Daisho Trading System Review

The Daisho System is a new product from the well regarded partnership Tim Lowe and Tony Langley. It is based around trading on betting exchanges and is claimed to be a low risk method of earning  money.

What does the Daisho product offer?

The sales material for Daisho System is classic Tim Lowe with some rather bold claims made about the income potential as well as the level of risk involved. Given that Tony Langley is on board with this and has been honing this new system, I am inclined to have a fair amount of optimism about the ability of Daisho System to deliver on this.

It was with this in mind that I decided to approach this new Daisho System with an open mind, something that as I will explore over the course of this review, I am rather glad that I did. Unlike a lot of things that are put out through Tim Lowe, Daisho System is not your usual affair with a series of online video tutorials and a hefty tome detailing step by step what you must do. Instead, the system breaks the mould by having you actually meet with Tony Langley face to face for your training.

This takes place over 2 days and will take place at Horsley Park in Surrey. This live training really allows you to get a sense of what Daisho System ultimately entails and is a much better approach than trying to follow along on your own. Naturally, a massive part of this is having Tony Langley there with you. Having had the pleasure of speaking to him before about some of his other successful systems, I can say that there aren’t many people in this industry as dedicated as he is.

Here is the Daisho Headline:

daisho system Review

By having him in front of you as you trial the methods that Daisho System teaches, it also means that you can rectify any mistakes in real time and so be on your way to making a profit sooner rather than later.

Moving away from the experience and onto Daisho System as a product, it is a sports product that takes advantage of betting exchanges to generate a profit. I will go into more detail on this topic below. As well as the training that you receive live with Tony Langley, you will also receive a full written copy of the method that you can take home and study at your leisure.

The methods that Daisho System employs as a strategy are rather interesting and one of the best parts of this method of trading is that you really can do it from almost anywhere with even the most  basic of equipment (Time Lowe says that all that you really need is a basic computer or even a smartphone or tablet).

As well as this, when you are trading using the rules of Daisho System, you don’t have to do too much in the way of work. In actuality, Tony Langley shows you a free piece of software that you can use to notify you when trades must be carried out. Furthermore, you also receive full training on how to use this. This combined with the fact that you are trading from home means that you don’t have to be sat in front of your device in order to implement your newfound knowledge.

One of the biggest appeals when it comes to Daisho System is that the entire method is so low risk. Whilst have been times where Tony Langley hasn’t necessarily made the proverbial big bucks, it is clear that this is a system that has been trialled half to death. In fact, over 20 months there were 559 trades made, all of which were published to Tim Lowe.

Of these 559 trades, 544 won making a “decent profit”. 14 of them won and made just a small profit and one simply broke even. What this means is that there is an effective strike rate of 97.5% delivering this decent profit. Realistically however, there are simply no losses which over such a long period of time is almost unheard of.

How does The Daisho System work?

I will try my best to describe here what Daisho System shows you without going into too much detail. Doing so simply wouldn’t be fair to Tony Langley who has clearly spent a lot of time developing and refining some of his previous trading methods to make Daisho System what it currently is.

For those who are looking for a short answer to what the inner workings of Daisho System are, you don’t really need to look further than the name. As is rather poignantly explained by Tim Lowe, the Daisho that the title refers to is a pairing of traditional Japanese samurai swords. Whilst the katana is the better known longsword, this would be accompanied by a shorter sword which would be used as a back up.

Likewise, there are certain rules that surround Daisho System as a betting system, and these are based about covering larger bets with smaller bets. If you follow the strategy correctly, then Daisho System really is as low risk as Tim Lowe claims.  This is something that I have heard plenty of times before now, and as such, I feel it is important to acknowledge how rarely it is true.

In fact, I have heard thousands of times before now that a betting system is low risk and that you are all but guaranteed a profit. I have even seen some examples that simply straight up say you can’t lose. Usually this is qualified as only being a small loss of a few pounds here or there, however or skirts around the subject of losses by saying you will be up at the end of the month.

Because Daisho System is advertised as carrying no risk(as has been demonstrated beyond equivocally by Tony Langley) of loss, you are in a much stronger position to generate the rather substantial profits that the sales material for Daisho System refers to.

For those who have used anything from Tony Langley before now, there is a fair amount of content in Daisho System which is based on some of his previous products. This doesn’t mean however that you have to have used his products before in order to make any use of this newest system.

Actually following the strategy is not too difficult and I genuinely believe that anybody will be able to do this without any substantial trouble. I cannot go into too much detail about what this strategy is, but depending on certain outcomes within the game, you will place other bets to ensure that you cover all outcomes in a profitable fashion. Truth be told, it is an incredibly interesting system and whilst it does require some of your attention, it remains simple and easy enough to follow.

What is the initial investment?

The fact that Daisho System is marketed by Tim Lowe instantly tells me that I shouldn’t expect a low price. He is a marketer who puts out premium products and the price point usually reflects this. Given the time that Tony Langley has been working on this method and developing it, it also only seems fair that his remuneration is reasonable.

