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DAPWU (Dividing Ad Profits with U) Review

Dividing Ad Profits with U or DAPWU, is an advertising platform where you can pay to get people to visit your website whilst also earning money looking at other people’s.

What does the product offer?

According to the unnamed creators of Dividing Ad Profits with U, this is the latest way to generate unlimited traffic for your website whilst also making money at the same time. The reality however is more than a little bit pyramid scheme-esque for reasons that I shall explore below. If you believe the marketing of Dividing Ad Profits with U then they are actually selling “ad shares”.

How does the product work?

The reason for the comparism to a pyramid scheme lies in the structure that Dividing Ad Profits with U takes. As a new user you purchase a token which allows you to buy advertising through DAPWU. You then get paid an incremental amount more than this for looking at other peoples adverts whilst they look at yours. In the meantime, the money that you paid for your tokens are being distributed amongst other users to pay them the amount promised. This is clearly an unsustainable and very questionable business structure. As well as buying tokens directly you can pay to sell tokens yourself for 100% commission.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 token packages available which cost $20, $200 and $500 with the unlimited pack costing $25 per month or $100 per month for internet marketing training. There is no money back guarantee saying “NO REFUNDS! We share the revenue from your purchase with all members, so we cannot offer refunds.”

What is the rate of return?

For a $20 token you can allegedly make a $10 profit, for a $200 token you can make $175 profit and with a $500 token you can double your money for a $500 profit. As mentioned as a monthly subscriber your return lies in your commissions on selling tokens.


Frankly Dividing Ad Profits with U stinks and there isn’t a single thing about this that I can think to recommend. Whilst I accept that some people might have some initial success with this the only real winner is ever going to be the people running the company. I strongly recommend avoiding Dividing Ad Profits with U and any other products that claim to offer a similar service.



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