Winning which is something of a disappointment, especially as this is an entirely independent service with very little in the way of a proven or substantial track record. It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee in place for Daily Winning Club

What is the initial investment?

Daily Winning Club is very reasonably priced with Robbie Jennings charging just £10 for a full 100 days of access. After this Robbie Jennings says that all he asks is that you post a testimonial.

What is the rate of return?

Since January Robbie Jennings has made £4,127.48 betting to £20 stakes. This is representative of a points profit of 206.4 points. Whilst this is not exactly an immense amount it is respectable enough given the costs involved.


Daily Winning Club is a new service and it shows in what is on offer. The lack of information on the selection process is somewhat disappointing although given the low price this is hardly a deal breaker. Really that is the big appeal of Daily Winning Club, the price. The results aren’t quite in the same league as some of the more well-known tipsters  but at £10, for 100 days,  the results are more than satisfactory. I feel that Daily Winning Club would probably be best suited to someone who is looking for an introductory tipster service as there is very little to lose in terms of the price.



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