With this in mind, the cost of £2,597 may still seem excessive. That having been said, this is the figure after taxes which means that unlike some products you see online, the price on the tin is the price that you pay. There is also a nominal fee of £95.40 per month in place (again, inclusive of taxes) which provides you with full helpdesk support.

What this means for you is that if for any reason you need Tony Langley’s help once the training course is over, he is on call for you. This is optional however and you only have to pay for the helpdesk support aspect of Daisho System for as long as you feel you need it.

In keeping with the theme of Tim Lowe, there is, as always, a very generous money back guarantee in place should you find that Daisho System ultimately isn’t for you. Should you attend the training and find that it isn’t for you, you can receive a refund of “every penny you’ve paid” as well as a free of charge copy of a standalone system from Tim Lowe that is guaranteed to make you £500.

There is also a 90 day period once the training has passed during which you can fully try Daisho System. Once again, Tim Lowe says that if you find that you don’t that it is for you, there remains the chance to collect a full refund.

What is the rate of return?

There are a number of different figures that are thrown about in terms of how much you can expect to make through Daisho System. One however stands out above the others and it is the one that Tim Lowe refers to most frequently. This is based off Tony Langley’s own income and revolves around a figure of £2,250 – £3,000 per week. Whilst I was initially massively sceptical of this number, a quick demonstration of how you can compound your winnings show that this is definitely a viable number.

To better demonstrate just how well Daisho System has actually performed, over the 20 month period that Tony Langley showed his results, he averaged a monthly profit of 65.5%. This means that for every thousand pounds in your betting bank, you can expect to make £655 which is a massive return, well beyond anything that I have looked at before now. Most impressively is the consistency with which this is achieved with no month making less than a 55% profit.

Conclusion on Tony Langley’s Daisho System

I have to hold my hands up and profess to being a fan of Tony Langley. I have looked at several of his products in the past and been very impressed with the standards to which he holds himself and his methods. Because of this, I have been more than happy to pick Daisho System apart and even I have been slightly surprised by just how robust the strategy actually is.

As I have mentioned, Daisho System is somewhat based on some of the strategies that Tony Langley has utilised before now. Neither him nor Tim Lowe really make any effort to hide this however. Some may view this as a negative however I am of the opinion that this actually works in the favour of Daisho System as a product. There is a clear pedigree here and the fact that there is a path of evolution that I can see between his product is a bonus.

Where Daisho System shines however is that it is massively simplified and as such, it opens things up for a lot of users. Whilst I don’t think that betting experience was entirely necessary with some of Tony Langley’s previous iterations, it seems fair to say that it helped. This newest venture however is very easy to follow and having Tony Langley on hand for the training means if you do encounter any problems, then you can seek clarification. Adding to this is the optional helpdesk which whilst arguably pricey, is very little when you look at how much you can make with Daisho System.

I am not easily impressed by products however in the case of Daisho System, I have been very pleasantly surprised, despite initial high expectations. Key to this is of course the win rate which is not just strong, it beggars belief. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I know that Daisho System has been proofed over such a long period of time I would be very sceptical about the results.

The income potential is also exciting. Even though I think that being realistic you may come in a little under what Tim Lowe claims, there is still a very substantial amount of money to be made here. Obviously key to the numbers that are quoted is compounding and there are some variables in the total amount you will make, however I can see £10,000 per month being feasible.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest downside is the price and I’m not for one second going to justify this. I think that really it is up to the marketing team of Daisho System to do this and I feel like there is a reasonable job done. It is apparent to me that this is a premium product and you ultimately get what you pay for.

So do I think that Daisho System is a good offering?

The face to face training that is being offered could be fantastic investment and having that time with the creator of the system will definitely go a lot further than conventional training products. The methods that the system are based on are tried and tested and have produced a profit for a long time now.

With that in mind, I see no reason why it won’t continue to be profitable in the future. If you are looking to make a long term investment in your financial future then I think Daisho System is definitely a solid one. Because of the costs involved however, you should be willing to commit to this if you want to get the most from Daisho System. If this is you, then I see it as a no brainer however those who aren’t willing to keep an open mind should probably look elsewhere.

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Hi — A balanced review thanks for that. Seems a solid trading system from a proven operator. My concern would be how detrimental the Betfair Premium Charge is to the long term viability . It starts on profitable accounts from as low at £5k ‘life-time profits’ and is surcharged weekly on a Wednesday @ 20% of the previous weeks profit. Manageable but increases and can reach 60% surcharge once the life-time profits exceed £250k. In some ways a ‘nice problem to have’ but it could seriously reduce viability beyond that as it is cumulative earnings not annual. Any thoughts ?

Can you prove to me you are making the money claimed? That you can indeed hedge 100% without losses?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Neil,

The product is now closed.



Not any more it isn’t

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